Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cebu to Cotabato, Dumaguete, Legaspi and Siargao

Cebu Pacific starts the year 2009 with new destinations from Cebu to Cotabato, Dumaguete, Legaspi and Siargao and additional frequencies from Cebu to Iloilo, Ozamiz and Tacloban with a PhP500 Go Lite All-in fare.

The seat sale STARTS NOW until December 19, 2008 and is good for travel from January 1 to March 18, 2009.

Starting January 10, 2009, CEB will fly three times weekly between Cebu and Cotabato, and four times weekly between Cebu and Legaspi.

On January 12, our thrice-weekly flights between Cebu and Dumaguete starts; while Cebu to Siargao thrice weekly service begins January 30, 2009.

Hurry, book now at CebuPacific, the fastest and most convenient way to book and pay for your flights. You can even block your preferred seats and pre-pay excess baggage through our website. Log on for other services like the fun tours and travel insurance or call 70-20-888 for more information.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Philippines Selling Government Assets

Here's an interesting insight on the Philippine Government selling its assets. Are all governments in nations bent on privatizing public enterprises/utilities?

Opening debate.
Why do the gov't always want to sell their assets or shares of some profitable assets such as Malampaya just only to decrease deficits. I read long time ago that they were bullish on Malampaya and it will provide us profits (billions?) in a period of time. And now, they are planning to sell their shares instead of buying, irony isn't it? Why they just focus on efficiency of our gov't agencies and standardization on their salaries, if they are really patriotic to our country and really really really want to serve the public. I think they just want to impress, and serve their own agenda so they can have pogi-points.

Rebuttal from an observer.

I think having a share in some corporation can help a lot to the goverment to gain extra income to add to a deficit budget of our goverment... yes selling them can also help but let us think what happen for tomorrow if we dont have any investment... having a share in some corporation are already a investment for the government, and investment that can help for the future... to our dear leader let not only think or look what are the possible solution to our present problem but let also look or investigate what are the effect of that solution to the future and i really know that selling a goverment assist can not help the future....

Monday, December 15, 2008

US-Philippines Military Exercise

Someone commented on the Philippine-US Military Exercise in Mindanao. It is worth looking back the Balikatan military game. 

The Balikatan exercise is indeed a great help for the Filipinos particularly in Mindanao. We are much secure with the presence of American troops and our confidence in the government has been restored. The peace and order situation in the area has improved and it boosts our economy.

Those who are opposing the Balikatan should go to Mindanao so as to experience what we are going through. The Balikatan must be continued and we are giving our all out support to it. 

Do you think the Balikatan Military Exercise has done good to the Philippines? 

Balangiga Bells Controversy

There is a new initiative to return at least one of the bells of Balangiga, looted from the town during the Phil-Am War. The initiative is being sponsored by the Balangiga Research Group.

Any recent update on the issue of Balangiga Bells?

South African Commenting on Philippine Foreign Policy

Below is a comment of a South African on the foreign policy of the Philippines. Read and please share your reaction to the article in the comment link found at the bottom of this blog article. Thank you.

I think the Phillipines should promote all aspects of the country.Ecconomic aspects and especially tourism.Before I left for the Phillipines on a vacation people here said I was crazy going to a country where rebels were abducting tourists and holding them for ransom(two South Africans were abducted 4 months previously)and I should change my destination to a safer country.

This is the biggest obstacle facing the Phillipines....people have preconceived ideas of the negative side...therefore more marketing of the country should be done by government.People the world over think the whole of the Phillipines are racked by bombs and abductions.They do not realise that it is the southern part where there are problems.

Take South Africa...crime is rampant here in Gauteng province but tourists are streaming to the Cape Province 1,500 from Gauteng,there is also a fairly high crime rate there but yet it has not affected tourism which brings in a large amount of foreign currency.This is because the country is marketed abroad.

The Phillipines should export more to South Africa and other countries and invite high level trade delegations to the cities throughout the Phillipines.More information about all aspects of the country should be sent to the rest of the world.Unless buisnessmen personally see what the country is like they will not invest there.

Irrespective of all the trouble in the Southern Phillipines and reports of disunity in the Senate etc they would definitely still consider buisness opportunities there.

Pinay Wants to Marry a Spanish Citizen

Here's a dilemma of a Pinay who wishes to marry a Spanish citizen. If you know of any solution to her confusion, please post it in the comment section of this article. This post was taken from one of the government forums of the Republic of the Philippines.

This is an unedited version.

"I am a 32-yr old singlemother and I have a 13 yr-old son from my ex-boyfriend who is a Spanish Citizen. I have separated with my son's father since he was 3 yrs old. I was told by a relative that it is possible for me to apply a for a Spanish passport for my son even if he was born out of wedlock. I tried checking in the Spanish embassy website but I couldn't find any information on this. If there's anyone out there who can help me get information about my son's case I would really appreciate it. I am a Filipino citizen and my son's father is a Spanish citizen. I only have an affidavit of acknowledgement signed by the father, which was required for my son's registration."

Abra Buys Power Plant from Ilocos Sur


In a move aimed at reducing its monthly obligation to the National Transmission Corp. (Transco) for the use of its sixty-nine kilovolts (69kv) sub-transmission line from San Esteban, Ilocos Sur to this town, this province's electric cooperative decided to acquire the facility.

Abra Electric Cooperative (Abreco) General Manager Loreto P. Seares Jr and board president David Guzman signed recently the agreement at the Transco offices in Quezon City.

Transco President and CEO Arthur N. Aguilar signed the contract in behalf of the corporation.

After the signing, Abreco and Transco need to wait for the approval by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of the purchase contract.

"Our acquisition of the 40-kilometer 69-kv sub-transmission line will ultimately lower the monthly bills of Abreco member-consumers. We will also reduce system loss, lessen power interruption, and will have an improved service reliability," Seares said in an interview.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jeepney Fare in the Philippines

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chairman Thompson Lantion announced on Sunday the P7.50 minimum fare for public utility jeepneys (PUJs) starting tomorrow, Monday.

Speaking at the Balitaan sa Tinapayan forum held in Sampaloc, Manila, Lantion disclosed the rollback and the minimum fare for PUJs is now P7.50 for the first four kilometers.

"Effective Monday, the minimum fare for PUJs is P7.50 for the first four kilometers and additional 10 centavos for every next kilometer," said Lantion.

Prior to Monday's rollback, the minimum fare was P8.50 for PUJs.

During the forum, Lantion also disclosed the roll back of minimum fare for public utility buses (PUBs). "The minimum fare for PUBs is now P9 from P9.50," he told reporters.

Lantion also said the LTFRB will also remove the P10 add on for the taxi fare starting Monday.

However, the LTFRB chief said the rollback is only temporary and the provisional reduction will be implemented until March 15, 2009.

He said the LTFRB will hold hearing on February 18, 2009 for the petition on rollback to determine if the roll back will be permanent or not.

"By Feb. 18, 2009, we will conduct hearing on the petition. And we will decide if the reduction will be permanent or temporary or if there will be decrease or increase in fare depending on the oil price in the world market," said Lantion, adding that the fare rollback does not cover FX taxis in the meantime. - PNA

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Manny Pacquiao Is A National Treasure

It's the big day Filipinos have been waiting for – the day Manny Pacquiao makes his big, bold move against boxing's Golden Boy himself, Oscar de la Hoya.  

Pacquiao intends to cement his hold on greatness with a victory in the dream fight billed as the biggest fight of the year. He will not only earn the biggest purse of his career. He will also attempt to claim the biggest scalp of all.  

Today, Pacquiao attempts to extend not only his winning streak. He also hopes to live up to the expectations of his countrymen. On his shoulders Pacquiao will carry the burden of a people hungry for an ego-boosting triumph.  

The task is easier said than done. De la Hoya is no gullible trial-horse set up for the slaughter. He may not be getting any younger, but the golden boy is definitely no pushover.  

In fact, the wise money pick would be de la Hoya. He is not only bigger and heavier, de la Hoya has also packed his corner with some of the best minds the sport has seen in the last few decades.  

The point here is not so much to enlist our people to rally behind Manny because he is a safe bet. It is not only also because Pacquiao might yet mock the experts once again and pull off a major upset.  

This is something about taking a stand and making a commitment. This is something about ourselves and our character as a nation and as a people.  

Manny has become the single, most credible point of unity for the country today. From MalacaƱang to the street that has become the refuge of the homeless, Pacquiao has elicited excitement like none other.  

Indeed, if this country has to rise above the din, if it has to climb out of the pit, Manny would have to play a vital role in that. For one caught who is in such a situation and who has willingly lived up to the role, the least that we Filipinos could do is rally behind Pacquiao.  

It is time to circle the wagons behind a man who has become a national treasure.  
One trait that Filipinos are often faulted for is our failure to unite for a common cause. The main reason why so few Filipinos make it in elections abroad is their penchant for putting up opposing candidates when one should suffice.  

Perhaps it is time we come to our senses and put a stop to all these unflattering reputations. For once, let us rally behind Pacquiao with a single-mindedness that leaves no doubt about our loyalties.  

Indeed, a national treasure deserves nothing less.  - Sunday Post Editorial, December 6, 2008

Say a prayer for Manny Pacquiao

Say a prayer for Manny Pacquiao.  

This request was made by Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim yesterday as the nation braces for the biggest fight of its most favorite son.  

"Tomorrow, he will fight the biggest fight of his career against Oscar "Golden Boy" de la Hoya," the mayor said.  

Lim, who knows de la Hoya personally and even has a photo in his office to show it, admits that the Golden Boy is "a worthy opponent, a dangerous one if I may add".  

"Indeed, a 'golden boy' who is more than a match to Manny as far as many experts are concerned," the mayor added.  

Lim said that while money comes to many people's mind when talking of this fight, there is more than money to it.  

"First of all, Manny has become a symbol not just of our nation but more importantly a symbol of hope in a country where there is little hope left," he noted.  

Lim pointed out that Manny was born to impoverished parents and naturally was deprived of education which could have been his way out of his poverty.  

"And yet, Manny refused to take no for an answer and set out in search of his destiny the only way he knew how. He let his fists do the talking," he said.  

Lim said Manny's victory is not only his personal victory.  

"It is not only a triumph of a nation. It will also be a triumph for persistence in the face of adversity, of hope in the face of insurmountable odds, of faith even when there is little reason to do so," he added.  

The mayor believes Manny knows how to make it.  

"He had faced far more daunting challenges in the past. He has been there. He knows how to do it. He will come out of it in the manner that we expect him to be: triumphant and great".  

Lim noted that many experts say Manny has met his match in de la Hoya. He said that the latter's size and weight advantage makes it easier to believe that.  

"De la Hoya's experience in fighting in heavier divisions makes it even easier to believe that," the mayor added.  

And yet, Lim said fights are not always won on size and weight. He said they are not always won on experience.  

"In boxing as in life, there are intangibles, factors that cannot be measured by human instruments," the mayor added.  

Lim said this is one of those fights.  

"As a Filipino, as a close friend, as a fan, and as a believer in hope, I know Manny will make it. There is no doubt in my mind that Manny's hands will be raised after they have done their part in the ring," he added.  

"Whatever happens, Manny's place in Philippine history is secure. He will always be remembered for raising the hopes of our people in a time such as this," the mayor said. - Sunday Post Newspaper

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Foreign Policy of the Philippines

This is posted by Maria Claria (display name in a government forum site). This is her independent opinion on Philippine Foreign Policy. Is there a need to redirect the Philippine Foreign Policy?

I think in the past years our foreign policy has been focused to Asia, U.S.A, and the Middle East. I have nothing against this, however, since most of these regions have gone quite shaky this days our interests if not our dependence might be taken with low regard by their respective governments.

What I'm trying to say is that why dont we find other potential allied countries to have more friendly and subsequently more trade relationhips. The Baltic states and the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the Latin Americas. The Baltic states are known to be stable countries, politically or economically. 

There is also as of the moment a burgeoning population of OFW's in Australia and New Zealand. Latin American Countries too are players in the Oil industries we could invite oil companies to invest in the Philippines, the more competition here the more healthy our economy might become. Our foreign policy is yet moderately open we have to maximize our full potential, after all our economy is quite dependent on foreign investors. 

Applying US Visa from the Philippines

Someone needs your opinion on this matter. She's planning to apply for a tourist visa to the US. If you know of any answer to the inquiry below, please post it in our comment section so that others may benefit from it.

My mother is a TNT in the USA for 3yrs is there a possible that my application be denied? Please help me. I'm planning to apply for a tourist-visa and this is my first time. I'm 32yrs old single mother and I have 3 children. 

My supporting documents are Land Title, COE for 10yrs working in a private company and well compensated, bank account amounting Php50k plus only and dollar accounts one is a time deposit with insurance (known as bancassurance) $9000 2nd is the dollar savings $2000 plus only, and credit cards. 

I've been to bangkok 2007 and hongkong 2008 to have record (tatak) in my passport. Anyone knows my chances if I present these documents to the consul?

Annulment Against Filipino Husband in the Philippines

Here's a question that needs your answer. If you know anything related to this inquiry, please post it at our comment section.

Hello, I just wanna seek advise or opinions from anybody outthere who had encountered this kind of situation.
"the question is; Is there any problem that will arise sa pag petition ng mga anak if the kids are using the family name of the 1st filipino husband in the Philippines? Kids age are 18 & 14

"Both filipinos were married in the Philippines, then got separated for years, then the filipina went to USA, later filed a divorce in the USA against her husband in the Philippines and finally married to a citizen after almost 10 years of being separated from the filipino husband. Marriage is not yet annulled in the Philippines."

Another question is: Pwede bang mag File ng annulment ang filipino na currently nasa USA against filipino husband in the Philippines? Since there's no whereabouts of the hsband for almost 9 yrs but for sure his still alive.

Filipina Spouse Visa: CFO Seminar Needed?

Here's a question from a Filipino who is ready to go abroad but stuck with CFO seminar. If you have the right answer, please leave it at the comment section of this website.

hello everybody, i just want to ask if i need cfo seminars because i have already passport with my name . i get spousal visa, my interveiw is this coming july 25.
what's that cfo for? they said so that we can get passport but i have my passport already, do i need to get the certificate? please i need your advise.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival Update

The Dinagyang fever is on with the official launching of Iloilo's prime festival on Monday.

Sounds of drums filled the air as the caravan participated in by drummers of 18 tribes that signed up for the Ati-Ati competition passed along the major thoroughfares of Iloilo City.

The caravan was also participated in by organizers, sponsors and other stakeholders passing through J.M. Basa, Ledesma Streets, Timawa Tanza, Infante Ave., Lopez Jaena, Molo M.H. Del Pilar, Gen. Luna, Bonifacio Drive to Lapaz, passing through Huervana, Rizal and Luna Streets, to Jaro, passing through E. Lopez Street, Plaza Jaro, EL 98 Street to Sen. Aquino Avenue and ended at the SM City Activity Center, launching program venue.

The Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2009 executive committee reiterated its commitment of a fun-filled celebration despite a little delay in the implementation of lined up activities in its table of operation.

"Facing constraints of time, manpower and funds, the IDFI Board of Directors and Officers, together with its principal partners, the Iloilo City Government and the religious sector are working double time to lay the groundwork to enable the working committee groups implement their activities according to the festival's trademark of excellence," Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Incorporated (IDFI) vice president Ricardo Andrada said.

The festival's national launching will be held in Manila from Dec. 12-14 at the Mall of Asia, Tiendisitas and Greenhills Shopping Complex. 

Visit OK Bicol Showroom

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) regional office in Bicol is set to launch the "Orgulyo Kan Bikol" (OK Bikol) on December 5, which will showcase all available possible products in the region.

Regional director Jocelyn Blanco said the idea of establishing a permanent showroom will serve as venue for possible buyers for new introduced local products.

"We will refer prospective buyers to our local producers," Blanco said.

The launching of OK Bikol showroom will coincide with the Exporter's Week celebration.

Blanco also said that new innovative indigenous products will also be introduced in the market. "The introduction of new products will help promote the Orgulyo Kan Bikol not only in terms of trade and industry but tourism as well."

Director Blanco added that association of exporters in the region have agreed to make their local products more attractive and competitive. "Our goal is to strengthen our business industry in the region to cope up with the economic crisis." - PNA

Ilocos Sur Road Accident Deadly

Two persons were killed and two others were injured critically in a vehicular accident along the national highway in Barangay San Vicente, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur Sunday night.

Police said the incident happened when an XRM motorcycle and a Honda Big Bike motorcycle traveling from the opposite directions collided.

Senior Inspector William Nerona, chief of police of Magsingal, identified the fatalities as Jay Pleto, 28, driver of the XRM motorcycle and native of Barangay Sacuyya, Santa, Ilocos Sur; and Reximelle Tabil, a backrider of the Honda motorcycle, of San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur.

Nerona identified the injured as Diana Martinez, an occupant of the XRM motorcycle and resident of Barangay Nansuagao, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur; and Viron Purisima Tabisula, driver of the Honda Big Bike motorcycle, and resident of Barangay Puerta Real, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur.

Investigation disclosed that the accident occurred at about 10:20 p.m. Sunday. Due to the strong impact, all of the victims sustained head and body injuries.

Responding policemen rushed the victims to the hospital but Pleto was declared dead on arrival at Magsingal District Hospital, while Tabil died on arrival at the Metro-Vigan Cooperative Hospital. - PNA

Aklan Weavers Ready for Global Demand

Local weavers in this province are bracing for possible global demand that might arise as the environmentalists' campaign for the mitigation of the impact of climate change.

India Dela Cruz-Legaspi of the Heritage Arts and Crafts said that Aklan province has been identified as one of the areas that produce the best natural fibers, abaca (Manila hemp) and pina, which are being supplied to malls as woven textiles and even to other companies.

"The year 2009 has been declared by the United Nations as the year of the natural fibers to also address the growing concern on climate change or global warming. Being one of the organizers of the annual fiber festival in Aklan, we hope to showcase our natural fibers that are abundant in the province," said Legaspi.

She admitted then that the province natural fiber resources could not cope with the global demand.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which is one of the organizers of the fiber festival, representatives of big companies such as Rustan's and Shoe Mart came to the province last year for the festival. The Aklan products are also now being exported to countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Germany, among others.

Currently, other multi-national companies are turning from the use of synthetics and plastics to natural fibers. Among the products that needed to be converted from plastic material to natural fiber are surgical masks, vehicle parts, currency, among others. 

Olangapo's Basic Emergency Obstetric Care and Newborn Care

Officials of Olongapo City inaugurated Tuesday the fifth Basic Emergency Obstetric Care and Newborn Care (BEMONC) center here that will provide high-risk pregnant mothers with adequate and affordable emergency delivery service.

"This project aims to help further reduce maternal mortality, one of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), by providing emergency birth delivery services even for cases in areas far from Olongapo City's center," said City Vice Mayor Cynthia Cajudo who was guest of honor during the inauguration.

Olongapo City's latest PhP2.5-million BEMONC center is located in Barangay Barretto, a village where some 30,000 people reside.

Among the facilities the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) donated to this center are a suction machine, delivery table, infant weighing scale and minor surgical kit.

"These facilities can help bring about safer deliveries," said UNFPA City Project Coordinator Bel Dado.

She noted UNFPA also donated similar facilities to the city's other BEMONC centers in Kalaklan, Kababae, New Cabalan and Gordon Heights villages.

City health chief Dr. Arnildo Tamayo lauded Barangay Barretto's officials for establishing the center as he said this village is about 20 minutes' drive from the city center where the 350-bed James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital (JLGMH) is.

"In ensuring safe motherhood, time is of the essence," he said.

According to Tamayo, a 24-hour patrol group of doctors will be on hand at Barretto BEMONC to assess if emergency deliveries can be done there or if these must be referred to more advanced health facilities like the JLGMH. - PNA