Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Manny Pacquiao Is A National Treasure

It's the big day Filipinos have been waiting for – the day Manny Pacquiao makes his big, bold move against boxing's Golden Boy himself, Oscar de la Hoya.  

Pacquiao intends to cement his hold on greatness with a victory in the dream fight billed as the biggest fight of the year. He will not only earn the biggest purse of his career. He will also attempt to claim the biggest scalp of all.  

Today, Pacquiao attempts to extend not only his winning streak. He also hopes to live up to the expectations of his countrymen. On his shoulders Pacquiao will carry the burden of a people hungry for an ego-boosting triumph.  

The task is easier said than done. De la Hoya is no gullible trial-horse set up for the slaughter. He may not be getting any younger, but the golden boy is definitely no pushover.  

In fact, the wise money pick would be de la Hoya. He is not only bigger and heavier, de la Hoya has also packed his corner with some of the best minds the sport has seen in the last few decades.  

The point here is not so much to enlist our people to rally behind Manny because he is a safe bet. It is not only also because Pacquiao might yet mock the experts once again and pull off a major upset.  

This is something about taking a stand and making a commitment. This is something about ourselves and our character as a nation and as a people.  

Manny has become the single, most credible point of unity for the country today. From MalacaƱang to the street that has become the refuge of the homeless, Pacquiao has elicited excitement like none other.  

Indeed, if this country has to rise above the din, if it has to climb out of the pit, Manny would have to play a vital role in that. For one caught who is in such a situation and who has willingly lived up to the role, the least that we Filipinos could do is rally behind Pacquiao.  

It is time to circle the wagons behind a man who has become a national treasure.  
One trait that Filipinos are often faulted for is our failure to unite for a common cause. The main reason why so few Filipinos make it in elections abroad is their penchant for putting up opposing candidates when one should suffice.  

Perhaps it is time we come to our senses and put a stop to all these unflattering reputations. For once, let us rally behind Pacquiao with a single-mindedness that leaves no doubt about our loyalties.  

Indeed, a national treasure deserves nothing less.  - Sunday Post Editorial, December 6, 2008

Say a prayer for Manny Pacquiao

Say a prayer for Manny Pacquiao.  

This request was made by Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim yesterday as the nation braces for the biggest fight of its most favorite son.  

"Tomorrow, he will fight the biggest fight of his career against Oscar "Golden Boy" de la Hoya," the mayor said.  

Lim, who knows de la Hoya personally and even has a photo in his office to show it, admits that the Golden Boy is "a worthy opponent, a dangerous one if I may add".  

"Indeed, a 'golden boy' who is more than a match to Manny as far as many experts are concerned," the mayor added.  

Lim said that while money comes to many people's mind when talking of this fight, there is more than money to it.  

"First of all, Manny has become a symbol not just of our nation but more importantly a symbol of hope in a country where there is little hope left," he noted.  

Lim pointed out that Manny was born to impoverished parents and naturally was deprived of education which could have been his way out of his poverty.  

"And yet, Manny refused to take no for an answer and set out in search of his destiny the only way he knew how. He let his fists do the talking," he said.  

Lim said Manny's victory is not only his personal victory.  

"It is not only a triumph of a nation. It will also be a triumph for persistence in the face of adversity, of hope in the face of insurmountable odds, of faith even when there is little reason to do so," he added.  

The mayor believes Manny knows how to make it.  

"He had faced far more daunting challenges in the past. He has been there. He knows how to do it. He will come out of it in the manner that we expect him to be: triumphant and great".  

Lim noted that many experts say Manny has met his match in de la Hoya. He said that the latter's size and weight advantage makes it easier to believe that.  

"De la Hoya's experience in fighting in heavier divisions makes it even easier to believe that," the mayor added.  

And yet, Lim said fights are not always won on size and weight. He said they are not always won on experience.  

"In boxing as in life, there are intangibles, factors that cannot be measured by human instruments," the mayor added.  

Lim said this is one of those fights.  

"As a Filipino, as a close friend, as a fan, and as a believer in hope, I know Manny will make it. There is no doubt in my mind that Manny's hands will be raised after they have done their part in the ring," he added.  

"Whatever happens, Manny's place in Philippine history is secure. He will always be remembered for raising the hopes of our people in a time such as this," the mayor said. - Sunday Post Newspaper