Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's Wrong with System Loss of Manila Electric Corporation?

Written By Joe Espiritu
Bohol Sunday Post

Most of the Greater Manila, electricity users are up in arms against Manila Electric Corporation better known as Meralco because of a percentage tacked in their electric bills. A certain amount is added to cover, what is called system loss. The Meralco even showed an ad in the television trying to explain why such amount has to be paid. Despite the popularity of the paid endorser, the ad only caused confusion. The explanation oozed with sophistry only a slick lawyer could produce.

Judy Ann Santos, the paid endorser, tried to explain the system loss using the analogy of melting ice water. She tried to explain the loss of ice by the time it reaches the house and tried to equate the melt to the system loss. The reasoning there is convoluted. At the time and point of purchase, a definite volume or weight of ice was given to her. If the ice melts before it could be used, she will have to shoulder the loss. The point there is; let us say for five pesos (P5), she is given a block of ice weighing one kilo or say measuring one cubic foot.

If the block of ice no longer weighs one kilo or measures the same at the time of purchase, she will have to assume the loss because it happened when she took the possession of the block of ice. But at the time of purchase it was exactly one kilogram or say one cubic foot that she bought. She did not buy the melted ice.

Then, in a deeper sense, the ice purchase analogy will not hold true. Power sales is a sort of monopoly, ice sales is not. While one can choose a store, which sells ice, which is thoroughly frozen not a melting one, One cannot choose a power distributor, which will not charge system loss on a power not purchased.

While the water used is measured in volume, electric energy is measured in watts.

For computation purposes, the watt is too small for large-scale measurement. Water consumed is measured in cubic meters that is one meter by one meter by one meter, power consumed is measured in kilowatts or one thousand watts.

Electric energy is generated or produced by power producers like the government owned and controlled National Power Corporation known as NPC and Independent Power Producers or IPP. They sell their power to distributors like Meralco or in our case the Bohecos. The power distributors in turn sell electricity to consumers.

Sometimes the NPC maintains a main power distribution line. Sometimes, like the IPP, their power is conveyed to the distributor through lines built and maintained by the Transco.

From the generating plants through the mains to the distributor receiving station, power is lost during transmission. From the distributor receiving station through distribution lines until it reaches the user, power is also lost. From the electric meter to the lights and appliances, power may also be lost. There may be other instances of system loss such as un-subscribed power purchased. Power lost at any point is system loss.

If the power is lost during the conduction from the generating plant to the distributor receiver meter, the loss should be absorbed by the power generator and the Transco if they use Transco lines. If the power is lost during the conduction from the distributor receiver meter to the user electric meter, the power loss must be absorbed by the distributor because the power had not been used yet by the user.

However, it is not as simple as that. If the power generator sells to the distributor at rates, which will include system loss, the loss is passed to the distributor. Then if the distributor sells to the user at rates, which will include system loss of the power producer and those lost by the distributor during transmission all losses will be paid by the user.

Business economics demand that profit must be realized if one is to survive. If absorbing power losses might cut into profit, the loss should be fobbed off to someone else. It is the user, who has to shoulder losses, not of their own making.-

Want to Go To Dubai?

Travel services professionals of Superjet International Travel and Management Services will be here this Saturday for a day-long presentation on "Dubai Opportunities with Genuine and Reliable Assistance" to create awareness on the Bohol connection to Dubai through the Baclayon Travel and Tours.

The presentation on June 21 will be at Leeng Restaurant at Bohol Tropics Resort, Tagbilaran City, slated to start at 2 p.m.

Baclayon Travel and Tours General Manager Walter Sultan confirmed yesterday that Superjet International Travel and Management Services has chosen his company to handle their Dubai travel transactions.

Superjet International Travel and Management Services carries the slogan- -Fast, Reliable, Excellent Service Just for You.

Having tapped Baclayon Travel and Tours, Superjet International Travel and Management Services intends to bring its services to Boholano clients.

Superjet International Travel and Management Services has its main office is in Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates and it has a satellite office at Penthouse #15 Gold Bldg., Annapolis St., San Juan, Metro Manila.

It offers outbound and inbound tourism and visa services and assistance to help Filipinos reach Dubai with "fast, reliable and affordable assistance".

Superjet International Travel and Management Services is a full-fledged travel and tourism company having half a decade of experience in the business with professionally trained staff.

Its commitment to excellence and its pride in handling tourism worldwide contributed to the steady growth of the tour services industry as it continues to promote Dubai tourism over the years.

In terms of outbound travel packages to leading travel destinations in the world like Far-East, Europe, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai (both leisure and business), Superjet International Travel and Management Services, as an experienced company, also takes pride of their vehicles, equipment and staff sustained at highest quality.

As a fully licensed and insured company, Superjet International Travel and Management Services expressed confidence to offer some of the best tours and services available in UAE categorized as ready-hand and customized tours, according to its sales and marketing manager, Maria Rowena Javier.

It also offers comfortable and satisfactory stay in Dubai to ensure that its clients return home with cherished and lasting memories of a perfect vacation and may long for another Dubai break with loved ones.

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Miss Bohol Sandugo Is Back

After a two-year break, the prestigious Miss Bohol Sandugo search starts anew in its quest for the province's ambassadress of goodwill.

It may be recalled that the last search was in 2005 when Panglao's lass, Ana Mariz Arcay Igpit, won the title and eventually grabbed the much-coveted Binibining Pilipinas-World crown in 2006.

Enthused by the feat, the Miss Bohol Sandugo (MBS) Committee, now chaired by Baby Collins, promises to continue the tradition of producing top notch-notch beauties.

Essential to the reinstitution of the Search is the support of City Deputy Mayor Mariano Uy, the Acting Chairman of the Bohol Sandugo Foundation, INC.

To qualify for the competition, hopefuls must be 17 to 23 years of age on the day of the pageant (July 18); of good moral character; single, never been married and not a parent; of Boholano descent; at least5'3 tall; and at least high school student. The Qualification is aside from the tacit requirements of bearing good poise and pleasant personality and possessing beauty of face and figure.

Applications may be sponsored by Municipal/City Government, civic groups/ organizations, or private business firms/ establishments which automatically becomes the party / entity she is representing. This sponsorship scheme is set to ease the candidates from the burden of expenses as well as to provide sponsors an avenue to promote themselves.

Submission of accomplished entry form duly signed by the candidate, her parent/ guardian and or sponsor, photocopy of her birth certificate, 3 copies of half-body glamour shot (colored 4" x6"in size) and letter of endorsement from sponsor are requirements to complete the application process. An amount of six thousand pesos (6,000.00), which may be at the applicant's or sponsor's expense, must also be paid after she passes the screening and shall have been chosen as an official candidate.- The Bohol Standard

Bayan Chairman Hits BLCI's Move To Increase Power Rate

The issue of passing on the Bohol Light Company Inc. franchise tax as additional burden to the already overtax consumers, is unfair and exploitative.

BAYAN provincial chairman John Ruiz said the group is supporting the opposition on this move that adds burden to consumers.

A bill pending in Congress, sponsored by third district Congressman Adam Relson Jala is pushing for the revocation of the BLCI franchise issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

Bayan also commends Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Neri Lim in personally leading the people as oppositor and intervenor to BLCI's application of passing such burden to the people.

"It is unfair in the sense that as a profit-oriented company, they must pay taxes as their obligation and it must come from their profits and not from the consumers' pocket. It is exploiting the Electric Power Industry Reform Act to exploit the poor consumers," the statement sent to the STANDARD said.

Ever since the conception of privatization or joint venture agreement of the two provincial public utilities, water and power, BAYAN-Bohol had manifested its opposition in its statements, pickets and rallies.

"Vital services such as WATER and POWER must be in the hands of the people or the state and not in the hands of profit-hungry capitalists, that could easily exploit the consumers," the statement added.

"Power rates today remain high because of a combination of factors and policies embodied in the Electric Power Industry Reform Act as well as historical circumstances in the maldevelopment of the power sector. The EPIRA, which was approved in 2001 by the Arroyo administration, laid the Groundwork for the deregulation and privatization of the power sector. It also paved the way for the "unbundling" of power rates into generation, transmission and distribution."

"State control and development of the power sector is a must if we are to seriously address the high cost of power. State ownership should mean the development of the power capacity of the country so that the supply of affordable energy is ensured. Regulation of rates is also a must in order to protect consumers from questionable and onerous charges. The EPIRA must be junked if we are to seriously address High power rates. "

The passing on of franchise tax to the consumers must be opposed. Our government officials must ensure the protection of the people from such unfair and exploitative actions of private vital services provider.

Another burden that is being passed on to the consumers is the 12% Value Added tax or VAT on power, it must also be removed, to give consumers immediate relief in times when everything is increasing except the people's income. - The Bohol Standard

Bohol Weeps Over Death of Its Own

Reported by Ven C. Arigo

Bohol weeps over the return of its two overseas Filipino workers (OFW) - a young married aircraft mechanic and a young single domestic helper---their cold and lifeless bodies in a box.

The twin ill fates of Franco Antonio Galo and Eugenia Baja have inflicted indescribable pains to their respective loved ones but who have to accept the knifing realities of foreign employment that is not always rewarding.

The remains of Galo, a Saudia Airlines aircraft maintenance personnel from Laya, Baclayon arrived at the Tagbilaran City airport Thursday morning, followed by the corpse of Baja, the maid from Matin-ao, Sierra-Bullones Friday morning.

A number of fellow OFWs held wake for Baja Wednesday night at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila while awaiting for her transport here on the following morning's flight.

Her grieving parents, brothers and sisters were joined by Rep. Edgar Chatto in meeting Baja, sealed inside a wooden crate, at the airport here.

His loved ones, on the other hand, and a staff of the congressman met Galo, also in a box, at the airport here, too, a day earlier.

The two Boholano migrant workers both worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but met their tragic ends of unlikely causes and in separate times.

Baja died in a hospital last February 24 after she allegedly banged into her head blocks of concrete tiles, according to a report quoting her employer and relayed to her parents back home.

Later, Arab authorities said Baja died of organ failure reportedly after her health condition just suddenly gradually declined for causes her parents have yet to ascertain.

Baja's parents, thru the intervention of Chatto's office that coordinated with concerned Philippine agencies, had the OFW's dead body autopsied in Riyadh to check if her death might have involved foul play.

Further investigation there had caused the delay of the repatriation of Baja's remains, which were frozen for three months and 20 days to her return back home.

Baja's corpse would have been withheld in Riyadh for six or eight months---or even longer---since the investigation would so require according to Arab laws.

But Baja's parents asked Chatto's help to have their daughter immediately repatriated since their longer anticipation of the return of a loved they know is already lifeless could only deepen their grief.

The office of the First District solon exerted effort together with the office of Gov. Erico Aumentado to also rush the return of the lifeless Galo, who died in a terrible car wheel explosion blamed on global warming also in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last may 24, exactly three months sinceBaja's death in the same foreign land.

Galo was driving his pick-up under an abnormally scorching sun on his way from Al-Jourf to the Ar-Ar airport in Riyadh when a front tire of his vehicle just exploded, resulting in a tragic crash.

The wheel exploded to the pressure of the extraordinary climatic heat wave that scaled over 50 degrees Celsius in Saudi on the day of the deadly accident, according to an information from Galo's wife Victoria to her parents-in-law back home.

The tragedy occurred while Galo's wife and their two young kids were staying with him on a vacation right in Riyadh.

Galo had a brother who is also an OFW as a seaman. Their father is a former OFW then long working in the very part of Saudi Arabia where his son was to perish many years later last may 24.

The End of Bohol Insurgency?

By June Blanco

A mix of civilian and military strategies specially concocted by the local government of Bohol under Gov. Erico Aumentado will finish off the remnants of insurgency in the province.

  This after the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) also chaired by Aumentado, the military, police and the Bohol chapters of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and Liga ng mga Barangay (LnB) issued a joint memorandum promulgating the rules and regulations implementing the Bohol Local Integrated Security System (BLISS).

  Joint Resolution No. 4-2008 dated March 3, 2008 of the PPOC, Provincial Development Council (PDC), LMP-Bohol and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) adopted BLISS as a strategy of integration of efforts in Bohol aimed at securing and insulating the province from enemy influence, re-incursion or re-entry, including from other nefarious activities like drug trafficking, gunrunning and illegal fishing.

  The move is basically a Coastal Watch designed to ward off insurgents and contraband from the island province.

  Aumentado said the joint memorandum is designed for uniform implementation of the rules and guidelines provincewide.

  Aside from the governor, signatories to the memorandum are LMP-Bohol President Exuperio Lloren of Jagna town; Col. Raoul Reyes, commander of the 802nd Infantry Brigade based in Katipunan, Carmen town represented by Lt. Col. Dionisio Miguel, deputy brigade commander; LnB-Bohol President and Provincial Board Member Concepcion Lim; Sr. Supt. Edgardo Ingking, Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) director; Lt. Col. Mario Lacurom and Lt. Col. Alfredo Sanchez, commanders of the 43rd Infantry Battalion based in Carmen and of the 2nd Special Forces Battalion based in Riverside, Bilar town; and Provincial Director Rustica MascariƱas of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) in Bohol. - Sunday Post -

The Social Responsibility to Nurture Children

Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim yesterday reminded on all sectors about their responsibility in nurturing the children.

"We are all accountable for whatever happens to our children," the mayor stressed.

The mayor issued the call two days after attending a forum hosted by the diocese of Tagbilaran to address the population issue.

Lim made it clear he is in favor only of natural methods.

The mayor said the problem is not so much the number of children but the quality of life of the family.

"There are couples who have many children but each one becomes a positive contribution to society," he noted.

On the other hand, the mayor said there are also those who have only one child who turns out to be a liability.

Lim pointed out that children "never asked to be born" so they should not get the blame for unfortunate incidents.

He noted that some children born to unwed mothers or as a result of rape are made to bear the brunt for the acts of their fathers.

"They have nothing to do with what their mothers suffered so they should not be treated badly," the mayor stressed.

Lim said the parents, teachers, church and government have their respective responsibilities to the children. - Sunday Post Newspaper