Thursday, October 2, 2008

Congressman Natalio Castillo Sr

By Frony Fortich, Bohol Sunday Post

As a young reporter, I was helping also in the election campaign of then  manager of Southern Industrial Projects, Gregorio Concon, who contested the congressional reelection drive of the late Congressman Natalio Castillo. I was a party of the Concon demolition team and even Chito Castillo, his son knew this well kept secret.

 A few years after when I decided to stay in Manila , Castillo knew me as the son of Guadalupe Canizares, who was her teacher. When he saw me, he asked about my mother and also if I had a job. I said I was jobless at that time. He asked what my profession is, and I replied I was a teacher. He did ask me I have a civil service eligibility which I did, and he asked me to follow to his congressional office, where and there, he wrote a letter to the City Superintendent of Schools of Manila recommending me for a teaching position in the City of Manila. Thereupon, the note was readily recognized and the good superintendent sent me to teach at Manuel Roxas High School in Paco although I did not stay that long because I hated writing lesson plans and I was not really a dyed in the wool teacher.    

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