Monday, March 26, 2007

In All Islands: The Power of "Sachet"

(Monday, March 26) - THE FILIPINOS' success in using the "sachet" method to market almost everything--from vinegar and rice to mobile phone load--can also be used to spread the use of computers in the country, according to a local entrepreneur. RFM Corp. president Jose Concepcion III, who is also presidential consultant on entrepreneurship, said using the sachet method to provide more Filipinos with access to computers should not be any different from how that marketing strategy worked to propel the success of neighborhood sari-sari (convenience) stores... (Asian Journal) ...full story here

In California: Sanctuary For Troubled Filipino Youths

(Monday, March 26) - Life in general can be a challenge for many Filipino youths, who often turn to drugs, alcohol and gangs for comfort, said Ahmed Animo, 18, of Daly City. That's why he hopes the new Liwanag Kultural Center for Filipino youth in the community will help change this trend. According to the 2000 census, 35,297 Filipinos live in Daly City — 34 percent of its population. (San Mateo County Times) ...full story here

In Iraq: Filipino Workers Exploited

(Monday, March 26) - Many Filipinos have fallen to promises of lucrative jobs in the Persian Gulf and ended up being exploited and tricked into working in war-torn Iraq, according to the International Organization for Migration. The workers are taken against their knowledge to Iraq, often by rogue recruiters, while others are falsely lured by promises of high-paying jobs, IOM spokesman Jean-Philippine Chauzy said when interviewed last weekend on Voice of America. (GMA 7)

In Manila: John Regala Arrested

(Monday, March 26) - Character actor John Regala along with two others were picked up by operatives of the Manila Police District (MPD) in a drug operation over the weekend. However, the 39-year-old Regala and his companion, 42-year-old Antonio Flores, were released Monday morning after an order for their release was issued. (GMA 7)

In Masbate: Ambush Kills Mayor's Leader

(Monday, March 26) - Political tension in Masbate province continued to rise as a local political leader was killed and three other people wounded in an an ambus on Sunday night. Radio dzRH reported Monday that unidentified armed men shot dead Rene Alcala, a local political leader of Marvie Espinosa-Bravo, who is seeking a mayoralty seat in San Fernando town. (GMA 7)

In Malaysia: Inexpensive Phone Rates for Filipinos

(Monday, March 26) - Filipinos in Malaysia can now enjoy the benefits of cheaper phone rates to their loved ones in the Philippines. This after the Ayala-owned Globe Telecom, Inc. entered into a joint venture with Malaysia’s telecommunications service provider Maxis... (GMA 7) ...full story here

In All Islands: Be Positive

(Monday, March 26) - MalacaƱang told Filipinos not to be too negative and to congratulate themselves in their achievements once in a while. Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, in his weekly column, said among the country's achievements that Filipinos should be proud of are the stronger peso, reduced budget deficit and public debt and increased foreign investments. (SunStar Manila)

Friendster and the May 2007 Elections

(Monday, March 26) - ...which brings us neatly to Friendster and the May 2007 election. While in our part of the world Roberto is pitching Friendster’s fan profiles—a new service that, in his words, “gives people a chance to promote themselves.” In other words a cyber forum for celebrities, musicians, authors, bands and, yes, even politicians, to freely get across their message, self-serving or otherwise... (Manila Times) ...full story here

In Lanao del Norte: 1,300 kgs of Crabs Cooked

(Monday, March 26, Lala, Lanao del Norte) - This town, considered the crab capital of the province, served 1.3 tons of cooked crabs to residents and visitors during the municipal charter day on Thursday.Municipal agriculture officer Ronniel Baroy said crab growers in the town’s coastal areas contributed the crabs, which were used to build the “Alimango (Crab) mountain.” (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

In All Islands: Unaware of Party-list System

(Monday, March 26) - Many adults in the Philippines are not fully acquainted with their electoral regulations, according to a poll by Pulse Asia. Fifty-one per cent of respondents are unaware of the existing party-list system for the election to the House of Representatives... (Angus Reid Global Monitor) ...full story here

In All Islands: Cement So Expensive

(Monday, March 26) - The World Bank said that the price of cement in the Philippines was among the highest in Asia. It said this is hurting infrastructure spending as cement is a key input in fixed investment across a wide range of the economic sector... (All Headline News) ... full story here

In Bahrain: Underage Maids

(Monday, March 26) - A MANPOWER agency is being investigated by the Philippine Embassy for allegedly bringing Filipina children as young as 15 to work as housemaids in Bahrain. The Bahrain agency denied the allegation yesterday, saying it only brings in maids over the age of 30. Under Bahrain law, maids coming to work here from the Philippines must be at least 30 years old... (The Gulf Daily News) ... full story here

In New York: Filipino Nurses Charged in Court

(Monday, March 26, updated) - This was not part of their American dream. On Thursday 10 Filipino nurses found themselves in front of Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Robert Doyle, pleading not guilty to a misdemeanor charge. The nurses, who were contracted by Sentosa Recruitment Agency, and their New York lawyer, Felix Vinluan, were all charged with sixth-degree conspiracy, five counts of endangering the welfare of a child and six counts of endangering the welfare of a physically disabled person. (ABS-CBN) ...full story here

In All Islands: Internet Attacks

(Monday, March 26) - A recent Internet security report ranks the Philippines sixth out of the twenty countries in the world studied to be suffering the most Internet attacks... (The Manila Times) ...full story here

In Pennsylvania: Filipinos Help Fill Nursing Shortage

(Monday, March 26) - Since then, 40 registered nurses from the Philippines have joined Tellez in the halls at Mercy Hospital, helping Mercy overcome a critical nursing shortage. And in the past six months, 13 nurses from the Philippines have started working at Allied Services…(The Herald, Monterey County) ...full story here

In Guam: Filipinos Second Largest Community

(Monday, March 26) - The Filipino community is the second largest ethnic community on island second to the Chamorro, while the Chuukese make up the third largest Pacific ethnic group, according to the 2000 Census. Just like the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) community, the Filipino community comes from culturally discrete provinces. Like their FSM counterparts, Filipinos migrating to Guam faced language barriers. And like the FSM community, Filipinos moved to Guam to improve their living conditions, find work or get a better education... (Pacific Daily News) ... full story here

In Saipan: Filipinos Commended By U.S. Executive

(Monday, March 26) - “You have made this small part of America a better place. And all Americans should be very grateful for your contributions,” U.S. deputy assistant secretary for insular affairs David Cohen told the Filipino community in Saipan. (Saipan Tribune) ...story here