Friday, May 29, 2009

The Truth About Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili

By Boy Guingguing
Publisher, Bohol Sunday Post

Salacious is the apt description of this rare column. Because this is all about the combustible chemistry of two sex artists caught on camera in the act of making love. 

Coming from an aging gigolo, it makes sexual sense to delve sometimes into the realm of sexual fantasies if only to awaken a "paralyzed predator" which sent many women exclaiming Hesus, Mingo, dis-a man ka ana magpaliwat or loosely translated Jesus Christ Mingo, where have you inherited such well-endowed manhood. 

Anyway, the late Mingo was a neighborhood playboy who boasted of his women conquests. Another favorite one-liner after a tryst with his victim: Balik-balik go (Mingo), kay magihaw tag pis-an. Or please come back Mingo because I would be preparing chicken soup for you. 

Mingo must be a sexual athlete during his prime that many women were longing for her bedroom prowess as evidenced from the parting statement every time he made love with his lady love. That's according to him, however. 

But wait! Before we are lost in our own sexual illusion, let it be clear here that the meat of this column is all about the hurricane that Katrina Halili brought to this sex-crazed nation. 

Like the original Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans in 2005, the kind of storm that Katrina, the starlet, unleased, was as devastating not only to herself but to other women victimized by a sexual pervert named Dr.Hayden Kho.   

It was said that this "sick cosmetic surgeon" has a virtual library of sex videos  involving as many as 40 women. 

Out of curiosity, we downloaded a copy of the sex video to see for ourself if at all, it can arouse a "collapsing scaffold"  worn out not by overused but by the sheer impact of a deadly  ailment. But no, this little bulldog, just refused to wake up, apparently from its deep slumber.  

If you ask this BGlante who have seen the tape, our conclusion was that it was filmed for art's sake and for the exclusive consumption of the two people making love.  

But if a third party like Dr. Vicky Belo, who happened to be a former girlfriend of Dr. Kho, was involved in uploading the video in cyberspace, it was because she has a score to settle with her ex-boyfriend. It was confirmed that the relationship between the two cosmetic doctors was still in full swing when Hurricane Katrina came into the picture. 

So, hell hath a woman like Dr. Belo scorned by the love of her life. 

On the part of the doctor cum pervert, there's no argument that he is psychologically sick. 

How can you explain of one guy who advertises his sexual promiscuity. It even borders on the maniacal. 

Again, looking again and again of the sordid sex drama, Katrina is also equally liable for exhibitionism.  

We may be tolerant if her bedroom calisthenics was that of an innocent provincial lass. Demure, virginal, and that is excusable. But behaving like a veteran in bed? That's another story. A cursory look of the tapes not only showed that Katrina was aware that they were behaving  on cam, but she also showed signs of a sexual expert playing fire with a sexual partner equally in flames. 

To this BGlante, they are no better than a torero and a torera, a man and woman tandem paid to perform the sex act to ogling males who were out on pasture by their spouses in the guise of lakbay habal …er aral.  

Pardon this frank assessment of the sex video. In the first place , why did Katrina consented to have their love-making taped. She  also wanted to see for herself how she performed in bed? To our mind, the way she played her role in  the sexual combat left no room for doubt that she deserved the moniker sexy actress and she was one hell of a fighter when it comes to sex. 

If so, it was not farfetched to discern that she was no innocent nymphet after all, and  Dr. Kho could be just one of the men she was romantically linked. 

So, what lessons to be learned from l'afaire Katrina? Okay, to all the consenting women out there, if your sex partner ask for souvenirs in the form of a taped sequence of a "bedroom mazurka", just don't allow it to happen. It might end up in the Internet and lo! and behold, you are becoming an instant celebrity of the salacious kind. 

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