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Job Vacancy: Philippines-Canada Cooperation Office (PCCO) In Need of Gender Equality Adviser

The Philippines-Canada Cooperation Office (PCCO) is currently looking for a GENDER EQUALITY ADVISER (GEA), who will be tasked to assist the CIDA Philippines Program in implementing the agency's gender equality policy. 

A detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for this consulting position is attached for your reference (this is also posted at the PCCO website at  Specific requirements for the position are as follows: 


§   tertiary preferably with post graduate studies in social science or other relevant discipline

§   relevant training in gender and development, governance, private sector development and local economic development


Demonstrated gender and development knowledge and experience as it relates to institutional strengthening, poverty reduction, private sector development, governance, environment and local economic development, specifically:

§   extensive knowledge and grasp of the changing context (opportunities, constraints, risks, impacts, results and indicators) for promoting gender equality in development work in the country

§   previous experience developing policy papers, program/institutional frameworks and strategies demonstrating the complementation of gender equality with various development sectors and themes

§   solid experience in capacity building focusing on identifying needs, developing appropriate strategies and materials to facilitate transfer of technology (knowledge and skills) and developing and applying participatory approaches in the conduct of technical assistance, networking and monitoring and research

§   extensive experience in program/project level planning, designing, implementation, monitoring, assessment and management

§   substantial experience with international donors, NGOs and government agencies; also experience working as a member of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams

§   previous work experience or familiarity with the CIDA development program, and its results-based management framework

§   proven strong and effective networking and advocacy experience in promoting gender equality with organizations (NGOs/Government -- local and national)


§   demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and relationship building skills with partners and other stakeholders with various cultures and discipline

§   demonstrate multi-tasking skills and the ability to prioritize and deliver outputs as required

§   ability to work independently in remote locations under adverse conditions

§   computer operating skills at a level sufficient to undertake the tasks

This consulting work will be on a part-time, contractual arrangement with PCCO thru its implementing agency, Coffey Philippines, Inc.  The level of effort (number of work days) will range from 8-10 days per month for one year.  The professional fee is subject to negotiation, and up to a maximum of Php15,000 per day.   

Those who are qualified and interested to apply for this consulting position must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).  The EOI must be limited to 2 pages only and must contain the following information:

a. Complete name and current contact information (email address, telephone and cellphone numbers)

b. related formal education and special training

c. related knowledge and experience

d. specific skills and know-how that will be useful in this consulting job

e. preferred consulting fee per day excluding reimbursable expenses such as local travel during field visits (N.B. the per diem rate/financial part comprises 20% of the assessment with the technical qualifications accounting for the remaining 80%).  

Please send your EOI via email on or before 5pm Thursday, 31 July 2008, to:, Subject:  EOI - GEA 

Only EOIs sent via email will be accepted (we will not accept faxed or hand-carried applications).  A shortlist of successful candidates will be selected within 1-2 weeks.  Only the successful candidates will be acknowledged.

For those already registered with the PCCO CV database, you do not need to submit your current detailed CV (just update online thru your personal account, if you need to). For those who have not yet registered with us, please do so online by accessing our website ( and submit a copy of your current CV to our registry.

We thank you in advance for your interest.  We look forward to receiving your EOI on or before the specified deadline.


General Manager

Philippines-Canada Cooperation Office (PCCO)

The Program Support Unit of CIDA in the Philippines

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Abolish Philippine Value Added Tax (VAT) Burden Campaign

A signature campaign seeking for the removal of the 12% value added tax (VAT) on petroleum products and power is launched here by militant groups.

Bayan Bohol spearheads the campaign together with its allied organizations from the drivers, women and students sectors.

Effective Saturday, prices of fuel hit over P60 per liter as several bills in the Senate and the House of Representatives on the suspension and removal of VAT on oil and power remain pending.

There are two bills pending at the Senate that seek to suspend or scrap the oil VAT.

Senate Bill (SB) 1962 filed by Senator Mar Roxas proposes to suspend the imposition of the oil VAT for six months. SB 1977 of Senator Miguel Zubiri, on the other hand, offers to exempt petroleum products (as well as electricity) from the tax.

SB 1962 and SB 1977 have been pending at the ways and means committee of the Senate since December 2007. At the House of Representatives, the Gabriela Women's Party (GWP) has filed House Bill (HB) 3442 to cancel the R-VAT while Bayan Muna has also filed a bill calling for the cancellation of the VAT on petroleum products. However, these measures have yet to be scheduled for first reading.

"Everyone is affected, from households to business, everyone is complaining over government's inaction," Bayan Bohol secretary general John Ruiz III said in a press statement.

Removing the value added tax on power and petroleum products will give consumers immediate relief from the rising prices, he said.

Taking off 12% on the current price of premium gas which is sold at P60 per liter would translate to about P7 savings.

Bayan said a stronger stance is necessary from the government considering that the rise in oil prices worldwide is due largely to speculation in commodity futures.

There have been studies saying that as much as 60% of world oil prices come from sheer price speculation.

"Government has a duty to protect its consumers from such an exploitative scheme and should not allow the big oil companies to merely pass on the alleged under-recoveries. Transfer-pricing and the deregulated policy are conditions being exploited by price speculators," Ruiz added.

Bayan believes that it is justifiable to exempt oil and power from VAT as immediate relief of the present crisis and it can be done through a combination of direct action by the people together with pro-people legislation.- Kit Bagaipo, The Bohol Chronicle

Bohol Capitol Re-Engineering: What's In It For You?

By Kit Bagaipo

Even as consultations with the different offices of the provincial government is ongoing, the re-engineering of Capitol employees will formally start at the end of this year.

This was bared by provincial government Human Resources and Management Development Officer Romeo Teruel saying that the re-engineering system will be in place by 2009.

Capitol employees have expressed concern over the program fearing for their job security especially personnel who are under-qualified for the positions they are currently holding.

However, Teruel reiterated the assurance of Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado that the fears of employees are just misconceptions and presumptions.

Aumentado had said that employees who do not meet the qualifications of their position will be re-assigned to where their skills can be utilized.

The reengineering project is made possible through a grant from the Australian government under the Philippine-Australian Human Resource Development Facility (PAHRDF). The facility envisions achieving a sharper focus of Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) assistance in the Philippines. PAHRDF provides long and short term training support for its partner institutions. These HRMD interventions are designed to meet priority workplace development objectives. They complement existing initiatives that facilitate the achievement of identified development agenda.

Provincial Government Media Affairs (PGMA) head Antonieto Pernia said the re-engineering program aims to improve the delivery of services at the various offices of the provincial government by also implementing changes in personnel according to their competencies.- The Bohol Chronicle