Sunday, August 3, 2008

Island City Mall Activities On Sandugo Festival

The Sandugo Festival reaches fever pitch today, July 27, and revelers can enjoy more the fun and excitement at the mall.

The 2008 Sandugo Regional Product & Raw Material Showcase is still going on at the lower and upper ground level of Island City Mall, featuring the best and the finest of OTOP (One Town, One Product) from more than a hundred exhibitors all over the Visayan region.

Boholano artists are also mounting an Art Exhibit, "Bohol: Hatag ni Bathala," now going until Thursday, July 31, at the 2nd Floor of Island City Mall, just near the World of Fun.

At 4:00 o' clock this afternoon, Smart and Wow Magic Sing present "Magic Sing Challenge" where 10 contenders will outwit each other in the videoke singing competition. The Champion will receive a Wow Magic Sing microphone and a P1,500 cash prize, while the First and Second Runner-Up will get the cash prizes of P1,000 and P500, respectively. Non-winning participants are given consolation prizes of P300 each. - Ariel Fullido

Bohol Sandugo Celebration Opening Salvo

     The month-long Sandugo festivities were off to a blazing start Tuesday with businessman Mario Uy, deputy city mayor, calling the shots.

      The center of the celebration is the City Hall grounds where stalls are being set up  for guests to rummage over its various display—from agricultural products like fruits and vegetables to ornamental plants.

      Uy sees to it that nightly entertainment is ever present to enliven the visit of guests and visitors to Sandugo booths.

      The Tagbilaran City Charter Day on July 1 set the ball rolling for the month-long celebration.

      For the whole month of July the new City Hall grounds will be the venue for Sandugo Trade, Agri and Food Fairs and the Bohol Garden Show sponsored by the Bohol Gardeners and Landscapers Association.

      Festival highlights include the Celebrities at the Hardcourt on July 11 at the Bohol Wisdom School, Sandugo Punchfest on July 20 at the new City Hall grounds, Bohol Day on July 22, Globe Night on July 27 at the CPG Sports Complex, and the Sandugo Streetdancing on July 27 also at the CPG Sports Complex.

      Participating in this year's streetdancing event are the local government units of Bien Unido, Balilihan, Catigbian, Maribojoc, Jagna, Tubigon, Carmen, Loboc, and Ubay; University of Bohol, Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School, Immaculata High School (Baclayon), Pamilacan Island Cooperative, and Immaculate Mary Academy (Catigbian).

      Nightly entertainment activities are also spread out throughout the whole month which include the Dos CompaƱeros Show presented on July 1 by the city government of Tagbilaran; Showdown of Bands on July 2 courtesy of BAHRR; Latin Ballroom Dancing Contest on July 3 sponsored by Bohol Sandugo Foundation, Inc.; Variety Show on July 4 by CVSCAFT; A Night of Fun and Surprises on July 5 sponsored by Dunkin Donuts; Loboc Band: The Performance on July 6 sponsored by the Bohol Sandugo Foundation, Inc.; Dos Agakhak, Acrobat & Dog Show on July 7 to be sponsored by the First Consolidated Bank; A Night with GCS on July 9 by the Grace Christian School; Variety Show on July 10 by the PMI Colleges-Bohol; "The Singing Bee" on July 11 by the Holy Name University; Hudyaka sa Sandugo '08 on July 12 by DYTR; TM Night on July 13 by Globe Telecom; Dance Extravaganza on July 14 by Tagbilaran City SK Federation; Song & Dance Showdown on July 15 by the University of Bohol; Dos Comedyantes show on July 16 by YY Home Builders Depot; The Search for the Sandugo Singing Star on July 17 by the Alturas Group of Companies; "Lingaw Jud" on July 18 by DYRD; Sandugo Punchfest on July 20 by the city government of Tagbilaran; Banda Republic on July 21 by San Miguel Corporation; Variety Show on July 23 by Ginebra San Miguel; Hiphop Dance Competition on July 24 by Pepsi Cola Products Phils., Inc.; Variety Show on July 25 by Du Ek Sam; Miss Gay Sandugo '08 on July 26 by the Bohol Gay Association; Variety Shows on July 27 by the Tagbilaran City Association of Barangay Captains, on July 28 by Save 'N Earn, on July 29 by JJ's Seafoods Village and AMA-CLC; and another Variety Show on July 30 by the Bohol Tropics Resort Club; and a Disco courtesy of B&L Disco Mobile.

      Miss Bohol Sandugo pictorials and press conference was held yesterday afternoon at Miravilla Resort in Booy.

      The Miss Bohol Sandugo Swimwear and Talent Competition will be on July 12 at the Bohol Cultural Center, while the Miss Bohol Sandugo 2008 Pageant and Coronation Night will be on July 18, also at the Bohol Cultural Center.

      The Sandugo Festival is held annually to commemorate the blood compact between local chieftain, Datu Sikatuna and Spanish conqueror Miguel Lopez de Legazpi about 400 years ago.

      It has been dubbed as the very first unofficial international treaty of friendship.

      Aside for the commemoration of the historic blood compact, the celebration is also for the cityhood of Tagbilaran and the establishment of Bohol as a province. 

Bohol Media Investigation

The media body tasked to investigate an associate editor of a local paper was under fire for conducting an investigation  saying that it was arbitrary and malicious.

At the receiving end of extortion charges filed by Antonieto Pernia, head of the Bohol Poverty Reduction Management Office (BPRMO), Alfredo Amora, the embattled associate editor, questioned the authority of the Bohol Tri-Media association (BTMA) investigating him.

Pernia accused Amora of extortion attempts after he demanded "cover up money" in exchange for a favorable press arising from alleged misuse of cooperatives funds managed by the BPRMO.
He zeroed in on BTMA's lack of authority emanating from any adopted and ratified BTMA constitution and by-laws.

In a grand display of defiance to a duly constituted authority, Amora dismissed in bold letters  the letter of  Dejaresco  as "rejected". This word was found at the tailend of Dejaresco's letter to Amora.

In his letter to Amora, Dejaresco twitted the mediaman for his uncalled text messages to members of the Bohol media a few hours after the initial meeting of the committee.
Apparently, in his haste to be cleared of the charges, Amora, even if the investigation is still going on,  was already texting friends in media that Pernia's accusation was a result of a "silly pride"

These remarks did not sit well with the BTMA president.
Dejaresco said that gave Amora the opportunity to reply to the alleged complaints of Mr. Pernia when he sent text messages to his colleagues. Amora also hyped to media friends through a text message that the probe was settled amicably and the whole thing was just silly pride.

According to Dejaresco, Amora's comments were an act of disrespect and a serious breach of "our agreed rules on the conduct of the investigation".

In discrediting BTMA, it appears that Amora put in a bad light the same media organization that elected him vice president for print. It also in effect put  questionable instance the award given by BTMA to Amora as "best writer of the year"

Not only was Amora castigated Dejaresco when the BTMA president echoed the investigative body's demand  for a written apology for this serious breach of the committee's rules on confidentiality.

Putting Dejaresco in a tight spot, Amora accused the BTMA president of ignorance of the law citing Republic Act 8792 otherwise known as the E-Commerce Act.

Quoting a provision of the law about texting, Amora said that electronic message is a private communication medium and all messages are intended for the recipient only. - Sunday Post

NPA Rebels Deny Arrest of Comrade

The New People's Army (NPA) in Negros Oriental claims a Boholano Red fighter picked by the military is missing.

In a statement emailed to journalists, the NPA Pulang Mt. Talinis Command identified the missing rebel as Calixto "Ka Manong" Alfante, 46.

The statement was signed by Dom Pantaleon who identified himself as the spokesman of the Pulang Mt. Talinis Command based in Southeastern Negros .

Alfante was allegedly abducted by elements of the 79th Infantry Battalion in Sitio Kabalanusan, Barangay Dobdob , Valencia town, Negros Oriental.

The NPA claimed Alfante was alone and unarmed at the time of his abduction and was merely helping peasants with farming-related problems.       

In spite of efforts by Alfante's family to locate him in various municipal jails, the NPA said the 302nd Infantry Brigage based in Tanjay City has continued to deny custody over the missing rebel.

"We dare the 79th IB's Lt. Col. Erwin Neri to re-read seriously the 1949 Geneva Conventions which forbid any and all forms of ill-treatment of captives consistent with humanitarian considerations," the statement said.

The NPA also demanded that Neri to immediately surface their captured comrade and grant visitation rights to his family.

According to the statement, the 46-year-old Alfante served as councilor of Barangay Libertad Sur, Sagbayan in the late 90s.

The NPA alleged that Alfante's disappearance is a violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention governing combatants and hors d' combat (combatants deemed already protected by international humanitarian law by virtue of arrest or surrender).

It claimed that Alfante's abduction and involuntary disappearance is connected to the aggressive drive of the Arroyo government to plant jathropa and other cash crops in Negros Oriental which the NPA said is to the detriment of food crops farmers in lowland and upland barangays in the province.

Conbusac Organization Helping People in Bohol Island

By June Blanco

  Inspired by the success of the livestock dispersal program in Bohol, the Confederation of Boholanos, USA and Canada, Inc. (Conbusac) vowed to continue partnering with the province in its artificial insemination (AI) project under the Let's Help Bohol and the Livelihood Integrated for Food and Family Enhancement (Liffe) programs.

  Gov. Erico Aumentado was the guest of honor and speaker at the midterm conference Monday of the Conbusac Council of Leaders headed by Carlos Cagaanan of Lila town, held at the Cathay House Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

  He thanked Conbusac for the continued support in the AI program implemented by the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian under Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz.

  Aumentado said from the least livestock-producing province in the region, Bohol leaped to No. 1 after Conbusac's assistance through nitrogen tanks to keep carabao, cattle and swine semen for easier application to females, thereby giving reproduction a much-needed boost.

  If given monetary value, the offspring alone would now be worth over P28 million, the governor told Conbusac, stirring the council leaders into rubbing on the zeal on their respective members.

  The Conbusac and provincial government AI project partnership started during the presidency of Angelito Dano of Sevilla town, with the support of past presidents Marino Aguhar and Bernardo Mag-aso, former councilor of Tagbilaran City.

  At the same time, Aumentado campaigned among the members with business acumen especially those planning to retire back home to invest in the areas of tourism and agriculture – the province's two major economic drivers – and in the burgeoning information technology (IT) industry.

  He also briefed them on the P4.2-billion Panglao Bohol International Airport Development Project (PBIADP) for which President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo officiated groundbreaking rites last May 20 in Purok 2 in Barangay Tawala where the terminal building is proposed to rise.

  The project will be financed with local funds – not Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan. Specifically, P3 billion of the amount will come from the corporate funds of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) and P1.2 billion from the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

  The governor also gave updates on the now complete Bohol Circumferential Road Improvement Project (BCRIP) Phases 1 and 2, Leyte-Bohol Interconnection Project (LBIP) Phases 1 and 2, Bohol Irrigation Project (BHIP) Stages 1 and 2, and the soon-to-be-started BCRIP 3, BHIP 3 and the Bohol Tourism Roads Improvement Project (B-Trip).

  The latter includes the Tarsier Highway or the Corella-Sikatuna-Loboc Road and the Bohol stretch of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway that links the ports of Tubigon and Jagna towns passing through the interior municipalities of Sagbayan, Carmen and Sierra Bullones. The alternate route passing through Alicia town will also be improved, he assured.

  While the airport is targeted for completion in 2010 yet, Panglao's skyline will already change soon with the construction within the quarter of the P1.2-billion Bohol Regency Hotel and Convention Center by the owners of the Boracay Regency Hotel.

  The Bellevue and other hotel chains are already acquiring property in Panglao Island, he intimated.

  Aumentado's briefing was interrupted several times with applause coming from misty-eyed US-based Boholanos so obviously missing home.

  Equally misty-eyed were the Bohol Provincial Hospital School of Nursing (BPHSN) alumni and staff association who gathered at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino a day earlier for a two-day reunion.

  Aumentado praised Fe Hora-San Juan of Panglao town and Concordia Vistal, the association president and adviser, respectively, as well as the rest of the members, for regularly holding reunions.

  He said the activity "maintains unity and cooperation and upholds the tradition of excellence among the members."

  The BPHSN tradition, he recalls, was always giving a 100% passing average at the licensure examinations.

  The Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) or the global conference of Boholanos slated in Bohol next year is expected to have good attendance with Aumentado campaigning for balikbayans.

  He also found a sponsor in Bobby Guday to head the Official Support Committee (OSC) for the inclusion of the Chocolate Hills among the New Seven Wonders of Nature through internet voting.

Surigao Congressman Prospero “Butch” Pichay Jr. in Bohol Philippines

      Last Sunday's street dancing revelry in Bohol was highlighted by the presence of former Surigao Congressman Prospero "Butch"Pichay, Jr.  as keynote speaker.

In gratitude to the Boholano votes in last year's senatorial race, the former solon  pledged to donate P200,000 for next year's Sandugo festival.  

      In introducing Pichay, who ranked second in Bohol counting in the 2007 senatorial derby Deputy Mayor Mariano Uy bared that the guest of honor will be seeking second chance in 2010 elections.

      Uy, Tagbilaran City's Father of Botika sa Katawhan, also cited the considerable amount that Pichay had contributed to Mayor Dan Lim's flagship social services program.

      Pichay paid tribute to Datu Sikatuna whom he called "the first Filipino ambassador".

      The outspoken Surigao leader, commonly described as an epitome of a rags-to-riches venture, opened his speech by expressing gratitude to the Boholano electorate for making him number 2 in Bohol in last year's senatorial race.

      "I like the traits of the Boholanos. What's the best tourist attraction in Bohol?- -The hospitality and the beauty of the people of Bohol," Pichay said.

      At the clinching part of his brief speech, Pichay described Boholanos as "buotan" (kind), industrious, honest and "utokan" (brilliant).

      "These are the traits that you should be proud of as Boholanos. Everywhere in the world, traits of the Boholanos excel," he concluded.

      City Mayor Dan Neri Lim delivered the welcome address.

      Bohol's first ladies in emceeing- -Ardie Aranet-Batoy and Gloria Araneta, sisters of respected radio commentator, Fred Araneta- -were the host of the ceremonies that followeed the street dancing.

      Former DILG provincial director, now Baclayon Municipal Councilor Carmen Gatal, chair of the Sandugo streetdancing committee introduced the members of the board of judges- -Dr. Rosalinda Palermo of the University of San Carlos-PE Department as chairperson; Rosalinda Dakosa,  Mila Hanson, Bonifacio Pargamento and Ricky Ferolino.      

      The minor awards went to Bien Unido- -Best in Over-all Impact; Catigbian National High School- -Most Creative; Carmen- -Most Lively Group; University of Bohol- -Best in Instrumentation; Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School- -Best in Costume; Ubay- -Best in Choreography.

        The now famous Loboc Youth and Children's Band under Boholano musician, Rene Balbin, provided the intermission number. (With reports from Sen Guingguing & Fred Fuertes) 

Boholano People in US and Canada Support International Airport

  The Confederation of Boholanos, USA and Canada, Inc. (Conbusac) has favorably endorsed the implementation of the Panglao Bohol International Airport Development Project (PBIADP).

  The endorsement came in the form of a resolution approved by the Conbusac Council of Leaders headed Carlos Cagaanan of Lila town by telephone conference.

  The council had gathered at the Cathay House Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada for its mid-term conference with Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado as guest of honor and speaker.

  Aumentado said of the recently completed, on-going and pipeline development projects he reported to his compatriots from across the United States and Canada, the Panglao airport was the most applauded.

  He said the Boholanos expressed thrill and excitement, already wanting to pay for seats on the maiden flight that will take them back direct to their place of birth.

  The resolution approved by 26 other members of the Council of Leaders stated that the Conbusac recognizes the importance of the Panglao Bohol International Airport Development Project (PBIADP) "as a unique opportunity to define the comprehensive transportation needs" in Bohol and the Philippines – for efficient 21st century mobility.

  It underscored the fact that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the Department of Tourism (DOT) have considered Bohol as a stand-along tourism destination in the global roadmap "by reason of its eco-cultural heritage endowments and agri-tourism potentials."

  The council also stated that environmental and social preparations have been undertaken by the appropriate government agencies and the private sector by way of consultations and meetings that led to the establishment of protective measures for some perceived social problems that may arise as a consequence of development and progress.

  The members also said that the realization of the project will greatly benefit not only the tourism industry in Bohol but all the Boholanos around the world in terms of faster and safer travel when they visit their home province.

  As such, the Conbusac, through its Council of Leaders favorably endorsed and expressed strong support for the implementation of the project furnishing concerned government officials, public interest groups and the print and broadcast media for their information.

  The Council of Leaders who approved the resolution include Phil Gucor, senior vice president; Lino Chatto Jr., regional vice president (RVP) for Southern California; RVP for Southwest USA and President Marino Aguhar of the Bohol Association of Texas, Inc.; RVP for Midwest USA Nemie Odtohan; RVP for the Greater Washington Area Socorro Doverte; RVP for Southeast USA Esther Gianan; RVP for Eastern USA and president of the Tagbilaranons of Eastern USA Rev. Fr. Fernando Po; RVP for Western Canada Rupie Payot; RVP for Eastern Canada and president Arnold Maceren of the Bohol Association of Canada;

  Auditor Elpidio Baluca; President Lilia Magtoto of the Bohol Foundation, British Columbia, Canada; President Ted Apalisok of the Tagbilaranons of Northern California and former Conbusac president; President Malou Saito of the Tagbilaran Association of Southern California, Inc.; President Fidel Tutor of the Boholanos of Southern California, Inc.; President Anita Cal-Jackson of the Tagbilaran Association of California;

  President Evelyn Sayre of the Boholanos of Las Vegas, Nevada; President Jun Namoc of Sandugo, Texas; President Lilia Cumba of the Circulo Boholano of Illinois; President Roldan Sarmiento of the Bol-anon sa Michigan and former Conbusac president; President Nita Borja of the Bohol Circle, Eastern USA; President Denny Auza of Ang Kaliwat Bol-anon sa Florida; and

  Former Conbusac Presidents Loli Dano; Johnny Torralba, Nick Lopez, Randy Gallardo, Narding Mag-aso and Lito Dano.