Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mayor Wants DepEd To Leave Old City Hall Building

Published by the Bohol Standard - The brewing conflict between Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim and City Schools Division OIC Dr. Norma Varquez appears now cooling off as a mediator made its timely entry.

This came despite confirmation from Varquez that her office received from the office of the City Mayor last Tuesday an official Notice to Vacate within 60 days from its occupied second floor of the old city hall.

The City DepEd Division transferred there in 2004 when the city government moved to its new building in Dao.

A reliable source told the STANDARD Department of Education Regional Director Carolino Mordeno had discreetly come to Tagbilaran last week (with select media invited) and called to a conciliatory meeting OIC Varquez and the city mayor.

This was made possible through the initiative of Bohol Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Elpidio Jala. He was the former City Division superintendent when it was still in its interim status followed by Varquez after he was promoted as head of the DepEd Bohol Division Office upon retirement of Dr. Cerina Bolos.

Superintendent Jala was the most worried in the rift between the city mayor and the City Schools Division knowing how the city government supports the education program of the agency, even during his stint as the first interim city schools division superintendent.

Varquez, however, said in an interview, she will continue to abide to the DepEd Order No 4, Series of 2007 which provides the guidelines in appointment of teachers.

The OIC city schools division head also reiterated her respect to the mayor while denying she ever ignored or bypassed Lim being the city's chief executive.

"Honestly, I do not really know what I have been guilty of but just the same, I am rendering my apologies to the city mayor," Dr. Varquez said.

She also considered the incident as maybe a way for the City DepEd to finally find a place totally their own.

She said if the city mayor insists that the City Division transfer to somewhere else within 60 days, they will have to find a place. Eyed are vacant spaces inside the City Central School or in the City Science High School building.

City Mayor Lim was reportedly infuriated by the bypassing of his office in the appointment of teachers.

The mayor wanted that those serving as city-paid teachers funded by the City Special Education Fund (SEF) be given preference to appointment for vacant positions since they are the ones actually sacrificing on the job.

These teachers receives small salaries from the city and have been serving while waiting for DepEd positions, the mayor insisted.Visit

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's Wrong with System Loss of Manila Electric Corporation?

Written By Joe Espiritu
Bohol Sunday Post

Most of the Greater Manila, electricity users are up in arms against Manila Electric Corporation better known as Meralco because of a percentage tacked in their electric bills. A certain amount is added to cover, what is called system loss. The Meralco even showed an ad in the television trying to explain why such amount has to be paid. Despite the popularity of the paid endorser, the ad only caused confusion. The explanation oozed with sophistry only a slick lawyer could produce.

Judy Ann Santos, the paid endorser, tried to explain the system loss using the analogy of melting ice water. She tried to explain the loss of ice by the time it reaches the house and tried to equate the melt to the system loss. The reasoning there is convoluted. At the time and point of purchase, a definite volume or weight of ice was given to her. If the ice melts before it could be used, she will have to shoulder the loss. The point there is; let us say for five pesos (P5), she is given a block of ice weighing one kilo or say measuring one cubic foot.

If the block of ice no longer weighs one kilo or measures the same at the time of purchase, she will have to assume the loss because it happened when she took the possession of the block of ice. But at the time of purchase it was exactly one kilogram or say one cubic foot that she bought. She did not buy the melted ice.

Then, in a deeper sense, the ice purchase analogy will not hold true. Power sales is a sort of monopoly, ice sales is not. While one can choose a store, which sells ice, which is thoroughly frozen not a melting one, One cannot choose a power distributor, which will not charge system loss on a power not purchased.

While the water used is measured in volume, electric energy is measured in watts.

For computation purposes, the watt is too small for large-scale measurement. Water consumed is measured in cubic meters that is one meter by one meter by one meter, power consumed is measured in kilowatts or one thousand watts.

Electric energy is generated or produced by power producers like the government owned and controlled National Power Corporation known as NPC and Independent Power Producers or IPP. They sell their power to distributors like Meralco or in our case the Bohecos. The power distributors in turn sell electricity to consumers.

Sometimes the NPC maintains a main power distribution line. Sometimes, like the IPP, their power is conveyed to the distributor through lines built and maintained by the Transco.

From the generating plants through the mains to the distributor receiving station, power is lost during transmission. From the distributor receiving station through distribution lines until it reaches the user, power is also lost. From the electric meter to the lights and appliances, power may also be lost. There may be other instances of system loss such as un-subscribed power purchased. Power lost at any point is system loss.

If the power is lost during the conduction from the generating plant to the distributor receiver meter, the loss should be absorbed by the power generator and the Transco if they use Transco lines. If the power is lost during the conduction from the distributor receiver meter to the user electric meter, the power loss must be absorbed by the distributor because the power had not been used yet by the user.

However, it is not as simple as that. If the power generator sells to the distributor at rates, which will include system loss, the loss is passed to the distributor. Then if the distributor sells to the user at rates, which will include system loss of the power producer and those lost by the distributor during transmission all losses will be paid by the user.

Business economics demand that profit must be realized if one is to survive. If absorbing power losses might cut into profit, the loss should be fobbed off to someone else. It is the user, who has to shoulder losses, not of their own making.-

Want to Go To Dubai?

Travel services professionals of Superjet International Travel and Management Services will be here this Saturday for a day-long presentation on "Dubai Opportunities with Genuine and Reliable Assistance" to create awareness on the Bohol connection to Dubai through the Baclayon Travel and Tours.

The presentation on June 21 will be at Leeng Restaurant at Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran City, slated to start at 2 p.m.

Baclayon Travel and Tours General Manager Walter Sultan confirmed yesterday that Superjet International Travel and Management Services has chosen his company to handle their Dubai travel transactions.

Superjet International Travel and Management Services carries the slogan- -Fast, Reliable, Excellent Service Just for You.

Having tapped Baclayon Travel and Tours, Superjet International Travel and Management Services intends to bring its services to Boholano clients.

Superjet International Travel and Management Services has its main office is in Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates and it has a satellite office at Penthouse #15 Gold Bldg., Annapolis St., San Juan, Metro Manila.

It offers outbound and inbound tourism and visa services and assistance to help Filipinos reach Dubai with "fast, reliable and affordable assistance".

Superjet International Travel and Management Services is a full-fledged travel and tourism company having half a decade of experience in the business with professionally trained staff.

Its commitment to excellence and its pride in handling tourism worldwide contributed to the steady growth of the tour services industry as it continues to promote Dubai tourism over the years.

In terms of outbound travel packages to leading travel destinations in the world like Far-East, Europe, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai (both leisure and business), Superjet International Travel and Management Services, as an experienced company, also takes pride of their vehicles, equipment and staff sustained at highest quality.

As a fully licensed and insured company, Superjet International Travel and Management Services expressed confidence to offer some of the best tours and services available in UAE categorized as ready-hand and customized tours, according to its sales and marketing manager, Maria Rowena Javier.

It also offers comfortable and satisfactory stay in Dubai to ensure that its clients return home with cherished and lasting memories of a perfect vacation and may long for another Dubai break with loved ones.

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Miss Bohol Sandugo Is Back

After a two-year break, the prestigious Miss Bohol Sandugo search starts anew in its quest for the province's ambassadress of goodwill.

It may be recalled that the last search was in 2005 when Panglao's lass, Ana Mariz Arcay Igpit, won the title and eventually grabbed the much-coveted Binibining Pilipinas-World crown in 2006.

Enthused by the feat, the Miss Bohol Sandugo (MBS) Committee, now chaired by Baby Collins, promises to continue the tradition of producing top notch-notch beauties.

Essential to the reinstitution of the Search is the support of City Deputy Mayor Mariano Uy, the Acting Chairman of the Bohol Sandugo Foundation, INC.

To qualify for the competition, hopefuls must be 17 to 23 years of age on the day of the pageant (July 18); of good moral character; single, never been married and not a parent; of Boholano descent; at least5'3 tall; and at least high school student. The Qualification is aside from the tacit requirements of bearing good poise and pleasant personality and possessing beauty of face and figure.

Applications may be sponsored by Municipal/City Government, civic groups/ organizations, or private business firms/ establishments which automatically becomes the party / entity she is representing. This sponsorship scheme is set to ease the candidates from the burden of expenses as well as to provide sponsors an avenue to promote themselves.

Submission of accomplished entry form duly signed by the candidate, her parent/ guardian and or sponsor, photocopy of her birth certificate, 3 copies of half-body glamour shot (colored 4" x6"in size) and letter of endorsement from sponsor are requirements to complete the application process. An amount of six thousand pesos (6,000.00), which may be at the applicant's or sponsor's expense, must also be paid after she passes the screening and shall have been chosen as an official candidate.- The Bohol Standard

Bayan Chairman Hits BLCI's Move To Increase Power Rate

The issue of passing on the Bohol Light Company Inc. franchise tax as additional burden to the already overtax consumers, is unfair and exploitative.

BAYAN provincial chairman John Ruiz said the group is supporting the opposition on this move that adds burden to consumers.

A bill pending in Congress, sponsored by third district Congressman Adam Relson Jala is pushing for the revocation of the BLCI franchise issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

Bayan also commends Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Neri Lim in personally leading the people as oppositor and intervenor to BLCI's application of passing such burden to the people.

"It is unfair in the sense that as a profit-oriented company, they must pay taxes as their obligation and it must come from their profits and not from the consumers' pocket. It is exploiting the Electric Power Industry Reform Act to exploit the poor consumers," the statement sent to the STANDARD said.

Ever since the conception of privatization or joint venture agreement of the two provincial public utilities, water and power, BAYAN-Bohol had manifested its opposition in its statements, pickets and rallies.

"Vital services such as WATER and POWER must be in the hands of the people or the state and not in the hands of profit-hungry capitalists, that could easily exploit the consumers," the statement added.

"Power rates today remain high because of a combination of factors and policies embodied in the Electric Power Industry Reform Act as well as historical circumstances in the maldevelopment of the power sector. The EPIRA, which was approved in 2001 by the Arroyo administration, laid the Groundwork for the deregulation and privatization of the power sector. It also paved the way for the "unbundling" of power rates into generation, transmission and distribution."

"State control and development of the power sector is a must if we are to seriously address the high cost of power. State ownership should mean the development of the power capacity of the country so that the supply of affordable energy is ensured. Regulation of rates is also a must in order to protect consumers from questionable and onerous charges. The EPIRA must be junked if we are to seriously address High power rates. "

The passing on of franchise tax to the consumers must be opposed. Our government officials must ensure the protection of the people from such unfair and exploitative actions of private vital services provider.

Another burden that is being passed on to the consumers is the 12% Value Added tax or VAT on power, it must also be removed, to give consumers immediate relief in times when everything is increasing except the people's income. - The Bohol Standard

Bohol Weeps Over Death of Its Own

Reported by Ven C. Arigo

Bohol weeps over the return of its two overseas Filipino workers (OFW) - a young married aircraft mechanic and a young single domestic helper---their cold and lifeless bodies in a box.

The twin ill fates of Franco Antonio Galo and Eugenia Baja have inflicted indescribable pains to their respective loved ones but who have to accept the knifing realities of foreign employment that is not always rewarding.

The remains of Galo, a Saudia Airlines aircraft maintenance personnel from Laya, Baclayon arrived at the Tagbilaran City airport Thursday morning, followed by the corpse of Baja, the maid from Matin-ao, Sierra-Bullones Friday morning.

A number of fellow OFWs held wake for Baja Wednesday night at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila while awaiting for her transport here on the following morning's flight.

Her grieving parents, brothers and sisters were joined by Rep. Edgar Chatto in meeting Baja, sealed inside a wooden crate, at the airport here.

His loved ones, on the other hand, and a staff of the congressman met Galo, also in a box, at the airport here, too, a day earlier.

The two Boholano migrant workers both worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but met their tragic ends of unlikely causes and in separate times.

Baja died in a hospital last February 24 after she allegedly banged into her head blocks of concrete tiles, according to a report quoting her employer and relayed to her parents back home.

Later, Arab authorities said Baja died of organ failure reportedly after her health condition just suddenly gradually declined for causes her parents have yet to ascertain.

Baja's parents, thru the intervention of Chatto's office that coordinated with concerned Philippine agencies, had the OFW's dead body autopsied in Riyadh to check if her death might have involved foul play.

Further investigation there had caused the delay of the repatriation of Baja's remains, which were frozen for three months and 20 days to her return back home.

Baja's corpse would have been withheld in Riyadh for six or eight months---or even longer---since the investigation would so require according to Arab laws.

But Baja's parents asked Chatto's help to have their daughter immediately repatriated since their longer anticipation of the return of a loved they know is already lifeless could only deepen their grief.

The office of the First District solon exerted effort together with the office of Gov. Erico Aumentado to also rush the return of the lifeless Galo, who died in a terrible car wheel explosion blamed on global warming also in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last may 24, exactly three months sinceBaja's death in the same foreign land.

Galo was driving his pick-up under an abnormally scorching sun on his way from Al-Jourf to the Ar-Ar airport in Riyadh when a front tire of his vehicle just exploded, resulting in a tragic crash.

The wheel exploded to the pressure of the extraordinary climatic heat wave that scaled over 50 degrees Celsius in Saudi on the day of the deadly accident, according to an information from Galo's wife Victoria to her parents-in-law back home.

The tragedy occurred while Galo's wife and their two young kids were staying with him on a vacation right in Riyadh.

Galo had a brother who is also an OFW as a seaman. Their father is a former OFW then long working in the very part of Saudi Arabia where his son was to perish many years later last may 24.

The End of Bohol Insurgency?

By June Blanco

A mix of civilian and military strategies specially concocted by the local government of Bohol under Gov. Erico Aumentado will finish off the remnants of insurgency in the province.

  This after the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) also chaired by Aumentado, the military, police and the Bohol chapters of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and Liga ng mga Barangay (LnB) issued a joint memorandum promulgating the rules and regulations implementing the Bohol Local Integrated Security System (BLISS).

  Joint Resolution No. 4-2008 dated March 3, 2008 of the PPOC, Provincial Development Council (PDC), LMP-Bohol and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) adopted BLISS as a strategy of integration of efforts in Bohol aimed at securing and insulating the province from enemy influence, re-incursion or re-entry, including from other nefarious activities like drug trafficking, gunrunning and illegal fishing.

  The move is basically a Coastal Watch designed to ward off insurgents and contraband from the island province.

  Aumentado said the joint memorandum is designed for uniform implementation of the rules and guidelines provincewide.

  Aside from the governor, signatories to the memorandum are LMP-Bohol President Exuperio Lloren of Jagna town; Col. Raoul Reyes, commander of the 802nd Infantry Brigade based in Katipunan, Carmen town represented by Lt. Col. Dionisio Miguel, deputy brigade commander; LnB-Bohol President and Provincial Board Member Concepcion Lim; Sr. Supt. Edgardo Ingking, Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) director; Lt. Col. Mario Lacurom and Lt. Col. Alfredo Sanchez, commanders of the 43rd Infantry Battalion based in Carmen and of the 2nd Special Forces Battalion based in Riverside, Bilar town; and Provincial Director Rustica Mascariñas of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) in Bohol. - Sunday Post -

The Social Responsibility to Nurture Children

Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim yesterday reminded on all sectors about their responsibility in nurturing the children.

"We are all accountable for whatever happens to our children," the mayor stressed.

The mayor issued the call two days after attending a forum hosted by the diocese of Tagbilaran to address the population issue.

Lim made it clear he is in favor only of natural methods.

The mayor said the problem is not so much the number of children but the quality of life of the family.

"There are couples who have many children but each one becomes a positive contribution to society," he noted.

On the other hand, the mayor said there are also those who have only one child who turns out to be a liability.

Lim pointed out that children "never asked to be born" so they should not get the blame for unfortunate incidents.

He noted that some children born to unwed mothers or as a result of rape are made to bear the brunt for the acts of their fathers.

"They have nothing to do with what their mothers suffered so they should not be treated badly," the mayor stressed.

Lim said the parents, teachers, church and government have their respective responsibilities to the children. - Sunday Post Newspaper

Friday, June 20, 2008

Email Scare About Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose's Prophesy? - People have been forwarding this so-called prophesy from Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose. The prophesy is fragmented. It does not have any biblical basis. The email seems intended to scare the uninitiated. Here's an excerpt of the email scare:

Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose is Brazilian, born in 1960, 47 years old now, his occupation is a teacher, he is a normal citizen, having a very poor life with his wife and kids. All the events which Mr. Juselleno predicted had clear indication of the year, month date of the disasters, incase any third party wants to confirm the facticity of his prophesy, Mr. Juselleno always put the story which he predicted to the notarization office or post office for the approval.

Somebody asked him, how old did he start the prophesy dream, he answered: 9 years old, from 1969, he dreamed 3 events a day, sometimes 9 events, the times he dreamed is different every day. He said all the prophesy dreams were automatically in his dream. When Mr. Juseleeno was 19 years old, he met the famous Brazilian prophesy Saint Mr. Franciscoshabiz, after that the worldwide disaster events were increased in his prophesy dream. Mr. Franciscoshabiz was two times the candidate for the Nobel Prize, he is a very famous differential functional person, at the same time he is also the Charitarian. The events which Mr. Juseleeno predicted are already more than 80000, firstly let's look at below a few big worldwide events and huge disaster from his prophesy. - Join

Jagna Bohol In Adventure and Eco-tourism Conference

      Written by Gregorio Tavera | - As tourism prime mover in eastern Bohol, the municipal government of Jagna sent a representative to the adventure and eco-tourism conference early this month in Subic and Clark-Pampanga, sponsored by the Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation (PCVC).

      Mayor Exuperio Lloren sent former Jagna municipal councilor Victorino Nayga Sr., the municipal tourism in-charge-designate to the gathering which tackled the country's adventure and eco-tourism destination program of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

      The three-day confab were held in two separate venues- -at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, and Clark-Pampanga.

      Upon arrival in Manila, the participants gathered at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

      The event was conducted in partnership with Recreational Outdoor Exchange (ROX), a retail outlet that advocates the development of outdoor recreation in the Philippines, Nayga said.

      Jagna has an ongoing activity on the advancement of the program in the tourism industry.

      One of the proposals for the development of the local eco-tourism in the municipality the well-known Ilihan Hill with the Birhen sa Barangay shrine at the different places since its start more than three decades ago.

      The location of Ilihan Hill in an elevated area has also served as niche of wild life and a sanctuary of indigenous plants, insects like bees, wasps, and birds.

      Jagna LGU recommended the tourist spot to the higher office of the DOT for developmental assistance, to which DOT-7 Regional Director Patria Aurora Roa gave a positive response.

      Moreover, the seaport town of Jagna also proved conducive for the establishment of the proposed tourism information center, based on the 10-point agenda of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, particularly in the Strong Republic Nautical Highway where Jagna serves as a tourist gateway. - Published by Sunday Post Newspaper |

Thursday, June 19, 2008

How To Have Food Sufficiency - President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo recently assured the public that the government has a "solid plan for self-sufficiency" in food, particularly rice.

She made this assurance during her Independence Day speech.

According to the president, part of the plan is  to make sure the country's rice situation remains stable by securing its supply, ensuring its proper distribution, and guaranteeing the enforcement of laws to protect the people against gouging and corruption of rice.

She stressed that the government is sparing no effort to ensure that the country's supplies of rice get from the source to the tables of Filipinos throughout the nation.

She also expressed appreciation that even with the very high price of rice in the whole world market in the last two quarters, "hunger has gone down significantly."

"If we cannot avoid these problems brought about by external forces, it is our duty to help those who are affected by it," President Arroyo stressed. -

ASEAN Charter Will Open More Opportunities in Asia - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo stressed that economic integration within the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is imperative to face the challenges of globalization. 

According to the President, strong global engagement and the establishment of an ASEAN Charter would certainly open more opportunities for its member countries.

During its chairmanship, the Philippines pushed for the establishment of an ASEAN Charter to create a single regional community by 2015 that was eventually signed by the ASEAN leaders in Singapore and is now up for ratification by member countries. 

"As for the passage of the ASEAN Charter, we would love nothing more than to see ASEAN consolidate its gains and move closer together. However, we'll leave this up to the Philippine Senate which has been asked to review the charter for ratification," the President said. 

As a responsible member of the international community, the President added, ASEAN members including the Philippines are presently united in helping its needy neighbors in the region. -

Conversion of Vehicle from Fossil Fuel to Gas-Run Engines - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ordered four government departments to oversee the shift or conversion of motor vehicle engines from fossil fuel-run-to alternative gas-run engines in accordance with the implementation of the Bio-Fuels Act.

The President issued the directive to the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

She made this announcement at the launching of the terminal for hybrid buses, LPG and CNG driven vehicles or Clean Air Buses (CAB) that include taxis and jeepneys at SM Central Business Park Bay in Pasay City.

The launching is in line with the President's initiative to help all public utility vehicle drivers to lessen the impact of high price crude oil such as diesel and with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) program on : "Makabagong Sasakyan Para sa Ligtas na Kalusugan at Kapaligiran Tungo sa Mabilis, Maingat at Maginhawang Paglalakbay."

The President also ordered Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes to convert all government vehicles from oil to LPG-run engines (which is 21 percent in the total volume of vehicles in the country). -

High Cost of Manufacturing and Production

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has ordered Department of Trade (DTI) Secretary Peter Favila to open a dialogue with different businessmen and manufacturers. This is in order to discuss their concerns relative to rising cost of their manufacturing or production of goods.

According to Press Undersecretary and deputy spokesperson Anthony Golez, "the government is willing to support the urgent needs of the business sector in order to cushion the passing of their production cost immediately to our consumers."

"We assure the public that government is doing everything it can to mitigate the effects of rising prices of basic commodities," Golez said. - Meet us at

Ordinary Workers Exempted from Income Tax? - President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed into law exempting minimum wage earners from paying income tax and also increasing the personal exemptions for other employees.

The President signed Republic Act 9504 or "An Act Amending Sections 22,24,34,35 and 79 of Republic Act 8424,as Amended, otherwise known as the National Internal Revenue Code of 1987,".

The President, who for several times urged Congress to pass this urgent bill that would help ease the impact of continuing rise in oil and food prices on the people, was visibly pleased.

The new law stands to provide relief and additional money to spend for basic necessities especially for the minimum wage earners.

The new law also exempts from tax all holiday, night differential, hazard and overtime pay received by minimum wage earners.

The new law also increases personal exemptions for individual tax payers and additional deduction for qualified dependents.

The personal exemptions are as follows: for single: from P20,000 to P50,000; for head of family: from P25,000 to P50,000; for married: from P32,000 to P50,000; for each qualified dependent not exceeding 4: from P8,000 to P25,000.

A family of six, with two working spouses and four dependent children used to enjoy total exemptions of P96,000. With the new law, the total amount of exemptions would be P200,000. - Join us at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Work As Finance Policy Officer Job Based in Manila

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is looking for Access to Finance Policy Officer to be based in Manila.

The IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, promotes sustainable private sector investment in developing countries as a way to reduce poverty and improve people's lives. To support this mandate, the IFC has established a technical assistance program to support local SME's by working with intermediaries in the community. IFC's Advisory Services team operates from Manila with an additional office in Davao, and is managed and core funded by the Australian and Canadian Governments as well as IFC.

We are pleased to share with you the attached Terms of Reference (TOR) for this position containing the job description and the detailed scope of work.

Interested applicants must submit their comprehensive CV thru email to Luc Vaillancourt at, including personal and professional references, on or before Monday, June 30, 2008.

Please share this information with your colleagues and network partners who might be interested and qualified to apply for this position (or ask them to register with the PCCO online CV database).

We thank you in advance for your interest. We look forward to receiving your EOI on or before the specified deadline.
Resource Coordinator

Philippines - Canada Cooperation Office
The Program Support Unit of CIDA in the Philippines
9th Floor, Salcedo Towers, 169 H.V. dela Costa Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City, 1227 Philippines
T (+63) (2) 813 8255 F (+63) (2) 892 8913 M 0920-911-9749

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Endless Mystery Surrounding Panglao Rape-Murder Case

Written by Kit Bagaipo - The Provincial Prosecutor's Office (PPO) recently dismissed the charges of rape with homicide against a witness in the celebrated Vivian Dumaluan case in Panglao Island.

In a terse one-page order, the panel of prosecutors dismissed the case filed against George Galo alias Bagobo. The order was signed by assistant provincial prosecutors Ponciano Uy, Eric Ucat, Margie Tan-Alvaro and Tito Apura.

"After conducting an ex-parte study of the complaint as well as the other supposed supporting documents, pursuant to Sec. 3, Rule 112 of the 200 Rules of Criminal Procedure, we find no competent appreciable shred of evidence which pinpoints that respondent was the one who raped and killed Vivian Dumaluan," the order said.

A separate case for rape with homicide was earlier filed against former Panglao Mayor Doloreich Dumaluan, his brother, Engr. Teofredo "Pingmay" Dumaluan, Narciso "Isot" Maghamil and Romeo "Loloy" Lapinig.

The case against the four was filed on the basis of the affidavit executed by witness Alex Dasco, a self-confessed participant in the case.

Dasco alleged that it was the former mayor who presided over the meeting to plan the rape and murder and blame it on his political opponents and generate sympathy for his mayoralty bid in the 2004 elections.

According to Dasco, who claimed he was Dumaluan's driver in the 2004 election campaign, he held the hands of the victim while she was raped first by Pingmay, then Lapinig and finally Maghamil.

He also alleged that the former mayor also presided over the cover-up operations to mislead investigators.

Dasco stated in his affidavit that Dumaluan wanted him to sign an affidavit pointing to Galo, a certain Randy Buntag and the caretaker of the resort owned by former Sen. Raul Roco as the ones responsible for the crime. - The Bohol Chronicle

Bohol LGUs Blamed On The Destruction of Balicasag and Pamilacan Islands

The blaming game will never end. Since time immemorial, no one would take responsibility for lapses and loopholes. Here's the news:

The shortfall of coordination from the local government units was primarily blamed for the absence of concrete programs to protect the marine resources in the seawaters off Balicasag and Pamilacan, covering the towns of Panglao, Dauis and Baclayon.

The Provincial Tourism Council learned of this concern during its executive committee meeting convened amid reports of destructions in the marine resources in Balicasag Island, which was recently tagged by a Japanese tour survey group as one of the top 3 dive spots in the world.

The council was alarmed on the observations shared by Nueva Eciaj Rep. Romulo Antonino, a professional diver himself, who escorted Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo during her recent dive at Balicasag.

PTC Chairman Peter Dejaresco said while there is the Padayon Bohol Marine Triangle Management Council, Inc. looking into the protection of the seawaters bordered by the three municipalities, there is no coordination of programs by the respective LGUs.

PADAYON, which stands for Panglao, Dauis and Baclayon has a total of 55 kms, nestled by 252.53 hectares of mangrove, 2,555 hectares of sea grass and 554 hectares of coral reefs.

The NGO, which was formerly funded by UNDP, has failed to reach its objective of developing an inter-municipality collaboration in the protection of the area in terms of marine resources as shown in the absence of coordinated efforts among the three towns.

The three towns extend financial support to PADAYON, but no longer for Panglao which has stopped its fund aid to the group.

The marine protection program in Dauis has also been hampered with the recent conflict between Mayor Lulu Bongalos and the Sangguniang Bayan which reportedly "locked" the budget support to the marine conservation program.- Published by the Bohol Chronicle

Another Power Rate Increase in Bohol Province

An additional burden, but God is faithful.

Power consumers of Bohol Light Company Inc. may have to shoulder additional charges on their electric bills.

The power utility firm which holds exclusive power distribution here in the city has applied with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for authority to recover national franchise taxes paid from 2001 to 2006 and local franchise taxes paid to the city government of Tagbilaran from 2002 to 2008.

The ERC will conduct a public hearing here on Thursday 9 a.m. at the Governor's Mansion regarding Bohol Light's power hike application.

City Mayor Dan Lim yesterday dared the public and Boholano leaders to reveal their stand on Bohol Light's move by participating in the public hearing.

The mayor said that due to time constraints, he was forced to file his opposition to Bohol Light's petition in his personal and official capacity as mayor of the city whose constituents will be burdened if the ERC grants an increased power rate.

The mayor explained that his opposition to Bohol Light's petition is based on the ground that the utility firm does not have the right to collect the franchise taxes from its consumers because it does not have the franchise to operate the power utility.- By Kit Bagaipo, The Bohol Chronicle Newspaper

Bohol Jail Management Under Serious Reflection

Bohol Philippines News - The provincial government is considering at least three options regarding the management of the Bohol Detention and Rehabilitation Center (BDRC) days after regaining control of the facility from its 315 inmates.

On Friday, Gov. Erico Aumentado announced a proposal to establish the Bohol version of the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative Advisory and Consultative Council (Jelac) as a means for the decongestion of the detention facility.

The governor said that the Bohol-Jelac will act as a coordinating body to help fast track the resolution of cases against the jail inmates since it is just a holding facility for those who are accused of criminal acts.

If there is speedy resolution of cases, congestion will be solved as detainees may be released if acquitted or transferred to the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa if found guilty.

The executive and legislative branches will assist in providing funds for the transfer of convicted criminals.

Meanwhile, during the Sangguninang Panlalawigan (SP) session last Tuesday, Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera submitted a motion seeking the transfer of the BDRC management to the Bureau of Jail Management Penology (BJMP).- Kit Bagaipo, The Bohol Chronicle

Surviving the Crisis, How Can We Last

Written By Romy Teruel, Columnist of Bohol Sunday Post

Long lines of people waiting for their turn to buy cheaper rice, increased prices of commodities at the grocery stores, skyrocketing pump prices of gasoline almost everyday, police blotters filled with complaints of snatching, pick pocketing, and hold-ups are signs of difficult times that the poor, especially, dread this time.

With salaries and wages remaining at their 2005 levels, minimum wage earners are almost at the brink of panic and despair. With tuition fees increasing, transport fare raised by P0.50 to P1, basic commodities costing more than they were yesterday, is there hope left for the man on the street?

The wage increase being deliberated by the regional tri-partite wage boards offered some hope. But after they came up with P25 increase, the last hope suddenly vanished. For government employees, the announcement by Pres. Arroyo of 10% across the board increase offered very little help. The increase will just be swallowed by the income tax.

Everybody can conveniently blame government for this crisis. Unfortunately government has very little to do to arrest the soaring prices. It's a world phenomenon that no single country can offer a solution.

Somehow the crisis has done some good. It awakened government to their weaknesses. And let's hope they make amends fast.

The fuel crisis has awakened the different economies to think of alternative sources of energies and develop new technologies.

The food crisis has awakened the Philippines to its most valuable but neglected resource - its agricultural lands. Agriculture that offered very competitive edge for the Philippines from the very beginning has been neglected in favor of turning these valuable assets into subdivisions and other purposes.

A country, like the Philippines, where almost 80% of the population is farmers should give priority in developing its agricultural resources. Sadly, while our neighbors send their students to study the latest in agriculture at our agricultural universities and research centers, we contented ourselves with producing swivel and arm-chair agriculturists.

Another sad part in Bohol is that irrigation projects like those in Bayongan, Capayas and Pilar that Gov. Erico B. Aumentado and his predecessors have championed to reality used to be opposed by groups claiming to be working for the welfare of farmers. Had the governor succumbed to nitpickers, our food situation in Bohol could have been worse than it is today.

So is there a way out of the crisis? No problem is without a solution for as long as people are willing to sacrifice. Hard times require sacrifices if we have to come out "alive."

First we can beat high transport fare by walking or biking to places we go like work, school, market, church, etc. Not only is walking free, it is also healthy for the body.

We can beat high costs of food items by buying and eating healthy but very cheap food like vegetable and fish. Fish is also costly but that is only if you buy them and not when you raise them.

For offices with windows, sunlight is free. No need to switch on the lights.

Overtime can also be prohibited. This will induce workers to be more productive during the 8-hour work per day.

For the family, spend only for the essentials. This will stretch the peso till the next salary.

There can be many more ways to beat the crisis. Let's just be more creative in tightening the belt, so to speak.

Taytay sa Kauswagan Incorporation (TSKI) Collector Robbed

This Story Appeared In Bohol Sunday Post

The series of robberies preying on collectors of the lending institution Taytay sa Kauswagan Incorporation (TSKI) raised suspicions of sabotage as the incident becomes more often lately.

Borrowers expressed concern on what would happen to their capital build-up, compulsory savings account and insurance premium that TSKI collected from them.

A color of suspicion floating is the possibility that TSKI collects insurance money every time it is robbed.

TSKI sends coordinators to each cluster center where borrowers gather on an agreed day of the week. The coordinator collects the weekly loan amortizations of center members or the borrowers from there and when any member fails to show up at the center on the scheduled time to remit his weekly amortization, the coordinator will really exert effort to trace his/her whereabouts to make sure that he/she pays his/her obligation on the same day.

Borrowers expressed concerns, since TSKI warned that if they would fail to pay their weekly amortization, their insurance will be temporarily forfeited until they settle it.

The recent incident reported to police as a case of robbery with violence against and intimidation of person was on June 5 in Talibon.

The two suspects, who fled with over P20,000 collection money, remained at large until the present as police efforts to capture them proved futile.

Talibon Chief of Police PSenior Inspector Domino Garcia Pelecio received a report on the incident through a call from a concerned citizen informing that a collector of TSKI was robbed in barangay San Agustin.

Pelecio immediately formed the responding team composed of SPO3 Rogelio Cleopas, PO3 Melchor Ramos, PO3 Crisanto Bonghanoy Jr., PO3 Cresente Gurrea, PO2 Margarito Cagoco Jr., and PO1 Joveniano Lato.

Based on initial investigation at the crime scene, one Joy Anghad, 26, single, program assistant/collector of TSKI had a meeting with center members and later collected their weekly amortizations at the office of San Agustin Center House II, in barangay San Agustin, in Talibon when an unidentified man suddenly arrived at the vicinity and alighted from the motorcycle he was driving.

Armed with nickel plated caliber .38 revolver and a hand grenade, the man barge into the gathering and announced hold-up poking the gun at the collector, while his accomplice who served as look-out, waited nearby.

He grabbed all the collection money for that day amounting to P23,081, but in their haste some of the bills and coins slipped from his grip and fell on the ground, leaving behind only P2,711.50 which Anghad picked up one by one.

Both suspects, who looked like 28-30 years old, wore improvised masks and camouflage short pants. Witnesses also described them as having small build.

They said they saw the suspects heading towards sitio Arba Oma, barangay San Roque and bound for barangay Magsaysay, on board an Alfa Honda XRM without plate number and had broken tail light.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Who Is The Resident Evil in Bohol Island?

By Fred Amora of the Bohol Standard - What would you call a person who feasts on the misfortunes of others?

He is a Resident Evil on earth and definitely deserves to be thrown back to hell!

Yet, being so selfish and wantonly opportunist, this creature becomes oblivious to his surroundings. He won't even notice that his misfortunes, in fact, is far WORST and IRREVERSIBLE that those of others.

Sunday POST publisher Boy Guingguing bannered as his front page news the accident that befell my three children during the Loay May 18 fiesta.

My three children were seriously hurt in that road accident and many of my true friends, including media colleagues, immediately ran to my side to help.

But this Boy Guingguing saw it as a "whammy"; something enjoyable for his devilish appetite. The wickedness of this guy makes me puke!

What if something like this happens to his children (God forbids)? - Read the Full Story Here.

Harassment Against Philippine Activists?

The House of Representatives' human rights committee has spotted a systemic pattern of harassment or intimidation instituted against "progressive" workers by Armed Forces of the Philippines in its anti-insurgency campaign. As a consequence, extra-judicial killings or disappearances of party-lists and political critics and opponents of the President Arroyo administration remain unabated.

Committee chairman Congressman Lorenzo R. Tañada III of 4th district of Quezon province, who, together with his four committee members, conducted inquiries in aid-of-legislation, told the participants of the public hearing that AFP elements tend to carry out the anti-insurgency drive in a manner beyond the protocol.

He even postulated a question on what authority the military is doing interrogation or surveillance on their victim-farmers or workers just because they suspected as members or sympathizers of New People's Army without a protocol.

"We have been noticing it as a pattern," said Tañada, citing similar scenario and experiences of some of his constituents in his home province.

Tañada stressed that when inviting the person for interrogation he must be informed of his rights provided for under the Constitution and it must be of his own "freewill." What would be his disposition if he is under threat. A person must be free in responding to questions not under the atmosphere of fear, he directly instructed Rito Montes, officer-in-charge of the CHR Bohol office, requesting the latter to also remind the AFP elements of this. - Join Filipino Friend Finder. FREE. Click Here.

Bohol Clinches Third Spot in Search For New Seven Wonders

Dispersed Boholanos across the globe have organized campaign groups to generate the most number of votes cast for their favorite Chocolate Hills, which has earned a notch up in the new wonders of the world search.

Governor Erico Aumentado said one of his missions upon embarking on a journey to the US is precisely to campaign for more votes for the Chocolate Hills, during Friday's Governor's Reports. 

He added as he would invite Boholano organizations to come home for the global gathering of Boholanos, thje Chocolate Hills campaign would get in the way.

Practically in almost every nook of the globe, Boholanos in their own capacity, or via the vast information superhighway is spreading the word about rooting for the Chocolate Hills, support groups based in Bohol said.

The move to hoist the Chocolate Hills in the new seven wonders of the world search gained its initial foothold after Provincial Government officials in Bohol led by Governor Erico Aumentado gathered all internet operators in Tagbilaran City to help in the campaign which Bohol Capitol adopted as its singular mission for tourism promotion.

The move also pushed the chief executive to name Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Neri Lim to lead the campaign to propel Bohol's wondrous hills to the top of the list. The official campaign head then headed for the US to tap Boholano organizations in attempts to gain the necessary votes.

Tourism stakeholders here, led by Carmen Mayor Manuel Molina also pitched in their campaigns by organizing support groups, asking local tour guides to include in their spiels the support for the Chocolate Hills. 

This as President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo herself, in her sorties across the country never fail to mention her own campaign for agenda for the country's natural wonders to get into the top seven list of modern-day Wonders of Nature.  - Rey Anthony Chiu - PIA - Bohol

Salary of Teachers in Bohol Delayed?

Department of Education (DepEd) Supt. Dr. Elpedio Jala admitted that there was a slight delay of salary of the public school teacher in the province for the month of May this year due to the changes on their computer system.

Teachers affected are those collecting their salaries through ATM - machine at the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). However, Jala said that the problem is eventually solved as of the moment

Jala said he was surprised why this simple problem went to Malacanang without passing through his office, "Natingala ko nganong wala sila moreklamo diri sa akong buhatan, mi-diretso hinoon sila ug sumbong didto sa Malacanang (I was surprise why the complainant did not inform my office and went directly to Malacanang)," saying his office was bypassed.

Jala explained that his office has nothing to do about the said salary delay but the complaint is somewhat lodge against his office.

Moreover, the Superintendent is appealing to the teachers and non-teaching employees of the Bohol DepEd to give a little respect to the management by making them aware for whatever problem they may encounter. Jala assured that he is ready to help them.

In another related development, the " Oplan Balik Eskuela" has been tagged as the most vital program to be implemented by the Department of Education nationwide this year. It aims to solve the aging illiteracy in the countryside. Statistic shows that a total of 56% Pilipino student have failed to enroll last year.- Felix Cempron, The Bohol Standard

Program Manager Job For A Filipino Candidate

Here's an email from PDAP, Inc. You may be interested to apply for the job as Program Manager.

The Philippine Development Assistance Programme (PDAP) Inc., a partner of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), is currently looking for a Program Manager.

We are pleased to share with you the attached Terms of Reference (TOR) for this project staff position containing the project description and the detailed scope of work.

Interested applicants must submit their application letter with 2x2 picture and comprehensive CV, all in printed copy or email to, including personal and professional references, on or before 23 June 2008 to :

           PDAP Admin and Personnel Assistant
           78 - B Dr. Lazcano Street, Laging Handa, Q.C.
           tel/fax #s: (02) 3730556, 3748214, 3748216

Please share this information with your colleagues and network partners who might be interested and qualified to apply for this position.
Resource Coordinator

Philippines - Canada Cooperation Office
The Program Support Unit of CIDA in the Philippines
9th Floor, Salcedo Towers, 169 H.V. dela Costa Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City, 1227 Philippines
T (+63) (2) 813 8255 F (+63) (2) 892 8913 M 0920-911-9749

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enhance Coastal Resource Management Program (CRMP) in Bohol

IN a bid to complement the so-called coastal tourism industry in Bohol, Bohol Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera vowed to fully throw support in enhancing the Coastal Resource Management Program (CRMP) in the municipalities.

Herrera served as municipal mayor of Calape 1995-1998 and 1998-2001 during which Calape town was catapulted to one of the successful CRMP's implementation.

The vice-governor spoke as guest together with Cong. Edgar M. Chatto during the culmination of the Month of the Ocean held at Plaza Rizal last Friday with the theme: "Promoting Sustainable Coastal Tourism as One Strategy to Conserve Coastal Environment."

The vice-governor said that he and his colleagues in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan will give their full cooperation and support for CRMP activities not only for coastal tourism but most importantly for livelihood.

At the same time he challenged everyone to do their share so that others and next generation may live, adding that people are very dependent on the coastal and marine ecosystems for food security.

He said that Bohol is among the few provinces actively celebrating Month of the Ocean that practically started during President Joseph Estrada's reign.

It was in 2000 during Erap's regime with the endorsement of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that Month of the Ocean was born. Since then, Bohol never miss to celebrate the importance of the ocean and seas in the livelihood of the people, Herrera, who then national LMP officer. - The Bohol Standard

Balicasag Island in Panglao Facing Ruin?

Officials and stakeholders launched a bold step towards salvaging Balicasag Island from further destruction.

The island is known for its rich marine biodiversity and beautiful dive sites.

In an interview yesterday, environment committee chair Alfonso Damalerio II of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan said that Panglao town officials are strengthening measures, such as an Ordinance imposing user's fee, apparently to give teeth to the enforcement of environmental measures for the island.

The move came in the wake of destruction by users and tourists. These damages caused by night fishing using fine mesh nets, undisciplined divers taking coral species and the absence of buoys in strategic areas may have put the island on the verge of extinction.

During the committee meeting yesterday, stakeholders, including the Bohol Marine Triangle (BMT) and a group of resort owners identified and tried to seize some opportunities to protect and conserve what is left of the island. These include the already established BMT in law enforcement and dive shops and resorts abound wanted to cooperate.

The stakeholders strongly suggested to the provincial government to initiate a convergence for the authorities of the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) and Philippine Navy (PN) and stakeholders concerned to thresh out serious matters affecting the island. - The Bohol Chronicle

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Abu Sayyaf Hitman Captured in Basilan Island

Philippine News Agency - A ranking leader of the Abu Sayyaf group with half-a-million price on his head for being involved in last year's beheading of marine troops was arrested by combined police and military forces in the nearby island province of Basilan, a police official disclosed Monday.

Basilan police director Sr. Supt. Salik Macapantar said the suspect identified as Sali Tungkal Alih alias Salim was arrested around 7:30 p.m. Friday in Quezon Boulevard, Barangay Matatag, Lamitan City.

Macapantar said Salim was arrested on the strength of warrants of arrest by the combined police and military operatives who chanced upon him in the area.

He said that Salim has nine warrants for murder and a P500,000 bounty was offered for his arrest.

"He (Salim) was found out to be one of the 130 suspects involved in the beheading of marine troops last year," Macapantar said.

Ten of the 14 marine troops who were killed in a clash in Barangay Guinanta in the town of Al-barka, Basilan, on July 10, 2007 were beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf.

The government has filed a criminal case against the bandits and 130 people were identified as respondents of the case.

Macapantar said Salim is one of the mid-level leaders of the Basilan-based, al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf bandits under Commander Puruji Indama.

Republic Service Activities Launched on Independence Day

In celebration of the 110th Anniversary of Philippines Independence Day on June 12, the Department of Education, through the Schools Division Superintendents nationwide has launched various "Republic-Service Activities." These activities are all designed to provide maximum access to basic education.

Norma S. Varquez, the Officer-In-Charge of Tagbilaran City Schools Division underscored the implementation of these activities in an Executive Conference specially held for this purpose last May 27, at the Division Conference Hall.

One major service activity is the conduct of a special examination for walk-in examinees who are over-aged in their present educational level, the out of-school youths, and those who have attended non-graded school programs, distance education, and home-study programs.

These examinations are set on June 12, 2008 at the different Regional Testing Centers throughout the country. These three examinations, the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT), the Philippine Validating Test (PVT), and the Acceleration and Equivalency Test (A & E) are all in pursuance to DepEd Memorandum No. 249, s. 2008.

Registration is free for the examination on June 12, 2008.

For Region VII, the venue of said examinations is Zapatera Elem. School in Cebu City.

Applicants are required to bring with them their birth certificates, transcript of records for grade/year level passed, and two pieces 1 x 1 ID pictures.

'Sentro K3: Kaisahan, Kalayaan, at Kagalingan' is this year's central theme of DepEd in giving significance to the Independence Day celebrations.

The republic-service activity is intended to extend immediate information and technical assistance to the public with regards to any DepEd programs, and activities.

A one-stop shop for this purpose will be established at the City Schools Division Office on June 2-12, 2008.- The Bohol Chronicle

NFA Bohol Has A New Leader

Manager Clyde Samonte Omictin took over the realm of NFA Bohol's management vice manager Nestor Rey Alcoseba during simple turnover rites held recently at the local NFA office.

Omictin's assumption as new provincial manager of NFA Bohol was by virtue of Special Order No. AO2K805003 dated May 8, 2008 which ordered the reassignment of some provincial managers to their new places of assignment.

Alcoseba now holds post as provincial manager of NFA Cebu.

Omictin upon his assumption here assured to continue the programs currently undertaken by the Agency in line with its avowed mission to ensure food security.

Prior to his assignment here, Omictin held previous assignments as provincial manager at NFA Cebu and NFA Siquijor.

Omictin who was born on October 22, 1944 hails from Larena, Siquijor. He graduated at Southwestern University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education major in Mathematics. He took law studies at Foundation University and completed his master's degree in public administration at BIT Siquijor.

Omictin is married to Carmencita Lomongo, a division supervisor at DepEd Larena, Siquijor. - The Bohol Chronicle

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Monday Is A Holiday Again

PIA - Monday is non-working day, and that's holiday economics working again. 

By virtue of Proclamation 9492, workers get a breather from their endeavors as the law provides that holidays, except those religious in nature are moved to the nearest Monday.

Although the Proclamation was amended, it was still adopted by RA 1463, which declared certain days as regular or special holiday for 2008.

The day-off is one taken in lieu of June 12, the country's 110th independence day celebration, which falls on a Thursday.

In the past years, holidays were lumped with the week-ends to allow people longer rests when people can also profitably use the holidays to visit places in the country. 

The move was proposed by tourism authorities to boost local travel

While the country rests on Monday, independence day rites are not moved and are still slated Thursday, when regular socio-civic activities are set. - Rey Chiu

This June No Need To Wear School Uniform

Philippine Information Agency - Dispensing with the school uniform is optional and not mandatory.

  Department of Education Secretary Jesli Lapus clarified this over the speculation that the new DepEd's directive on uniforms for public elementary and high schools is in fact adding more burden to parent's expense for education.

  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has directed DepEd through Lapus to make a directive to forego the uniforms to spare the parents of additional load of buying a new set of uniforms especially for those stepping into the first level of formal school and those enrolling into a new school.

  Lapus however stressed that the overall goal of the directive, is to offer public school students an opportunity to avail themselves of a truly free education as envisioned by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

  On this, he added students who already have school uniforms are free to wear them, but those who cannot afford uniforms are not compelled to buy them.

  According to DepEd's office in charge of the assistant Bohol superintendent, Maria Linda Namocatcat, the Divison has yet to get a copy of the directive. Nevertheless, she said if they implement, it has to be for new pupils and students.

  Old students may still wear their uniforms, she said.

  Some parents, upon learning of the new directive however said that the move may even be more expensive for them.

Planned Forensic Center For Human Rights Investigation

Rey Anthony Chiu | PIA - Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chair Leila de Lima recently said she will put up an independent Forensic Center for the commission to improve its investigative expertise. 

  De Lima -- who took her oath of office as CHR chair before President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said the CHR is presently "very dependent" on the Philippine National Police (PNP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and private experts for the CHR's forensic needs. 

  At the same time, De Lima said she will set up a program to improve the forensic technical skills of CHR personnel. This, she explained, will help remedy the "lack of witnesses which is always the problem in human rights cases." 

  President Arroyo had been calling on concerned government agencies to hasten the investigation and resolution of human rights cases. 

  She added that the CHR will also focus in monitoring the government's compliance with its obligations in "at least eight core" international human rights treaties. 

  The CHR will also "revitalize" the Barangay Human Rights Action Centers to promote human rights awareness in the grassroots level, especially about the human-rights provisions of various laws. 

  President Arroyo administered De Lima's oath at Malacanang's Reception Hall where the latter's circle of family and friends -- led by her father, former Commission on Election (COMELEC) executive director Vicente de Lima -- converged to witness the event. 

One Billion Pesos Scholarship Funding For Filipino Students

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo launched recently a P1 billion loan-based assistance program for deserving third and fourth year college students to enable them to finish their schooling.

Dubbed as the Student's Assistance Fund for Education for a Strong Republic (SAFE 4 SR), the program provides interest-free loans, which the students can use to cover expenses for their tuition fees, books, course projects, thesis papers, board and lodging bills, graduation fees and other educational expenses.

The President led guests in the launch of the funding program held at the school gym of the Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) in Manila.

Under the program, the President, through the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), will provide 44 pre-qualified institutions composed of 21 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and 23 higher education institutions (HEIs) with P300,000 each for the program.

The 44 institutions will determine who among their students shall receive P8,000 each per semester representing the maximum loanable amount from the program.

Upon graduation, the student will have 10 years to pay the total amount to the school where he or she graduated from.

The President also distributed 15 out of the 44 checks earmarked for the educational institutions. 

In her speech keynoting the launch of the student loan program, the President said the SAFE 4 SR represents "the second of the major components of the fruits to be made available this year by our lower-than-program budget deficit which can be attributed to VAT (Value Added Tax) reforms."

Monday, June 9, 2008

Urgent Message for CBCP, Vatican, and the Philippine Government

This message is from this blog. There's a lot of debate about GMO. Read on.

To the CBCP, the VATICAN and the Government: ORGANIC FARMING NOT GE Rice is the ANSWER to the Rice Crisis!

The long lines for subsidized NFA rice show the panic caused by claims of a rice crisis. With the reported good harvest of rice farmers recently, it is hard to believe that we have a real shortage in rice production. However, it is true that we have always needed to import rice as our production is not enough. Instead of making domestic production enough for our own needs, the current government policy  focuses merely on making the price of food affordable, even if this means relying on imported food. Of course in the case of the low P18 /kilo NFA rice, the real cost is hidden through subsidy that the government will not be able to afford very long. In the meantime, we have become the world's biggest net importer of rice.

As if this is not problematic enough, the NO to GMO coalition warns that current food importation could be used to facilitate the entry of genetically engineered rice. Recently NFA announced that we have included long-grain rice from the US to this "cheap rice" to be sold to Filipinos. Last February we received 44,000 metric tons or 880,000 bags for this program.

GE crops have been subject to intense debates in the scientific community where there is no consensus that its potential negative impacts on public health & safety and long-term impacts on the environment have been resolved.


In fact, most recent studies have shown that GM crops will not feed the poor. Last April, the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTF); a comprehensive collaboration between public bodies such as the WB, UNEP, WHO, governments, NGOs and scientific bodies covering 4 year of extensive study involving 400 scientists have concluded that there is little role for GM, as it is currently practiced, in feeding the poor on a large scale. They concluded that "... (a)ssessment of the technology lags behind its development, information is anecdotal and contradictory, and uncertainty about possible benefits and damage is unavoidable." Instead the IAASTD report concludes further that small-scale, agro-ecological farming will be more effective at meeting today challenges than the old energy- and chemical-intensive paradigm of industrial agricultural production. Two USA universities support this when they independently confirmed that GM soy produced 10 per cent less crop than the closest non-GMO soy variety!


The coalition reminds the public that in 2006, the maker of the LL601 genetically engineered rice, the Bayer CropScience, has tested it but has not obtained approval to market it. Since 2001 it has been contaminating food supplies. The contamination reached as far as exports to EU, Japan, France, Sweden, Germany  and Switzerland.  US farmers whose crops were contaminated sued Bayer. the EU imposed ban, Japan & Switzerland suspended imports and Germany pulled it out of their supermarkets.

Twice since November 2006 and recently last April, traces of LL601 have been found in US long-grain rice tested from Philippines supermarkets. While the NFA has said that US long grain rice shipments had been tested and certified as GMO-free by the Eurofins Gene Scan through the US Dept of Agriculture,  the reliability of US tests is questionable.  Since Jan, 2007, twenty-three (23) US-tested GMO-free rice shipments were rejected in the European Union (EU) because they tested positive for GMOs under EU standards.


Despite all of these latest cases and evidences, the coalition is alarmed over recent news that quotes CBCP Bio-Ethics Committee Chair, Bishop Jose Oliveros that Vatican may issue a statement supporting the use of GMOs to feed the poor.

We reiterate our demand to government and extends this as an invitation to BISHOP OLIVEROS and THE CBCP BIo-Ethics EPISCOPAL COMMISSION for a dialogue with NO2GMO at the earliest convenient time to examine the latest scientific evidences clearly showing that it is sustainable agriculture and not GM in agriculture that will solve hunger.

Friday, June 6, 2008

This Monday Is A Holiday

News from the Philippine Information Agency - Monday is non-working day, and that's holiday economics working again. 

By virtue of Proclamation 9492, workers get a breather from their endeavors as the law provides that holidays, except those religious in nature are moved to the nearest Monday.

Although the Proclamation was amended, it was still adopted by RA 1463, which declared certain days as regular or special holiday for 2008.

The day-off is one taken in lieu of June 12, the country's 110th independence day celebration, which falls on a Thursday.

In the past years, holidays were lumped with the week-ends to allow people longer rests when people can also profitably use the holidays to visit places in the country. 

The move was proposed by tourism authorities to boost local travel. 

While the country rests on Monday, independence day rites are not moved and are still slated Thursday, when regular socio-civic activities are set. - Rey Chiu - PIA

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The Rich Should Not Buy NFA-Supplied Rice

As reported by Philippine Information Agency - Ang NFA rice, gi-subsidize sa kagamhanan alang lamang sa mga kabus, ug dili unta angay sawhan sa mga adunahan.

  Sa padayong nga pagdaghan sa mga katawhang mipila aron makapalit sa baratong humay nga NFA, mihangyo na ang Malakanyang sa mga adunahan nga dili na unta moapil sa pag pila. 

  Gipasabot ni Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita nga ang NFA rice gilantaw lamang nga makatabang sa mga kabus aron makalahutay sa kalisud nga nasinati karon ssa nasud. 

  Ang hangyo sa kagamhanan gipunting ngadto sa mga katawhang may kakayahan nga mopalit sa komersyal nga humay. Kini aron maseguro nga ang humay sa NFA moabot gayud sa mas gakinahanglan niini. 

  Niini nga paagi, sumpay ni Ermita, mas matabangan ang kadtong menos ang kita sa pagpaneguro nga may kan-on matag adlaw. 

  Wala usab ilimod sa mga NFA parish outlets nga may makalusot gayud nga mga arang-arangan nga mopalit sa humay kay wala man usab balaod kabahin niini. 

  Sa laing bahin, matud ni NFA Bohol Assistant Manager Ma. Fe Evasco, gihatagan lamang ug maximum nga 5 ka kilo nga NFA ang ibaligya sa matag pumapalit, bisan pa nga may namatikdang mga bata nga gipa-apil ug pila sa pangindahay nga mas daghan ang mapalit sa usa ka pamilya.  - Rey Chiu - PIA Correspondent

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65 Pesos Per Liter of Gasoline?

News from the Philippine Information Agency - Agi ug reaksyon sa una na nga pamahayag nga moabot pa sa P65 ang matag litro sa gaslolina, imbestigahon sa Department of Energy (DOE) ang mga local nga kompanya sa lana ug mga tigpang-apud apud niini lakip na kadtong namaligya ug liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

  Gawas sa una nga nga pahayag, ang sunod-sunod nga pagpataas sa presyo sa mga produktong lana ug LPG wala mag-haum sa aktwal nga dagan sa presyo niini sa international nga bili sa lana, padayag sa DOE. 

  Gipasabot ni Secretary Angelo Reyes nga ang labing bag-ong P1.50 nga saka sa presyo sa gasolina wala masukip sa presyo sa international nga kontrata kabahin niini. 

  Matud ni Reyes sa mga balita nga kinahanglan ang mga kompanya may tukmang basehan sa ilang pagpasaka sa mga presyo sa mga paliton.

  Dugang niya, kinahanglang kong may ipasibya man, kini base gayud sa tinuod nga hitabo sa presyo sa merkado sa gawas.

  Daghan ang nagtuo nga ang una nga pahayag nga giluwatan sa mga kompanya sa lana kabahin sa pag-abot sa P65 ang litro sa gasolina, panaghap lamang. - By Rey Chiu - PIA

Cheaper Medicine Law by President Gloria Arroyo

Philippine Information Agency - Gipaabot nga pirmahan ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ugma ang balaod nga gituohang mopabarato sa tambal nga mapalit sa nasud. 

  Ang Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008, nga gi-dasonan sa Kongreso sa miaging buwan, buot nga magpaluag sa mga balaod sa patent.

  Kini aron mapaugmad pa ang pagpasulod sa mas barato nga tambal gikan sa ubang nasud.

  Tumong usab sa balaod nga pugngan ang pagpanghatag ug patent sa mga bag-ong gamit sa usa ka tambal nga gibaligya na sa mga farmacia. 

  Ang balaod usab mag-gahum sa Presidente sa pagbutang sa price ceiling sa mga tambal, subay sa sugyot sa Secretary of Health. 

  Ang balaod usab magtugot sa importasyon sa sama, apan mas baratong tambal gikan sa mga nasud nga nagbaligya niinig kubos ang presyo sama sa India ug Pakistan. - Rey Anthony Chiu

Environmental Best Practices Awards (EBPA) For 2 Bohol Barangays

News From Bohol Province | Sunday Post - Bohol Integrated Development Foundation (BIDEF), Incorporated gave Environmental Best Practices Awards (EBPA) to two deserving individuals and a barangay in the municipality of Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol during their 154th foundation day on May 27.

The three categories in the award included business, household, and community category.

Jude A Tomelap from barangay Tabuan got the award for the business category, while Marciano Vallejos of East Ulbujan won in the household category, and Barangay Libertad bested in the community category.

Each of the awardees received a plaque of recognition and cash prize courtesy of the Philippine Mining Service Corporation (PMSC), while the finalists were given certificates of recognition.

Through the EBPA, BIDEF aims to encourage stakeholders, particularly the Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU), to actively participate in the common effort to preserve and rehabilitate the local environment of Garcia-Hernandez.

BIDEF considers it a positive approach to encourage and recognize deliberate efforts to ensure environmentally sound activities.

It also serves as a humble attempt to reward such efforts which will hopefully go a long way in making Garcia Hernandez an environment-friendly municipality.

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Forest in Bohol Philippines Already Destroyed?

Upon the creation Task Force Kabukiran, eyed to solve the reported destruction of forest areas in the hinterlands of Bohol, the provincial command of the Philippine National Police under PSSupt. Edgardo Ingking, provincial police chief, initiated an orientation seminar on the officers' new mandate in protecting the environment.

The 14 selected PNP personnel from the different police stations in the province who compose Task Force Kabukiran were briefed on their additional tasks during the two-day seminar-workshop on May 28-29 at the conference room of Bohol Police Provincial Office.

During the seminar, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) Nestor Canda discussed the environment laws, particularly Presidential Decree 1586 or the Philippine EIA System, Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, RA 8749 or the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999.

PENRO Canda also urged them to be more vigilant in performing their job, with the end view of curving the destruction of the remaining forest and natural resources in Bohol.

Corazon Colarines, for her part, tackled RA 7586 (NIPAS Act of 1992), RA 9147 (Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act), while Luisito Babaran discussed PD 705 (Revised Forestry Code), RA 7161 (Forest Charges Code), RA 9175 (Chainsaw Act), DA 041 series of 1991 (Deputization of ENRO), and Engr. Edgar Lagarnia tackled RA 7942 (Mining Act). - published by Bohol Sunday Post

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Is There Enough Rice Supply in Bohol Province?

Bohol Philippines News - The new provincial manager of the National Food Authority-Bohol vowed to continue the programs undertaken by the past administration to ensure food security with enough rice supply in the province.

In the light of reshuffling routine based on a special order dated May 8, 2008, Clyde Samonte Omictin now assumes as NFA-Bohol manager as Nestor Rey Alcoseba is now the provincial manager of NFA-Cebu.

Alcoseba turned over the management of NFA-Bohol to Omictin, in a simple ceremony Monday last week at the local NFA office.

The turn-over ceremony was witnessed by Lawyer Danilo Bonabon, regional director of NFA Region and the officers of Grains Retailers Confederation (Grecon)-Bohol chapter.

Prior to his assignment here, Omictin served as provincial manager of NFA-Cebu and NFA-Siquijor.

Omictin, now 64, hails from Larena, Siquijor. He graduated at Southwestern University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education major in Mathematics and took Law at Foundation University in Dumaguete City and completed his masteral degree in public administration at BIT-Siquijor.

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Bohol Island Becoming A Technology Hub in the Philippines?

Bohol Philippines Update - In just a week, two science and technology events were simultaneously held here as the provincial leaders groom Bohol as a convention province aside from being the top tourist destination.

The first event was Training on Webpage Development for the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP), the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and various councils and institutes under the Department of Science and Technology.

It was held on May 26-30 at Ladaga Inn, Dauis, wherein the 17 participants learned how to update the webpage of their respective agencies.

Resource persons were from the DOST's Advance Science and Technology Institute.

The other activity was the Philippine Soil Science and Technology Annual Conference held on May 29-30 at Bohol Plaza Hotel and Restaurant, Dayo Hills, also in Dauis.

The annual conference was headed by the president of the Philippine Society of Soil Scientists and Technologists (PSSST), Dr. Danilo Mendoza.

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Bohol Chocolate Hills No. 4 Among 77 Semi-Finalists in New Seven Wonders Search

Bohol Philippines - Lovers of Bohol's Chocolate Hills have reason to rejoice - the world renowned natural wonder last night climbed to No. 4 among the 77 semi-finalists in the search for the New Seven Wonders of Nature from its No. 5 berth the other day.

It follows Palawan's Tubbataha Reef that holds position No. 3 while two other Philippine natural wonders - the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and come-backing Mayon Volcano hold rank Nos. 8 and 11 respectively.

To note, Mayon Volcano disappeared from the list - apparently de-listed like the Chocolate Hills - in the meantime that an Official Support Committee (OSC) was being formed for it.

The Chocolate Hills reappeared in the list after Gov. Erico Aumentado headed an OSC and mailed the duly accomplished form to the organizers. Several other sectors also supported the re-listing.

Meanwhile, the Chocolate Hills bask in the endorsement of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who campaigned for votes during her visit here last May 20. - Published by Bohol Sunday Post

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Extension of Philippine Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP)

Gipangayo na usab sa Malakanyang gikan sa Kongreso nga ipalabang na ang balaodnon nga maglugway og laing lima ka tuig sa pagpatuman sa flagship social reform program sa kagamhanan nga Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

Ang CARP, nga gipatuman sukad pa niadtong 1988, ug gilugwayan na ug lima ka tuig motapos sa umaabot nga Hunyo 10.

Sa pagtak-op niini nga programa, kapin kon kulang 200 mil ektaryas pa ang mahimong ipailawom sa CARP ug kini maoy gitumbok nga ipang-abod-apud pa sa minilyon ka Pilipino nga mag-uuma. 

Tungod sa dako nga tabang sa pagpanag-iya sa yuta nga tikaron sa mga kabus karon, ug sa katakus niini nga haw-ason ang nasud sa kalisud, gilagdaan ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo isip dinalian nga balaodnon nga nagpangayo sa laing lima ka tuig nga lugway sa CARP. 

Kini saysay ni Press Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye human gisuwatan sa Malakanyang sila Senate President Manuel Villar ug House Speaker Prospero Nograles aron lihokon ang lakang ug aprobahan na ang House Bill 4077.

Ang House Bill nga gisugyot sa Malakanyang nga aksyonan sa Kongreso subay sa rekomendasyon nga sukip sa usa ka taho sa House's committee on agrarian reform. 

Ang bag-ong balaodnon nagpahimutang sa pundo alang sa subsidized credit sa mga benefisaryo sa agrarian reform ug mag-ila na sa mga babaye isip legal nga benepisaryo sa programa.

Gisukip na usab sa HB 4077 ang mga reporma nga nasugyot human has-hasi ang mga suliran sa pagpatuman sa CARP sa milabayng katuigan. - Rey Anthony Chiu - PIA Bohol

Confused Over Philippine School Uniform Policy?

By Rey Anthony Chiu - PIA
  Dispensing with the school uniform is optional and not mandatory.

  Department of Education Secretary Jesli Lapus clarified this over the speculation that the new DepEd's directive on uniforms for public elementary and high schools is in fact adding more burden to parent's expense for education.

  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has directed DepEd through Lapus to make a directive to forego the uniforms to spare the parents of additional load of buying a new set of uniforms especially for those stepping into the first level of formal school and those enrolling into a new school.

  Lapus however stressed that the overall goal of the directive, is to offer public school students an opportunity to avail themselves of a truly free education as envisioned by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

  On this, he added students who already have school uniforms are free to wear them, but those who cannot afford uniforms are not compelled to buy them.

  According to DepEd's office in charge of the assistant Bohol superintendent, Maria Linda Namocatcat, the Divison has yet to get a copy of the directive. Nevertheless, she said if they implement, it has to be for new pupils and students.

  Old students may still wear their uniforms, she said.

  Some parents, upon learning of the new directive however said that the move may even be more expensive for them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is Mindanao NFA Hoarding Rice?

Pa-imbestigahan sa Malacanang ang gikataho nga dinagko nga pagpanipig sa bugas nga National Food Authority sa Mindanao nga miresulta sa artificial nga pagkuwang sa supply ug sa pagsulbong sa presyo sa bugas sa kinatibuk-ang rehiyon. 

Ang mandu sa imbestigasyon giluwatan gilayon ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ngadto sa National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) kinsa gitahasan nga makig-alayon sa NFA sa pag-patin-aw sa una na nga mga taho, padayag ni Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo.

Kini dungan na usab sa iyang bahad nga bisan si kinsa ang masakpan, o dudahan sa pagtipig patawan sa bug-at nga silot.

Ang lakang, matud ni Fajardo mao lamang ang pagmatuod sa saad sa kagamhanan nga panalipdan ang interes sa labing baga nga katawhan.

Sa taho sa mga opisyales sa NFA sa Mindanao, ang pagnihit sa tinubdan sa humay dala sa illegal nga pagtipig niini sa mga negosyante kinsa naglantaw nga makapaak sa ganansya sa higayon nga ila na nga buhian ang bugas sa merkado. - Rey Chiu - Philippine Information Agency

No Need for School Uniforms. It's National Crisis

Dili na kinahanglan pa nga mopalit ang mga ginikanan ug uniporme sa ilang mga anak ilabi na kadtong mosulod sa grade 1 ug mga bag-ong estudyante.

Kini kay gimandu na ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ngadto sa Department of Education (DepED) nga dili na estriktohon ang pagpatuman sa uniporme sa mga bata arong makalingkawas ang mga ginihanan sa dugang palas-anon sa pagpa-eskwela sa ilang mga anak.

Sa iyang pakigpulong, giluwatan sa Presidente ang pamahayag samtang iyang gihatagan ug bili ang pag-ugmad sa edukasyon isip lig-ong haligi sa pag-pamuhunan sa imprastraktura ug sa katawhan aron hingpit na nga gun-obon ang talikala sa kawad-on sa nasud. 

Kini nga lakang sa pagpaluag sa pagpatuman sa uniporme gituohan nga makakunhod pa sa galastohan sa mga ginikanan ilabi na sa panahon nga nagmahal ang paliton.

Una na usab nga gisugyot sa presidente kang DepED Secretary Jesli Lapuz ang paglugak sa palisiya sa uniporme.

Kini bisan pa nga daghang ginikanan nga nagtuo nga mas maka-ekonomiya ang ginikanan sa uniporme kay dili na nagsige og panglaba sa mga lain-laing biste nga isuot matag adlaw.  - Rey Chiu - PIA

Expose and Investigate Rice Hoarders in the Philippines

Catholic Church leaders here have linked up with local government in a bid to expose and eventually prosecute alleged rice hoarders and traders who reportedly continue to manipulate the distribution of the National Food Authority (NFA) rice here and the neighboring areas.

Marbel Diocese Bishop Dinualdo Gutierrez said he has confided to Mayor Fernando Miguel a list of rice traders who were allegedly mixing the cheaper NFA rice with the commercial rice and are eventually selling them at higher prices in the local markets.

"I've been receiving numerous information from various sources. I informed our city officials about it so they can properly conduct an investigation and possibly seek the prosecution these violators later on," he said in a radio interview here.

The bishop admitted that they have no concrete evidence against any violator so they asked city officials to assign "good investigators" to uncover all traders who continually commit such "immoral acts."

"I am also appealing to them to stop what they're doing because it's not only illegal but also immoral," Gutierrez said.

Since March, the NFA provincial office here has already canceled the rice allocations and suspended the accreditation of some rice traders here for violating its regulations, among them the mixing of the NFA rice with the higher commercial rice.

Pangalian Busran, NFA provincial manager, said dubious rice traders dupe their customers by selling the mixed rice at commercial rice levels.

The NFA rice, which were imported by the agency from Thailand and Vietnam, are currently sold in the markets at P18.25 per kilo, much cheaper than the commercial rice that already reached as high as P47 per kilo. - Philippine News Agency

Vietnam Rice Imported to Caraga Region

Mike U. Crismundo | Philippine News Agency - Caraga: At least 120,000 bags of rice from Vietnam arrived at the port of Surigao City Thursday night, top official of the National Food Authority (NFA) disclosed on Saturday.

The imported rice was immediately deployed to different NFA warehouses, government's "Tindahan Natin" and other accredited outlets at various areas in the region.

The disclosure was made at the Regional Law Enforcement Coordinating Council (RLECC) quarterly assembly at the regional command of Northeastern Mindanao Police Regional Office 13, Camp Rafael C. Rodriguez here on Friday.

Police regional director Chief Supt. Jaime E. Milla spearheaded the meeting.

NFA Regional Officer-In-Charge Director Gil Pepito Paqueo, said Caraga region "has enough rice stocks now and that there would be no food shortage in the region".

"The office only notice the record-high prices of rice among private rice dealers and grocery stores," Director Paqueo said.

NFA also observed that the cause of having expensive rice is believed caused by the increased of fuel, oils and fertilizers.