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Who is Richard Dick Gordon, About Richard Gordon

Richard J. Gordon, called Dick, was born in Zambales to a half-American father and a Filipino mother. 

"I had pretty good life. Olongapo was a nice town." 

Gordon saw the transition after the Americans left the bases. 

"As usual, when something as wealthy as a town like Olongapo run by Americans was transferred, appointed officials took over and my father fought these guys until he became the first elected Mayor of Olongapo City. 

Gordon got his first job in Proctor and Gamble, a job he says was the pick of the lot. When his father was assassinated after three attempts, he left Proctor & Gamble and returned to his family. He was his mother's campaign manager in her candidacy for mayor. Eventually, he becamse a lwayer, then mayor. 

"The first thing I did was call the people together. I said we will prepare for the withdrawal of bases. That's how the Free Port of Subic was born in 1980. We've done very, very well." 

On Erap and the ashfall that started it all

Gordon says Estrada had always held a grudge against him because they had clashed on the bases. 

"He got mad at me when he dropped his cigarette at the city hall. I picked it up and put it in an ashtray and said, 'In spite of the fact that we are having a hard time on Pinatubo, we still manage to maintain our sanitation habits.'

"I don't think he ever forgot that. So I became Administrative Order No. 1. I was removed." 

After Estrada was removed, Gordon was appointed Secretary of Tourism.

On why it is his duty to run for President

Gordon says he still could have run for the Senate. 

"I knew I could win. I could win it easily. I have a pretty good track record. I've after all did automated elections, the tourism law, the International Humanitarian Law. I did Blue Ribbon rather well. I did government corporations rather well. I'm pretty good with what I do."

But he believes executives should run the government. To run for senate again would be turning his back on the Filipino people. 

"I didn't need another time in the Senate. I could go back to the Senate, no. There's no more time."

The country, he says, would benefit from his experience.

"After all, name me any other other candidate that has become Concon delegate at a very young age, who's a lawyer, that became a mayor, that became chairman of Subic Bay, that improved our economy dramatically and took out the yoke of American presence here, that became Secretary of Tourism against a sea of a negativism, then became Senator of the Republic and did all those laws, and at the same time, 43 years fighting disaster."

On why he is not afraid of anyone's parents, money or name 

Others have already begun campaigning. 

"Hindi ako takot sa pera ninyo, hindi ako takot sa mga pangalan ninyo, ng mga tatay at nanay ninyo, ng mga limpak limpak na salapi ninyo." [I am not afraid of your money; I am not afraid of your names; I am not afraid of your fathers and mothers, I am not afraid of your millions.]

On why surveys are not important—yet

He is not against surveys, but he is unhappy with the fact they are early. He feels they should come out days before the campaign. 

"The surveys have a way of getting money for the politician who wants to run. They put money into advertising. One candidate did that. In May, he spent 114 Million pesos and then had a survey done in June and then published it. Then he got up, dramatically. And when he got up he thought he was all the way up , people started to believe in money then Cory Aquino died he went down again and so really its just a lot of manipulation right now."

Even with his current low rankings in the surveys—taken, he says, without his consent—he feels he can win. There are many months ahead.

"I'm a risk taker. I'm going all out."

IRON FIST: Bayani Fernando for Vice President

Bayani Flores Fernando is 63 years old, born in San Juan, and brought up in Marikina. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer at the Mapua Institute of Technology. After 25 years in private business, he decided to shift careers, and decided public service was the next best thing. After all, his father was mayor of Marikina. Three terms later, Fernando was appointed Chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority. 

Fernando believes in building character.

"I did a lot of physical changes in Marikina, believing that man by nature adapts himself to his physical environment, and I want to change the social behavior of this community, and I converted my passion for building structures to passion in building character."


Fernando's Metro Gwapo is pink. "There's that saying, 'In the pink of health.' The color of healthy flesh of human flesh is actually pink, so that stands for the healthy community."

On posters, endorsements and being Hitler

Fernando sees nothing wrong in the MMDA-funded signs posted across the metro bearing his face. He says they are used to promote the MMDA's advocacies. 

"My face is there to attract attention. I have that observation that Filipinos, they see any instructions or any note, they came across any signage, first thing they ask is, "Who said so?" 

"It's the same thing as, why do we have the picture of Sharon Cuneta in those commercials? We need that endorser and I am that endorser. 

"I'm the Hitler."

On psychological warfare

He says only very few disagree witrh his more authoritarian methods of implementing laws. He cannot please everybody, he says, and it cannot be helped that there are losers. He works for the benefit of many.

"Contrary to what people may think, we are not punishing anybody. As a matter of fact, in my 17 and a half years of public service as mayor and chairman of MMDA, I have not committed anyone to jail. And most of all wala akong pinapatay na tao. [I have not killed anybody]. 

"All these things that you've been hearing like pouring kerosene on the goods of the sidewalks, actually, I have never done that. I have said it once as a psy-war, part of our psychological warfare 

On why "The Rights of a Child" should be kept away from children

Fernando believes in censorship, especially on broadcast television, because of its impact of the minds of the people. 

"We have to stop putting ideas in the minds of the people, or wrong reasons that would tend to spoil the society."

We must protect the youth, he says. 

"They came out on television with the Rights of the Child. Well, we should know these things but it should not be broadcasted for the young to hear. It would be so bad because when the young hear this, it might get him to think that he has the liberty to do anything because the young mind has to be supervised. We don't let him hear those things without supervision. You're really going to spoil him. "

Why Vote for Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando?

Strong character, make a strong man with strong conviction and strong will; and as a leader, he will build a strong organization. Therefore when elected President he will build a strong Country. To be a strong Country, it must have a vibrant economy, hard working people and productive citizens with highly active business acumen. That is the goal of Epic Ventures, a group composed of strong willed members deciding to join forces to make the Philippine an economic tiger.
If you believe in these principle, join us in support the rise of strongmen who will lead us to the summit, the goal and the rightful place to put our country among the great nations on earth. Vote the leaders who possess the iron will, experienced Executives, a turn-around-savvy leaders to transform the Philippines out from the pit we are now in.
Most of the political promises are jokes, we can no longer afford to put our votes to the promises in the weak basket; it will comes out as soon as promises reaches you ears. Political promises are uttered in the wind, not intended to fulfill them, just a political words to get your voted counted on their favors.
Let our force be solid, solidly behind the Iron Will, the doers and transformers; because our country needs to turn around. Lets go for Dick Gordon for President and Bayani Fernando for Vice President!
posted by Paul Dalde

Update Philippine Election 2010

William M. Esposo was reacting to the performance of Noynoy during MBC question & answer forum in which he quoted his answers to the forum composed of captains in industry was awesomely very well unquote, to frame the long presentation in my words.
If the basis of performance is what the man said instead of what he have done is wrong; and the promise to do good for the people is like Obama promising a change you can believe in; what happen now, NOTHING!
Noynoy had been in politics, his first job and only job until now from being a Congressman and now Senator did not provide good things for the people, why believe now that he can? The truth is, like Obama, it was all shrill voices from the aura bequeathed from his parents that the people expected from the anointed one. 12 years is long period to just lay over, with passing years of blank performance, unlike his father who provided a shining promise by his actions and utterances until the day of his last gleaming.
Our country and her people can no longer afford the promises of a politician, maging segurista na tayo, vote for the proven turn-around executives, the doers and transformers, vote Gordon/Fernando tandem.
posted by Paul Dalde

Gun Ban in Western Visayas

The number of violators further soared from 31 to 34 persons arrested for the violation of Commission on Elections (Comelec) gun ban in Western Visayas. 

This was the data released recently by the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) Operations and Plans Division where majority of violators were apprehended in various police checkpoints throughout the region. 

Among those arrested were mostly civilian violators including a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and a government employee. 

S/Supt. Ricardo Dela Paz, chief of PRO-6's Operations and Plans Division, said a total of 28 firearms, six bladed weapons and a fragmentation grenade have been confiscated. 

Still leading in the number of arrest for violations of the Comelec resolution on total gun ban was Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office (NOPPO) with 10 violators; Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) and Capiz Provincial Police Office (CPPO) with six arrests each; Antique Provincial Police Office (APPO) with four; and, Aklan Provincial Police Office (APPO) with three arrest. 

On the other hand, the Iloilo Provincial Police Office (IPPO) and Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) that have zero apprehensions for a couple of weeks since the Comelec gun ban was implemented on Jan. 10 finally broke their unstained record lately with two arrests each. 

While the Guimaras Provincial Police Office (GPPO) had also a lone arrest on gun ban. 

Dela Paz said these violators have already been charged in various courts in the region for violation of the Omnibus Election Code on total gun ban.

Free Medical Checkup in Valenzuela

About 1,000 residents of Barangay Gen. T. De. Leon in Valenzuela City were provided with free medical, dental and eye consultations and medicines during a medical mission by the local government. 

The medical mission is in line with the national government's efforts to provide health care for its marginalized citizens. 

This was made possible when the city's mobile health clinics and pharmacy visited Galguerra, Abalos Bukid, in Gen. T. De Leon last Sunday. 

The health mission is part of Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin "Win" Gatchalian's comprehensive health development program for the Valenzuelanos. 

Aside from general medical procedures and dental services, other laboratory services conducted were ECG, FBS and urinalysis. 

Among the medicines distributed were kids and adult vitamins, paracetamol, cough, flu medicines, antibiotics, and de-worming tablets. 

Doctors and staff of the city health office and its special project office made the activity possible. 

Some 500 residents, majority of which were elderly, availed of free eyeglasses provided by Pastor Sonny Tiquia "Sagip Tanaw" project. 

Dorothy Evangelista of the special projects office announced that on Jan. 31, the city's medical teams will go to Lamesa St. (near Gentex Plastic), Barangay Ugong, and on Feb. 7, it will come to Don Pedro, Barangay Marulas for similar mission. (PNA)

Jason Ivler Can't Be Extradited to the U.S.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said on Wednesday road rage murder suspect Jason Aguilar Ivler cannot yet be extradited to the United States, where he is wanted for his failure to appear in court to face dangerous drugs charges. 

"Our process of extradition is such that a person who has a pending case here in our country cannot be extradited," NBI Spokesman Atty. Ricardo Diaz said. 

Ivler is accused of shooting to death Renato Ebarle Jr., a son of Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr. of the Presidential Management Staff in Malacanang, during a traffic altercation in Quezon City last November 18. 

"If he is convicted, he should first serve his sentence here and undergo the process before he is turned over to U.S. authorities," Diaz said. 

"Before we turn over a person, who is a subject of an extradition request of another country, whether he is a citizen or not of other country, he should first secure a clearance from the Philippines," he stressed. 

Ivler, a son of Marlene Aguilar-Pollard, is also facing criminal charges for direct assault, frustrated murder and attempted murder for resisting arrest and shooting it out with NBI agents while he was being arrested last January 18 in his residence in Blue Ridge, Quezon City. 

Two agents of the NBI were wounded during the shootout. 

The road rage suspect is a member of the United States Marines Corps and had served in Iraq. (PNA)

Filipino Catholic priests have donated P1 million to Haiti

Filipino Catholic priests have donated P1 million to the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti two weeks ago. 

The donation was collected during the Mass held on Wednesday at the celebration of the 2nd National Congress of the Clergy at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, where 5,500 priests attended. 

According to Msgr. Pedro Quitorio, director of the Media Office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the collection was the participants' way of helping the Haiti quake victims. 

"That was a concrete expression of solidarity with the brethren of that country," he said. 

Quitorio also said that the talk of Papal Household preacher Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa had touched the topic of the victims of calamities. 

"At one of the talks of Fr. Cantalamesa, he exhorted the 5,000 priests to find the body of Christ in the Eucharist among the poor — which may include even victims of calamities," Quitorio said. 

Last January 24, all parishes in the country had a second collection intended for the Haiti earthquake victims, upon the request of CBCP president Nereo Odchimar. 

The Tandag prelate said that they are ready to help the victims of the tremors and will continue to pray for the family of those who died, those who were injured and for their immediate recovery. 

"We pray for those who have perished, for the injured and for the displaced at this difficult and sad time," he said. (PNA)

PND Day Celebration

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will lead the Philippine National Police (PNP) 19th anniversary celebration on Friday. 

During the occasion three police officers who showed courage and bravery against criminal elements in separate armed engagements last year will lead individual awardees this year. 

President Arroyo will present the medals and citations to PNP units and personnel. She will be assisted by Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary and National Police Commission (Napolcom) Chairman Ronaldo Puno and PNP chief Director General Jesus Verzosa. 

Topping this year's awardees is Insp. Christopher Obien, of the 306th Provincial Mobile Group, who will receive "Medalya ng Katapangan" (PNP Bravery Medal) for conspicuous courage and gallantry when he figured in an encounter with three armed robbers who held-up a passenger bus along EDSA on May 21, 2009. 

Obien single handedly neutralized the armed robbery and saved the bus passengers from harm. 

The President will also award similar Medalya ng Katapangan award to two members of the Taguig City Police Station who bravely engaged heavily armed members of the notorious Alvin Flores Group that staged a daring robbery at the Greenbelt 5 Mall in Makati City on October 19, 2009. 

SPO1 Cesar Tiglao and PO1 Efren Ceniza Jr. were cited for gallantry in action for successfully preventing the heavily armed robbers from pulling off the robbery resulting in the killing of one suspect and the recovery of the loot consisting of expensive Rolex and Tudor men's watches. 

The other individual awardees are Supt. Nereo Torrecampo, "Medalya ng Kadakilaan" (PNP Heroism Medal) for conspicuous courage displayed as team leader of the PNP team that rescued some 500 victims of storm Ondoy in Cainta, Rizal on September 26, 2009; Senior Supt. William Macavinta, "Medalya ng Pambihirang Paglilingkod" (PNP Special Service Medal) for highly commendable and invaluable service rendered in co-hosting a marathon broadcast that attended to requests for police assistance from Ondoy's victims last year. 

President Arroyo will also award the "Medalya ng Katangitanging Gawa" (PNP Outstanding Achievement Medal) to selected PNP officers and personnel for outstanding individual achievements, namely, Chief Supt. George Regis, for distinguished achievement in drafting the oath-taking procedures and successful implementation of the conferment of the PNP badge of honor to all PNP uniformed personnel nationwide.

Pinoy Soldiers Died in Haiti Earthquake

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Wednesday set a new timetable for the return of the three of its personnel who died following a recent earthquake in Haiti where they were deployed on a peacekeeping mission, 

"Either over the weekend or early next week," Armed Forces public affairs office chief Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner told reporters in a press briefing at the military's general headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo on the return of the soldiers. 

The three – Navy Data Processor 3 Pearly Panangui, Army Sgt. Eustacio Bermudez and Air Force Sgt. Janice Arocena – were trapped at the Christopher Hotel, home of the UN in Haiti where they were doing clerical jobs. 

Another Filipino, UN civilian staff Jerome Yap, also died at the hotel. His body may be transported to US where his parents live. 

Brawner last week said that the three, escorted by Filipino peacekeepers led by Maj. Steve Ducusin, will arrive last Monday. On Tuesday, Brawner said the remains of the peacekeepers may arrive Manila today. 

Brawner said the bodies of the peacekeepers are still at the Dominican Republic where UN forensic experts are subjecting them to test. 

"They still have to undergo more forensic tests because forensic experts of the United Nations do not want to release the bodies just like that. They still have to have a 100 percent match between the body and the identity (of the soldiers)," said Brawner. 

Brawner said they have already sent initial fingerprint and dental records of the three to the UN. "Today, we are trying to get (more) records from the NBI..anything that would ascertain their identity" the official said. 

He said forensic examinations on peacekeepers, deployed under the UN, is normal. In one instance, it took a Filipino colonel - who died of malaria while on a peacekeeping mission in Liberia – four days before his body was transported to Philippines.

NBI Files More Cases vs Jason Ivler

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) filed on Wednesday morning additional charges of direct assaults with frustrated and attempted murder against Jason Ivler in connection with the January 18 shootout in his Quezon City house that resulted in the wounding of the murder suspect himself and two bureau officers. 

NBI Director Nestor M. Mantaring said Ivler's mother, Marlene Aguilar, was also slapped with the same charges as accomplice. 

"Additional charges were filed against Jason Ivler as principal, while his mother, Marlene Aguilar, is facing the same charges as accomplice. The charges were filed at the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office this morning," Mantaring said. 

The direct assaults with frustrated murder was in connection with the wound inflicted on Special Investigator Anna Lira Labao of the NBI Intelligence Services, while the direct assaults with attempted murder was for the wound sustained by lawyer Angelito Magno, chief of the Special Action Unit (SAU), the NBI director added. 

This developed as Asian Development Bank (ADB) British consultant Stephen Pollard, stepfather of Ivler, was invited to appear at the NBI on Thursday to shed light into the incident. 

"He is not yet off the hook. He was invited to appear at the NBI Special Action Unit (SAU) on Thursday," Mantaring said. 

The NBI director said the illegal possession of firearms was absorbed in the indirect assaults charges. 

After "Anak" hitmaker Freddie Aguilar cried foul on the alleged illegal search conducted by the NBI inside his house in New Manila to find his nephew Jason Aguilar Ivler weeks ago, the bureau defended its move, saying it used a warrant of arrest and not search warrant in conducting the operation. 

Head Agent Ross Bautista, executive officer of the Office of the Intelligence Services, said the NBI operatives were armed with warrant of arrest for Ivler's case so the operation was legitimate.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cha-cha Changing the Philippine Constitution: Good or Bad

By Joe Espiritu

Last week, a nationwide barangay assembly was held and among the usual topics discussed was the information dissemination of the forms of democratic governments existing in the world today. The speakers presented a comparative study of the forms of government systems and although there was no outright campaign for a change, subtle hints for modification of our present system were evident. 

Many problems will be encountered during the change process, which will follow later. First: the citizenry is not familiar with our present form of government such as the divisions of the government, Administrative, Legislative and Judiciary, its scope and functions, how the officials may be installed or removed from office. This was once taught in the elementary grades but now the subject could be only found in college. And not all of us go to college. 

Even if the parliamentary system is discussed in detail, there will be no basis of comparison since information of the other system has been lacking or even if present, hazy. It will then need an intensive information campaign at the grassroots level so the issues will be properly understood. This will need logistics for time money and effort to be expended. Then, who will put up the logistics? 

The shift to the parliamentary system is an uphill struggle. Aside from lack of information, there will be tremendous opposition. The main stumbling block would be the Senate. Since the parliamentary form of government is Unicameral, that is; there is only one lawmaking body composed of Members of Parliament or MP the Senate will be abolished. No senator will accept that proposition. To stay in saddle, he will have to run as an MP. Which is equivalent to a Congressman. 

It will not be only the senators who will object, there will be o politicians other than senators. Those who make the elective office a source of employment would not accept the change. Take away the pork barrel and nobody will run for any legislative position. The traditional politician spends a considerable amount of money for his election expecting that in his term he will recover his investment. In the parliamentary form, the tenure is not fixed since a change of government may happen anytime before his term of office ends. He may not recover his investment. 

Those who live only for election like political leaders and tribal or clan heads responsible for the distribution of largesse would surely object to the change. A politician unsure of the recovery of his investment will not splurge so war chests would run dry. It would be starvation time for trapos and professional leaders. Any attempt to restructure the government would be resisted by groups with vested interest in the status quo. Suggestions for a change are resisted because they imply an unpleasant variation of hierarchy and an exchange of rituals. 

Yet there are times when systems must change. In a time characterized by rapidly varying external physical and social environment accommodation to and acceptance of change is mandatory if we are to survive and grow. Changes are necessary if adoption to new environmental circumstances is to be achieved. Abraham Lincoln once said; the dogmas of the quirt past are inadequate for the stormy present. 
The Unitary Presidential system imposed on us by the United States when the Philippines had a population of twelve million is no longer adequate for the more than eighty million Filipinos today. As a consequence of the enormous social and technological changes of the last centuries our present system of government is not working well. Persistent rumors of coup de etat, protests rallies and endless political bickering attest to that. Unless we change, the future belongs to those who do.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Philippine Passport in Caloocan

In line with its goal of providing easy passporting services for its constituents, the Caloocan local government, through the leadership of Mayor Enrico "Recom" Echiverri, has sponsored anew a mobile passporting program for its residents interested to work in abroad. 

Echiverri said with this project, which benefited hundreds of Caloocan residents, enabled his constituents to secure their passport requirements without going to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) main office in Pasay City. 

He added the mobile passporting was made possible with the assistance of the DFA and their civil registry department. 

The provision of the mobile passporting program is part the city's 48th founding anniversary celebration this Jan. 23. 

It has become a yearly affair in Caloocan ever since Echiverri took over the mayoralty post in 2004 (PNA)

Disaster Response Center in Quezon City

The Quezon City government is putting up a disaster response center at the QC Hall to ensure the safety of employees and residents of the city during disasters such as fires and earthquakes. 

QC Mayor Feliciano "Sonny" R. Belmonte Jr. said he has instructed city general services office (GSO) head Rolando P. Montiel to take charge of QC Hall disaster preparedness activities. 

Belmonte said these include conducting seminar-workshops to raise the level of awareness, skills and knowledge of the employees on disaster mitigation, response and individual and team roles. 

Montiel has designated action officers whose first tasks included organizing emergency teams at GSO and other departments and offices within the QC Hall complex. 

Outside QC Hall, QC Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) chief Manuel N. Sabalza is in charge of the citywide emergency preparedness and response operations. 

At QC Hall, the GSO disaster action group organized by action officers Engr. Armingol B. Morales, Dr. Noel L. Lansang and Eufredie Orendez have started conducting seminar-workshops on basic life support or first aid and on the principles and techniques of rescue and evacuation. 

Participants in the GSO seminar-workshops included GSO teams for communication, transport, fire suppression, rescue, first aid and security. About 40 GSO personnel represented the first batch of QC Hall employees to undergo such training. 

Montiel said such training activities will also be conducted in other offices at QC Hall. Later on, there will also be emergency drills to enhance the employees' disaster preparedness. 

Meanwhile, the Disaster Risk Reduction Network Philippines (DRRNetPhils) said the Philippines is in dire need of a comprehensive law which will help communities prepare for and reduce risks from disasters. 

The 300-strong local and international civil society organizations and advocates grouped under the DRRNetPhils asked the 14th Congress as it nears adjournment for its third and last session to pass the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) bill, which aims to expand coverage of the Presidential Decree No. 1566. 

Passed in 1978, PD No. 1566 created the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) to oversee emergency response, relief and rehabilitation operations, and disaster preparedness in the short term. (PNA)

Best Police District for 2009

For the fourth consecutive year, the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) has been chosen by the Philippine National Police (PNP) as the Best Police District for 2009, besting all other provincial and police district commands in the country. 

The announcement was made by Director Abner D. Cabalquinto of the PNP Personnel and Records Management, who said that QCPD director Chief Superintendent Elmo San Diego will receive the much-coveted award in ceremonies marking the PNP's 19th anniversary at Camp Crame on January 29. 

For his part, San Diego said, "This is a tribute to the dedicated gallant men and women of QCPD who quietly continue to do their best and maintain their high morale despite bumps along the road." 

"Equally, it is also a symbol of the continuing full support of the Quezon City government under Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista and the City Council, which provide us with the equipment, operational funds and motivation to excel and deliver quality police service." 

QCPD first won the award in 2006 when it instituted the PNP Integrated Transformation Program (lTP), the 15-year program to transform the PNP in terms of equipment, systems and procedures, hand-in-hand with values, morale, proficiency and reliability. 

Under the motto, "Transform to Perform, Perform as We Transform," QCPD also won the award in 2007 and 2008. 

"We will definitely go all-out to again win the award for 2010 and be the first in the PNP Hall of Fame. God bless our endeavors," San Diego said. (PNA)

Richard Ando, 45, chairman and chief executive officer of the Unlad Housing Cooperative, Inc

The chairman and chief executive officer of Baguio-based housing cooperative was fatally shot by a gunman equipped with a silencer while having lunch with friends inside a restaurant in Fairview, Novaliches, Quezon City on Sunday. 

Quezon City Police District (QCPD) investigators identified the fatality as Richard Ando, 45, chairman and chief executive officer of the Unlad Housing Cooperative, Inc. based in Baguio City, Benguet Province. 

Ando was eating at a restaurant on Commonwealth Avenue in Fairview, Novaliches, Quezon City at about 1:30 p.m. Sunday when the suspect suddenly appeared and shot him. 

The suspect fled after the incident and now the object of a police manhunt. 

An unidentified companion of the victim rushed him at the Far Eastern University (FEU) on Regalado Avenue, Fairview where was pronounced dead on arrival. (PNA) 

Police were still determining the identity of the suspect as well as the motive of the killing.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Send Flowers Chocolates to the Philippines on Valentines Day

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Dodie Boy Peñalosa Jr. pro debut on January 23

He bears a surname that is an institution in Philippine boxing. His grandfather, Carl is a former Philippine lightweight and jr.welterweight champ during the 1960's. His uncle Jonathan was a former WBC international flyweight king (1990) and currently a boxing trainer while another uncle, Gerry, won two world titles WBC superflyweight (1997-98) and WBO bantamweight (2007-2009).

His father, Dodie, despite having one shorter leg due to childhood polio, was the first Filipino boxer to win two world titles at two different weights IBF It. flyweight (1983-85) and IBF flyweight (1987).

The family tree is enough to put pressure on the 19 year old Dodie Boy Peñalosa, Jr. when he makes his six round professional debut in the undercard of Brian Viloria's second title defense against Carlos Tamara of Colombia on January 23 at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City.
He is currently trained and managed by his father but they are still clueless who the opponent will be.

Dodie, Jr. is a southpaw and will be fighting at 122 lbs. but the elder Peñalosa plans to have his son campaign at 118 in subsequent fights. He has been boxing as an amateur for four years and has won the gold twice in national tournament. His name was mentioned in the sports pages last year because he was being recruited to join the national team. He was hyped as having the genetic predisposition to win Olympic gold. But after a couple of months he got homesick and preferred to be close to his family while subsequently planning to turn pro.

Dodie Jr., is the eldest of three siblings and a second year mechanical engineering student at Southwestern University. He hopes to continue his studies if the school allows him to take fewer units per semester. He is currently only 4 lbs. over the superbantamweight limit.

Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was reportedly impressed with the younger Peñalosa and offered to bring him to the US but Dodie, Sr. does not want to rush things and plans to observe his son's progress one fight at a time.

Growing up in a boxing family guarantees solid basics. It also carries the weight of high expectations. But one thing for sure, another Peñalosa in the ring will make the local boxing scene very interesting in 2010.

Rate Filipino Grandmaster Wesley So

At the Rate Filipino Grandmaster Wesley So is playing, 2010 could be his year too.

At 16 and already the country's highest-rated chess player ever, So continued to raise his level of excellence with an Elo of 2656 based on the Jan. 1 ratings released by the World Chess Federation (Fide).

Buoyed by his strong showing in the recent World Chess Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia where he eliminated former world championship finalists Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine and Gata Kamsky of the United States, So earned 16 points to boost his old Elo of 2640 in November.

The Elo 2656the highest-ever achieved by a Filipino player in historylifted the world rating of the high school student of St. Francis College to No. 76 in a tie with GM Boris Avrukh of Israel.

So also moved up to No. 6 among the world's top junior players, two notches higher than his previous position in the September quarterly rating of Fide.
The Filipino trails only junior GMs Magnus Carlssen (Elo 2810) of Norway, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (2730) of France, Sergey Karjakin (2720) of Russia, Fabiano Caruana (2675) of Italy and Ian Nepomniactchi (2658 ) of Russia.

The multi-awarded campaigner from Bacoor, Cavite also moved up to No. 8 overall in Asia and retained No. 1 in the world under-16 category.

More importantly, So's dramatic rise also enabled the Philippines to move up to No. 29 among chess-playing nation in the worldup by five notches from 34th in the previous quarterly list.

"I'm very happy for my achievements in the previous year. I hope 2010 will be just as good to me," said So, who is scheduled to leave for Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands on Jan. 13 to compete in Group B in the Corus (formerly Hoogovens) tournament.

National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) president and chair Prospero "Butch" Pichay lauded So for his newest achievement, saying his success a welcome gift to the country and the Filipino people for the new year.

So's World Cup teammates, GMs Rogelio Antonio, Jr. and Darwin Laylo, kept second and third places, respectively, in the country's list of top players.

Antonio, who lost to Kamsky in the first round of the World Cup, has an Elo of 2572two points down from his all-time best of 2574 in the November rating list. He is listed No. 34 in Asia and No. 311 in the world.

World Boxing Organization mini-flyweight king Donnie Nietes

World Boxing Organization mini-flyweight king Donnie Nietes will be facing a more dangerous foe in his fourth title-defense in the Solar Sports "Boxing at the Bay" on Jan. 23 at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City as former world title contender Sammy Gutierrez steps in and replaces fellow Mexican Ivan Meneses.

After a brief discussion with world-renowned matchmaker Sampson Lewkowicz, ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer said Gutierrez, 24, will act as Meneses's last-minute replacement because the latter backed out with just 19 days away from the world title bout.

"Ivan Meneses can't come to the Philippines. I think he didn't want to fight outside of Mexico because he didn't agree with the terms of the fight. For some reason he called off the fight," Aldeguer.

This is the second time Meneses turned down a fight in the Philippines. The first was his fight with Milan Melindo in the first installment of "Boxing at the Bay" last year. He was replaced, also at the last minute, by fellow Mexican Guadalupe Martinez.

"There are things in boxing that you can't control and this is one of them," said Aldeguer of the sudden change of opponent.

Nietes's team will be making a few changes in their preparation as they need to change their strategy. They will also look at videos of Gutierrez's previous fights.

Although this is just Gutierrez's second fight outside of Mexico, he has fought some of the best fighters in the lower weight divisions.

Gutierrez, also known as Guty, has a record of 22-5-2 with 13 knockouts. He fought and gave unbeaten International Boxing Federation mini-flyweight champion Raul Garcia three competitive bouts. Their first fight in 2006 ended in a draw while in the next two bouts in 2007 and 2009, Garcia escaped with two close decisions.

He also fought former world champion Omar Niño, undefeated South African Nkosinathi Joyi and bet Meneses in 2008 via unanimous decisions.

"This will be a tough fight because Gutierrez is more than willing to come here to the Philippines and fight for a world title. They believe they can win this fight," he said.

In Nietes's last two fights, he beat two Mexicans Erik Ramirez and Manuel Vargas both in Mexico a feat that no other Filipino world champion has achieved.

Salazar Farms basketeers of barangay Dipatlong, Maribojoc

Dipatlong clinches MCBL crown anew

MARIBOJOC. He did it agan!
Amidst the thunderous applause of their avid fans and supporters, the Salazar Farms basketeers of barangay Dipatlong, this town proved Wednesday night their superiority over Exaltacion in their final encounter at the Maribojoc Cultural and Sports Center here.

The champions outsmarted their rivals successively in their best-of-three series to get the coveted crown of the 49th Maribojoc Christmas Basketball League (MCBL). The final score: ___.

The victory-conscious Anislag cagers settled for third place at the expense of the Aup-Aup Restaurant. Anislag bulldozed the Pantalan boys Tuesday night in a thrill-packed game that ended.

Lanky Salazar Farms mainstay Bobong Delarmente an earned his second all-around player, earned his second Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.
On the other hand, Ryan Tenajora (Anislag), Jesse Alde (Anislag), Noel Almedilla (Exaltacion) Arvin Juntilla (Salazar Farms) and again, Bobong Delarmente proudly walked to center court Tuesday to claim their respective medals, as members of the Mythical Five.

Meanwhile, Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. profusely thanked the following for a job well done.

Earstwhile DepEd Supervisor Florante Evasco, municipal Sports Development facilitator; former DILG Training Officer Godofredo Fuertes, municipal public info officer; MCBL Commissioners Edgar Tutor, Dodong Bengalao and Bobong Valles.

Court Arbiters Barding Visarra, Dennis Seloterio and Kroswell Operiano of the Bohol Association of Professional Referees.

MCBL 2009 table officials Noel Alcoseba, Kemuel Cornito, Joseph Hugo, Domino Veloso and Glen Yap.

The Maribojoc Christmas Basketball League concededly Bohol's oldest celebrates its golden anniversary some December this year.

Nonito Donaire,Sr. will leave for the U.S. to train two prominent Filipino boxers

Highly Respected trainer Nonito Donaire,Sr. will leave for the U.S. to train two prominent Filipino boxers figuring in world title bouts this February.

Ciso "Kid Terrible" Morales of Talibon, Bohol will challenge Mexico's Fernando Montiel for the WBO bantamweight crown on Feb. 13 in Las Vegas while former WBO superflyweight champ Marvin Sonsona of Gen. Santos City will move up two divisions higher and face Wilfredo Vasquez,Jr. for the vacant WBO superbantamweight world title in Puerto Rico on Feb. 17.

Donaire left on Jan. 3 and will train at the Kennel Boxing Gym at San Leandro, California.
PSonsona's long time trainer Jun Agrabio will once again join forces with Donaire,Sr. in whipping Marvin back to his usual fighting form.

Agrabio said that he will try his best, together with Donaire to push Sonsona and bring his focus back.

Donaire, Morales and Sonsona will be going ahead and Agrabio will join them once he gets his U.S. visa.

Morales (14-0, 8 KOs) won a majority eight round decision over Mexico's Miguel Gonzales in Canada last November. He will have to bridge a wide experience gap over Montiel (39W-2L-2D, 29KOs), who narrowly escaped with his title against Z Gorres in 2007.

If Sonsona beats Vasquez, he will be the youngest Filipino in history to win two world titles at two different weight divisions at 19 years, six months and 23 days. The Puerto Rican Vasquez (17 W-0 L -1 D, 14 KOs) however, will have the home court advantage.

Sonsona won the WBO superflyweight title over Jose Lopez of Puerto Rico last September 2009 but lost his title after being 2.6 lbs overweight in his first defense against Alejandro Hernandez of Mexico in a fight that ended in a split draw.

Conflict between WBA interim titlist Nonito Donaire Jr. and his father

The celebration of Christmas and New Year passed by but the feud between WBA interim titlist Nonito Donaire Jr. and his father Nonito Sr. Continues.

Instead of reconciling with his son, Nonito Sr. instead train two other pinoy pugs, including townmate Ciso Morales in their fights abroad. (see separate stories) Nonito Donaire Jr., has hooked up with the trainer of compatriot Brian Villoria to prepare him for the defense of his World Boxing Association Interim Super Flyweight crown against Mexico's Gerson Guerrero on February 13, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Donaire said that Robert Garcia, a former IBF Super Featherweight champion-turned trainer, will help prepare his mental game against Guerrero. Garcia, who also counts Steven Luevano, Victor Ortiz and Joan Guzman among his fighters, is credited for guiding Viloria back to boxing elite.

Under Garcia, Viloria managed to rediscover his competitive fire and snag the IBF light-flyweight strap from long-time champ Ulises Solis last April via 11th round knock out. He retained the strap with a unanimous decision disposal of Mexico's Jesus Iribe four months later in Hawaii.

The Penalosa brothers, Jonathan and Dodie Boy, who trained Donaire when he won the WBA Interim crown over an overweight Rafael Concepcion of Panama last August, will still be around and will join hands with Mike Bazzel in whipping Donaire into shape for the bout.

Friday, January 22, 2010



Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare pioneer, is reducing further its fares to as low as P388 one way in what it calls Great Seat Sale promo to promote domestic travel during non-peak periods.

Under this promo, passengers have only six days, January 12 to 17, to buy tickets. Travel will be from January 31 up to March 16.

This promotional sale is on top of CEB's 'Go' fares which are permanent – not promotional – low fares and available year round.

"We have set aside more than 50,000 seats for this promotional sale. With fares this low, people don't have to wait for the summer break to travel and visit families," said Bong Mojica, CEB general manager.

The Great Seat Sale fares start at P388 for Manila to Roxas and Cebu to Iloilo; P488 for Manila to Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Palawan, Tacloban, and Kalibo; P588 for Cebu to Zamboanga, Cebu to Davao and Davao to Zamboanga and P788 for Manila to Tagbilaran, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, Dumaguete, Cotabato, Davao, Zamboanga and from Davao to Iloilo for a one-way trip.

"These fares are for immediate payment upon booking so we urge everyone to go to our ticket offices or the nearest travel agent. Those paying with credit cards can call our reservations office at 70-20-888," he said.



Cebu Pacific Air (CEB), the second largest airline in the Philippines, re-launched its website with real time booking capability to make booking more flexible and convenient.

The airline's improved website ( allows passengers to book their flights as late as three hours before departure time and also allows them to pay and get their e-tickets on-line.

"Constant innovation has always been important to CEB and we are always looking for opportunities to offer our travelers more options. Our website offers all the needed information about our 'Go' fares and flight schedules. This makes CEB more accessible and efficient," Bong Mojica, CEB general manager said.

Mojica added that the internet booking engine is another demonstration that CEB, as a low-cost airline, is always on the lookout for ways to deliver high-quality cost efficient service.

"Through the website, travelers can book for the lowest available 'Go' fares, pay with their credit card, and print out their e-ticket in one sitting. The entire process is completed in 5 easy steps and should take less than 10 minutes," Mojica said.



Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare pioneer, is offering fares as low as P398 one way under its Valentine Seat Sale Promo.

The promo has set aside more than12,000 seats for sale on a first-come, first-served basis from February 10 to 16, or until they are sold out. Travel period is from March 1 to March 22.

This promo is on top of CEB's 'Go' fares which are permanent – not promotional – low fares and are available year round.

The Valentine Seat Sale offers one-way fares at P398 from Cebu to Iloilo; P598 for Manila to Bacolod, Iloilo, Roxas, Tacloban, as well as Cebu to Zamboanga and Davao to Zamboanga; P798 from Manila to Butuan, Cagayan de Oro and Cotabato.



THE green light is on as the Robinsons Retail Group and Cebu Pacific team up with Metrobank Card Corporation (MCC) to launch an exciting credit card that offers a comprehensive rewards system like no other.

"We are excited and proud to team up with Metrobank Card Corporation in enhancing the purchasing powers of our customers with this very special Go! MasterCard Rewards program," says Lance Gokongwei, President and CEO of Robinsons and Cebu Pacific. "It is also our own way of thanking our customers for their continuous patronage of our stores and services."

The Go! MasterCard has several components. The Go! Rewards program awards one point for every P200 spent using the card in locations where MasterCard is accepted, and double points if used at Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Appliances, Handyman Do It Best and Handyman Do It Center, Topshop and Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Cebu Pacific ticket offices and in the Cebu Pacific website (

The Go! Rewards points may then be exchanged for a Go! Cash Gift Card that can be used to purchase a variety of items from the above Robinsons Retail establishments or to purchase a Cebu Pacific ticket. The Go! Cash Gift Card is a more fun and flexible way of choosing the rewards, rather than choosing from a limited catalogue offering. Frequent travelers will particularly appreciate the conversion of their Go! Points for payment of Cebu Pacific tickets. With enough points, they can even fly for free.

Cebu Pacific offers P10 fare to any domestic destination

Cebu Pacific offers P10 fare to any domestic destination

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will offer a P10 (ten peso) one-way fare to any of its domestic destinations starting March 3 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. CEB operations started on March 8, 1996.

Passengers have only from March 3 to 8 (or until seats last) to buy their tickets for travel from June 20 to October 18. There are more than 100,000 seats available for this anniversary seat sale. The P10 one-way fare is exclusive of taxes and surcharges and are available on a first come first served basis.

Bong Mojica, CEB general manager, said that this is another first in Philippine aviation history from Cebu Pacific.

"Never before has an airline offered fares this low. Ten years ago, CEB introduced low fares in the market and allowed more Filipinos to fly. Today, we are casting an even wider net and lowering our fares even further to encourage more first-time flyers to take CEB and for those who are already flying, to fly more," he said.

The P10 fare for CEB's 10th Anniversary Seat Sale can be easily booked and ticketed through its website ( This is also available through the new CEB reservations office at (02) 70-20-888 or CEB ticket offices and accredited travel agents.

Cebu Pacific sees increase in customer base with Galileo

Cebu Pacific sees increase in customer base with Galileo

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will make use of Galileo International Inc. worldwide computerized reservation system to increase its customer base and expand its ticket sales into new markets.

In a marketing agreement signed recently, CEB has given Galileo's world wide network of travel agents full access to the airline's international and domestic fares, including promotional offers and booking services to make CEB's services more accessible to key markets worldwide.

Galileo, a leading provider of internet-based distribution services for the travel industry, is part of Cendant Corporation's Travel Distribution Services (TDS) division is one of the world's largest and geographically diverse collections of travel brands and distribution business.

Edwin Bautista, CEB Head of Sales, said the partnership will improve Galileo's service and level of choice for its customers while allowing CEB to have a bigger customer base by serving an even larger and wider network of markets.

"Our partnership with Galileo will not only make CEB reservations more accessible but will also give the CEB access to Cendant's broad portfolio of content channels which will enhance awareness of the airline's services to key markets worldwide," Bautista said.

"This will enhance awareness of our brand and content globally, while positioning CEB as a key player in the Philippines and the region," he said.

Andrew Ling, Regional Manager, Galileo Philippines said the partnership with CEB demonstrates Cendant's goal of delivering breakthrough partnerships and diverse product offerings as well as the company's strong commitment to the Philippine travel and tourism industry.

Cebu Pacific’s P10 one-way fare sold out

Cebu Pacific's P10 one-way fare sold out

Cebu Pacific (CEB) has sold in six promo days more than 150,000 seats at P10 each for its 10th anniversary last week and pledged to continue promoting domestic tourism.

Lance Gokongwei, CEB president, said the airline will continue to assist the government in its efforts to promote domestic tourism by making air travel more affordable through permanent low fares. "The key to getting these low fares is to book early," he added.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who was present during the celebration, led the blessing of one of the airline's brand-new Airbus A319 aircraft.

It now operates two A320 aircraft and four A319 aircraft, all brand new. Once it takes delivery of eight more new Airbus aircraft in the next 12 months to complete its $670-million refleeting program, CEB would have the youngest fleet in Asia, Gokongwei said.

Gokongwei said the program signifies CEB's commitment to be an active partner in the nation's progress by helping travel and tourism become a more vibrant sector. "We want more Filipinos to experience flying and we want to do our own share in connecting all of our islands with great, on time, Cebu Pacific service," he said.

"CEB's strength as an airline has and will always be putting the traveler at the center of everything that we do—in planning our fleet, in determining our schedules and in planning our fares, making sure that more people can fly," he stressed.

Cebu Pacific Adds more flights to Hong Kong

Cebu Pacific Adds more flights to Hong Kong

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will add another frequency to its Manila-Hong Kong route, increasing its flights from 14 to 17 times weekly, starting April 3, 2006.

The additional service is scheduled to operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Manila- Hong Kong flight departs at 7:25 p.m. while the Hong Kong – Manila flight leaves at 10:10 p.m. 'Go' fares for Hong Kong start at P1,999 one way and are available year-round.

"The additional service is brought about by market growth and the constant increase in CEB passenger loads since the introduction of the Hong Kong 'Go' fares in January 2006," said Cebu Pacific General Manager, Danilo Mojica II.

He emphasized that the re-launch of their website ( with real time booking had a major impact on their market growth. "With the new website, we are more accessible and always available," he said.

"We are happy to give this opportunity to a lot of our kababayans in Hong Kong. Now they can visit their families in the Philippines more often, or bring their families to Hong Kong. Aside from this, we see that the Filipinos are starting to appreciate the concept of booking early, paying less and enjoying its benefit," Mojica added.

The airline opened its first regional office in Kowloon, Hong Kong last October 2005 to facilitate ticket sales and function as a customer service desk for the large OFW market in Hong Kong. CEB's Hong Kong office also handles the airline's promotion and marketing efforts in HK, China, Macao, Taiwan and Japan.

Cebu Pacific adds frequency to Cebu-Davao route

Cebu Pacific adds frequency to Cebu-Davao route

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare pioneer, will add another frequency to its Cebu – Davao service, increasing its flights from twice to three times daily.

Starting April 1, 2006, the additional service will depart from Cebu at 11:35 a.m. and arrive in Davao at 12:30 p.m. The flight leaves Davao at 1:00 p.m. and arrive in Cebu at 1:55 p.m. 'Go' fares start at P998 one-way and are available year-round.

Bong Mojica, CEB General Manager stated that the additional service plays an important part in the airline's vision to make more Filipinos experience flying. "At present we have more flights going in and out of Cebu and Davao than any other airline. So, whether you are traveling for business or leisure from these two cities, CEB offers great value with low fares, on time performance, and warm and caring service," he said.

Cebu Pacific offers seats at ONE PESO to any domestic destination

Cebu Pacific offers seats at ONE PESO to any domestic destination

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare pioneer will offer seats at ONE PESO to any of its domestic destinations from March 29 to April 2 or until seats are sold out.

Passengers have only from March 29 to April 2 to buy their tickets for travel from June 20 to October 18. There are more than 50,000 seats available for this sale. These ONE PESO seats are available on a first come first served basis and are exclusive of taxes and surcharges.

"We are the country's low fare leader and we will always have the lowest fares to any destination we fly to. It's all about making flying more affordable to more people and now that we're giving out our seats practically for free, almost anyone can fly," Bong Mojica, CEB general manager said.

"The success of the recently concluded 10th Anniversary Sale was very encouraging. We realized how much the market can be stimulated to travel and book ahead of time. It's something we want to further promote because we want Filipinos to realize that the earlier they book their tickets, the less they really end up paying for them," he emphasized.

CEB's 10th Anniversary Seat Sale was sold out and more than half of the tickets were sold online through the airline's website ( These one peso seats will also be available online or through the new CEB reservations office at (02) 70-20-888 or CEB ticket offices and accredited travel agents.

Cebu Pacific is advising its passengers

Runway closure to cause flight delays

Cebu Pacific is advising its passengers to expect delays in its domestic and international service due to the closure of NAIA's Runway 13/31 for renovation starting April 17. This leaves only Runway 06 to service all flights.

Runway 13/31 will be upgraded to handle bigger and heavier aircraft that are expected once the NAIA Terminal 3 starts operations. The renovation is expected to be completed by July 17.

Cebu Pacific is currently discussing with airport officials ways to ease the delays.



Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare pioneer, is offering its Summer Seat sale with fares as low as P398 one-way to further promote domestic travel during non-peak periods.

Selling period for this promo starts from May 5 up to May 9 only. Travel will be from June 14 up to July 31, 2006.

This promotional sale is on top of CEB's 'Go' fares which are permanent – not promotional – low fares and available year round.

"We are nearing the end of summer when domestic tourism is robust but we would like to encourage people to continue traveling even during the off-peak period because this is when we & the whole tourism industry need people to travel more. Events like our Summer Seat Sale will stimulate and grow the market even further" Bong Mojica, CEB General Manager said.

The Summer Seat Sale fares start at P398 for Cebu to Iloilo; P498 for Manila to Kalibo and Roxas; P598 for Manila to Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa and Tacloban, Cebu to Davao, Zamboanga, and Davao to Zamboanga; and P798 for Manila to Butuan, Cotabato, Cagayan de Oro, Dumaguete, Davao, Tagbilaran, Zamboanga and from Davao to Iloilo (via cebu) for a one-way trip.



Cebu Pacific (CEB) is adding another route to its domestic service with its three times weekly flights between Manila and Laoag City starting on June 8, 2006. The Manila-Laoag flight departs Manila every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11:55am arriving 12:45pm and departs Laoag at 1:15pm arriving in Manila at 2:05pm.

Bong Mojica, CEB General Manager, said the Manila-Laoag service plays an important part in the airline's vision of making travel within the country a lot more affordable and convenient for both local and foreign travelers alike. Laoag, the capital of Ilocos Norte, is the province's commercial and industrial hub. The city is known for its pottery, furniture and woven products and is a popular tourist destination in North Luzon.

The Manila-Laoag route will be the first destination that will be regularly serviced by CEB in Northern Luzon. The route will be serviced by the airline's brand-new airbus A319 aircraft with 150-seating capacity.

"CEB will continue to expand its domestic operations and look for new routes in order to support the promotion of domestic tourism. By continuing to offer the lowest fares in all the markets we fly to and by introducing significantly lower fares in markets we enter we hope to achieve our vision of making air travel an option for more and more Filipinos," Mojica said.

Cebu Pacific cuts year-round ‘Go’ Fares by up to 43%

Cebu Pacific cuts year-round 'Go' Fares by up to 43%

Cebu Pacific (CEB) the country's low fare pioneer has reduced its lowest 'Go' fares by as much as 43% starting Friday, June 2. The lowest 'Go' fare to any Visayas destination is now P568 one-way, while the lowest 'Go' fare to any Mindanao destination is P868 one-way.

CEB 'Go' fares are permanent – not promotional – low fares available for travel and booking all year-round and exclusive of regular surcharges and government tax.

"It's all about making travel more affordable so that more Filipinos can fly. We are taking delivery of our 7th and 8th brand new Airbus aircraft this week and we are more than halfway through with our re-fleeting program. By August, CEB will have an all Airbus fleet and the youngest fleet in the Philippines. We will have increased our capacity by more than 40%. This means that we will have more seats to offer at even lower fares," said Lance Gokongwei, CEB president and CEO.

CEB now operates 2 brand new Airbus A320 and 4 A319 aircraft. This week the airline expects delivery of 2 more A319 while 4 more Airbus A319 will arrive in the next 4 months. The last 2 A320 aircraft will be delivered in early 2007 when CEB shall have completed its re-fleeting program.

"These reduced 'Go' fares will be available year-round but we advise people to book early for best availability. Manila to Cebu or to any other Visayas destination is now only P568 one-way, reduced from P888 or by 36%, Manila to Davao or to any Mindanao destination is now only P868 one-way, reduced from P1,250 or by more than 30%. Cebu to Davao or any inter-island sector is now only P568 one-way, reduced from P998 or by 43%. With fares this low, it's time everyone flies," he added.

Cebu Pacific’s brand new A319 flies to Roxas

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will fly its brand new Airbus A319 for the first time on June 9, 2006, between Roxas and Manila.

The new aircraft will service the Roxas-Manila route four times weekly. The flight will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The flight departs Manila at 12:25pm arriving Roxas at 1:20pm and leaves Roxas at 1:50pm arriving Manila at 2:45pm.

"Cebu Pacific is committed to the growth of local tourism. As we take delivery of our 7th and 8th brand new Airbus this month and as we start flying the A319 to and from Roxas, we will be increasing our capacity by 36% on the days we operate. This means that we will be able to offer our lowest fares to more and more people," said Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director.

The 150-seater Airbus A319 aircraft is known for its low maintenance and fuel cost efficiency. These operational savings will allow CEB to continue offering its trademark value fares to its customers.

"Our year-round 'Go' fares offering will allow our passengers to travel from Manila to Roxas for as low as P568 one-way. With our low fares and brand new aircraft, we are making it possible for more people to fly. This will certainly help boost local tourism in Roxas and the surrounding areas," she added.

Ms. Iyog also emphasized that the best and easiest way to grab the lowest 'Go' fare is through their website 'Go' fares are available year round -- not promotional – and exclusive of regular surcharges and government tax.

Cebu Pacific’s brand new A319 flies to Puerto Princesa

Cebu Pacific (CEB) flies its brand new Airbus A319 for the first time today, June 8, 2006, between Manila and Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director said, "Cebu Pacific is committed to the growth of local tourism. As we utilize the A319's, our aircraft capacity effectively increases by 36%. This means we will be able to carry more travelers to visit and enjoy the Philippines' last frontier."

The 150-seater Airbus A319 aircraft is known for its low maintenance and fuel cost efficiency. These operational savings allows CEB to continue offering its trademark value fares to its customers.

"Our 'Go' fares offering will allow our passengers to travel from Manila to Puerto Princesa for as low as P568 one-way. We know that Puerto Princesa is one of the country's top summer destinations, but with the airline's low fares and brand new aircraft, we hope to make Puerto Princesa a popular destination all year round," she added.

Ms. Iyog also emphasized that the easiest way to grab the lowest 'Go' fare is through their website 'Go' fares are available year round -- not promotional – and exclusive of regular surcharges and government tax.

CEB's expansion program is well underway as it awaits the delivery of six more brand new Airbus aircraft to complete its re-fleeting program by early 2007. Today, the airline also started flying to their newest destination, Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

Cebu Pacific now flying to LAOAG

Cebu Pacific (CEB) adds another route to its domestic service with its three times weekly service between Manila and Laoag City starting today, June 8, 2006. The Manila- Laoag flight departs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12:25pm arriving Laoag at 1:15pm and departs Laoag at 1:45pm arriving in Manila at 2:35pm.

Lance Gokongwei, CEB President and CEO, said the Manila-Laoag service plays an important part in the airline's vision of making travel a lot more affordable and convenient for both local and foreign travelers. Laoag, the capital of Ilocos Norte, is the province's commercial and industrial hub. The city is known for its pottery, furniture and woven products. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Luzon.

The Manila- Laoag route will be Cebu Pacific's first regular service in Northern Luzon. The airline will utilize its brand-new airbus A319 aircraft with a 150-seating capacity.

"CEB recently offered an introductory Seat Sale of P488 (one-way) to and from Laoag. To support the promotion of domestic tourism, we will continue to offer our trademark low fares as we enter new markets and expand our operations. With these efforts we hope to achieve our vision of making air travel an option for more and more Filipinos," Gokongwei said.

Cebu Pacific flies to Dipolog for only 688 pesos

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare pioneer, will open three times weekly A319 flights to Dipolog City, starting July 13, 2006, for a special introductory fare of only 688 pesos one-way. The Manila-Dipolog service departs Manila every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 11:45am arriving in Dipolog at 1pm and leaves Dipolog at 1:30pm to arrive back in Manila at 2:45pm.

Lance Gokongwei, CEB president and CEO, said the Manila-Dipolog service reinforces the airlines' commitment to strengthen local tourism in the country.

"Dipolog is known for numerous tourist spots like Dakak Beach and Dapitan Bay as well as its sardine industry. It also showcases year-round festivities and presents itself as one of the major trade hubs in Mindanao. And with the recent success of its Biyahe Na Zamboanga Peninsula regional showcase and the Hudyaka Festival, we believe that the 'Orchid City' of the Philippines can become a major gateway for tourism and business in Mindanao," said Gokongwei.

CEB will introduce its Manila-Dipolog (v.v.) service with an introductory Seat Sale of only 688 pesos one-way, almost 77% less than the current airfare to Dipolog. The sale runs from June 15 to 22 only for travel from July 13 to October 19, 2006. After the Seat Sale, the year-round 'Go' fares to Dipolog start at only 868 pesos one-way, still more than 70% less than the current airfare. The 'Go' fares are exclusive of regular surcharges and government tax.

"In line with our vision to make air travel an option for more Filipinos, we are bringing our trademark low fares and brand new Airbus A319 service to Dipolog. We hope that CEB's entry to this market will once again bring down airfares to Dipolog and stimulate travel to this vibrant city because we really believe it's time everyone flies," he added.

"For best availability of our lowest fares, I suggest for everyone to plan their travel ahead of time and book online (,)" he emphasized.s

Cebu Pacific provides online travel solutions for guests

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will make use of Octopus Travel's technology to provide its guests with a one-stop shop for hotel booking, sightseeing tours and private transfers tailored for their individual needs.

The marketing agreement signed with Octopus Travel allows CEB to integrate Octopus' internet-based hotel booking technology into the airline's website ( This allows Cebu Pacific travelers to make real time room reservations in 21,000 hotels and 3,000 apartments in 129 countries. accommodation ranges from budget to five star deluxe hotels and offers discounts of up to 70% off on standard hotel rates.

Lance Gokongwei, CEB president and CEO, said that this partnership will provide Cebu Pacific's guests more travel options and the convenience of booking their hotel requirements and vacations online.

"Our partnership with Octopus Travel reinforces our commitment to make travel more convenient and affordable for our passengers. With CEB's trademark offering of its low fares and Octopus Travel providing the travel solution, we are able to provide our guests more options for their travel needs. This tie-up will not only provide our travelers convenience but it will likewise strengthen the position of CEB as an innovator when it comes to travel," he said.

Cebu Pacific offers P99 Seat Sale

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low-fare leader offers a Seat Sale of P99 to 9 of its domestic destinations for the next 9 days, for travel over a 99 day period.

The P99 Seat Sale is available for the following routes: Manila to Butuan, Zamboanga, Roxas, Cotabato, Laoag, Dipolog and Cebu to Davao. Sale period starts on June 28 to July 6, 2006 and travel date is from July 15 to October 21, 2006.

"With fares this low, it's time every JUAN flies," said Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director. "CEB is dedicated to its vision to make flying an option for more and more Filipinos. We believe that our Seat Sale on top of our year-round low fares will further boost local tourism as we continue to encourage travel during the off peak period," she added.

The P99 one-way fare is for immediate payment upon booking and is exclusive of surcharges and government tax.

Cebu Pacific adds 3rd daily frequency to Hong Kong

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low fare leader, will increase frequency to Hong Kong from 17 to 21 times weekly beginning July 13. The additional frequency will translate to a 3x daily Manila-Hong Kong service for the airline.

The 3rd daily frequency leaves Manila at 7:25 pm, arrives in Hong Kong at 9:25pm and leaves Hong Kong at 10:10pm, arriving back in Manila at 12:10am. The lowest year round 'Go' fare for Manila – Hong Kong starts at P1,999 one way, exclusive of surcharges and government taxes.

"We are excited about adding more flights to Hong Kong because adding a third daily frequency will mean being able to offer our low fares to more people. Since the introduction of our 'Go' fares to Hong Kong in January of this year, we have seen a steady market growth in the sector and we expect this to continue as we offer more seats at the lowest year round fares," said Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director.

To enjoy the biggest discount, Iyog emphasized on planning ahead and booking in advance. "It's never too early to book your flight and the best way to get the lowest 'Go' fares is still through our website (," she added.

Cebu Pacific’s brand new A319 flies to Dumaguete

Cebu Pacific (CEB) flies its brand new Airbus A319 for the first time today, July 3, 2006, between Manila and Dumaguete.

Cebu Pacific flies to Dumaguete City daily. The flight leaves Manila at 12:25pm arriving in Dumaguete at 1:40pm and leaves Dumaguete at 2:10pm arriving in Manila at 3:25pm.

"We are excited to fly our brand new Airbus A319 to Dumaguete because we believe that it's a market where travel can be easily stimulated with our year-round low fares. This is great news to all guests who are traveling for business or pleasure. Flying the A319 effectively increases our capacity by 36% which means that we will be able to carry more guests to Dumaguete and its nearby towns," Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director said.

The 150-seater Airbus A319 aircraft is known for its low maintenance and fuel cost efficiency. These operational savings allows CEB to continue offering its trademark low fares to its customers.

"Our lowest permanent 'Go' fare to Dumaguete is only P568 one-way. It's always been our vision to make flying an option for more Filipinos so now with our lowest fares and our brand new aircraft we believe it's time every JUAN flies," she added.

The easiest way to grab the lowest 'Go' fare is through CEB's website The 'Go' fares are exclusive of surcharges and government tax.

Cebu Pacific achieves record market share of more than 41%

Cebu Pacific (CEB), the country's low fare leader, registered a record high domestic market share of more than 41% for the month of June. The market share figure relates to all competitive domestic jet markets and is the highest level ever reported in the more than 10 year history of the airline.

Historically June is a lean travel month but CEB also reported a load factor of more than 79% for the same period carrying 65% more domestic passengers in June 2006 than in June 2005. CEB market share for June 2005 was 31%.

The steady growth in market share and load factor can be attributed to the more aggressive pricing strategy that the airline has adopted, starting with the launch of its 'Go' fares in November 2005. CEB also offered 10 peso and 1 peso promo fares in March 2006. CEB had a further 2 Airbus A319 aircraft join its fleet in June replacing retiring DC9 aircraft. By the end of July CEB will be operating an all Airbus fleet and it will have the youngest fleet in the Philippines and one of the youngest in Asia.

"Cebu Pacific has always been committed to serve the Filipino. Our vision is to make it possible for every Juan to fly by offering the lowest fares possible to wherever Cebu Pacific operates. And now with our brand new, bigger Airbus planes, we will be able to offer more seats at lower fares to the public," Lance Y. Gokongwei, CEB President and CEO said.

He continued, "We are very much encouraged by the growth in traffic since the introduction of 'Go' fares and the various seat sales because we see that domestic tourism can be stimulated even during the lean season. Very importantly this also means that we as a country can develop tourism to become a year-round industry."

Cebu Pacific now flying to Dipolog

Cebu Pacific (CEB) adds another route to its domestic service with its three times weekly service between Manila and Dipolog City starting today, July 13, 2006.

The Manila-Dipolog service departs Manila every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 11:45am, arriving in Dipolog at 1pm and leaves Dipolog at 1:30pm to arrive back in Manila at 2:45pm.

Candice Iyog, CEB's marketing director, said that their Manila-Dipolog service reinforces the airlines' commitment to strengthen local tourism in the country.

"Dipolog is known for its sardine industry and numerous tourist spots like the Linabo Peak, Sungkilaw falls, Cogon Jungle and the renowned Dakak Beach Resort which is located in the nearby city of Dapitan. It also showcases year-round festivities and presents itself as one of the major trade hubs in Mindanao. With the recent success of its Biyahe Na Zamboanga Peninsula regional showcase and the Hudyaka Festival, we believe that the "Bottled Sardine Capital" of the Philippines can become a major gateway for tourism and business in Mindanao," said Iyog.

The Manila – Dipolog route will be serviced by the CEB's brand-new Airbus A319 aircraft with a 150-seating capacity.

Cebu Pacific flies brand new A319 to Cotabato

Cebu Pacific (CEB) flies its brand new Airbus A319 to Cotabato for the first time today, July 14, 2006. The new aircraft will service the Manila-Cotabato route every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, leaving Manila at 11:45am, arriving in Cotabato at 1:20pm, and leaving Cotabato at 1:50pm to arrive back in Manila at 3:25pm.

"CEB is dedicated to the development and growth of local tourism. Our vision is to make travel more affordable for every Filipino or for every "Juan". And to realize this vision, Cebu Pacific started its re-fleeting program last year and has since then taken delivery of 9 brand new Airbus planes. With our new and more fuel efficient planes we will be able to offer year-round low fares, not to mention the comfort and feel of flying in a new aircraft." Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director said.

The 150-seater Airbus A319 aircraft is known for its low maintenance and fuel cost efficiency. These operational savings allows CEB to continue offering its trademark value fares to its customers.

"Our lowest 'Go' fare to Cotabato starts at P868 only for one-way travel. This is the lowest regular fare to Cotabato in the market today. We are confident that our year-round low fare offering will help stimulate more traffic to Cotabato and the region, and will help contribute to its development in terms of business and tourism," Iyog added.

Cebu Pacific adds flights to Cagayan de Oro, Tacloban and Tagbilaran

Cebu Pacific adds flights to Cagayan de Oro, Tacloban and Tagbilaran to meet demand

Cebu Pacific (CEB) has announced that it will add one flight each to its Manila-Tacloban, Tagbilaran and Cagayan de Oro routes to meet the increasing demand of passengers availing of the airline's 'Go' fares.

Starting August 17, 2006, CEB's service will rise from 14 to 21 flights weekly for Manila-Tacloban and Cagayan de Oro, while Manila-Tagbilaran will increase from 7 to 14 flights weekly.

This comes after the airline introduced its reduced 'Go' fares last June 2, 2006, where the lowest 'Go' fares were brought down by as much as 43%. Lowest 'Go' fares start at P568 for Manila-Tacloban and Tagbilaran and P868 for Manila-Cagayan de Oro. The 'Go' fares are exclusive of surcharges and government taxes.

"Since the introduction of our 'Go' fares, we have seen the steady growth in our passenger numbers not only during peak but even more so during the lean season. This is evident with our 41% market share for the month of June. With the additional daily frequency to Cagayan de Oro, Tacloban and Tagbilaran we will be able to offer more seats at the lowest fares which also means further stimulation of travel for these destinations." Candice Iyog, CEB marketing director said

Retired Major General Jovito Palparan Jr.

NOW, retired army general's war has gone into the legislative houses.

Stressing he despises anti-development legislators occupying sensitive positions in government enough to derail progress, the man maligned to be called "berdugo" intends to rise into the Senate while putting up a watch group to balance the same threat in Congress.

Retired Major General Jovito Palparan Jr., the nemesis of insurgents, activists and leftists now thrusts Bantay, a sectoral representative group committed to balance the threat of anti-development agents tilting the precarious balance for the real anti-development solons.

Elevating his anti-insurgency campaign after he laid down arms in his retirement, Maj. Gen. Palparan said he faced left-leaning partylist representatives then and would follow them in the Senate to uncovers their real desire to stall or totally shoot down development.

Development would be bad to them because with development, there is progress and issues gainst poverty would be useless, so they would not want that to happen, he pressed during a rare interview. 

To equalize this threat, Maj. Gen Palparan posts his group Bantay, a sector who has been active in the counter-insurgency fight.

I would count on the support from the police, military, barangay tanods, peace loving groups and support groups who have benefited from the peace as an product of our efforts, he said.

Palparan, who had successful stints as commanding general for army's 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions admits his quixotic role against insurgency has reaped for him national and international indignation instead of medals.

The fear that people get when they hear his name may have been an effect of what he called as insurgency as a psychological war.

Evrytime he finishes his tour of duty, he also flushes insurgency or disperses them to nearby safer regions. 

During the interview with the Cagayan de Oro born retired warrior who has reaped so much criticisms and monikers ranging from the torturer to the butcher hinted that all the "insinuations may be products of a psychological war."

"If all they said were true, how could I get as many votes to put me up as partylist representative in areas of my previous assignments," he asked. (PIA)

Automated Election in the Philippines

NOTWITHSTANDING the minute problems with the country's preparation for its first automated elections, Bohol Commission of Election (Comelec) Supervisor and lawyer Eliseo Labaria is confident lights still a green.

Speaking at the weekly Kapihan sa PIA, Atty. Labaria said that apart from nearly half of the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (PCOS) to be delivered yet and the trainings for technicians delayed, the move to fully automate the country's electoral system is in full steam.

The historic move to change from the manual to automated system will hasten the process and assure us credible results eliminating the insinuations of fraud, he claimed.

According to research, the longest time for national manual elections to declare a winner was 42 days whereas in the automation, winners are declared quickly as the transmission of results are done automatically.

Erasing all doubts about a bug or a program error, the poll office top man said in requests of recall, the local authorities can proceed to manually count the ballots, if there are questions about the electronic counting.

He said the PCOS copies the ballots optically and stores them in the PCOS databanks so a digital counting can be facilitated.

Over the threats of power outage, Atty. Labaria revealed that the PCOS come with a backup power through a battery that can last from 12 to 14 hours, more than sufficient to cover for the 11-hour voting and counting time it would need for the automated elections in the precincts.

"That provision is for areas where there are no power connections and electricity," he stressed.

By February, Atty Labaria said, local COMELEC would start the trainings and the information dissemination in Bohol.

He also assured voters and the teachers who would handle their poll duty that the PCOS would be very user friendly and easy to use even as he said interest groups have already tied up with them to help in the information campaign.

Pending the COMELEC guidelines, information officer Juvenal Beniga also assures that they would put up the usual aired information drives at the Comelec Hour on Bohols top radios. (PIA)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Burial and Wake of Cerge Remonde

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visited the wake of the late Press Secretary Cerge Remonde at 4:32 a.m. Wednesday at the chapel of Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig City.

The President, who stayed for more than 30 minutes, condoled with Remonde's wife, Marit.

She recalled the numerous happy moments she had with the late head of the Office of the Press Secretary (OPS), especially his birthday party in Hong Kong last December which the Chief Executive attended.

President Arroyo said Remonde's death is a great loss to her Cabinet.

For their part, Senators Loren Legarda and Manuel Villar recognized Remonde's dedication and honesty in the performance of his job.

Legarda said she was saddened by the loss of a good person and friend.

She described Remonde as a true and hardworking public servant.

Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal said the demise of Remonde is a big loss for the Cebuanos, especially to the local media.

Vidal cited Remonde's huge contributions to Cebu, foremost of which are government projects.

Militant groups Bayan Muna, Gabriela, Anakpawis and Kabataan Party-List also condoled with the Remonde family.

Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo said they have no grudge against Remonde as a Malacanang official because he was just doing his job.

House Deputy Minority Leader Roilo Golez said Remonde is a great loss to President Arroyo as he noted that the late Press secretary had given his unconditional loyalty to the Chief Executive.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said President Arroyo has designated Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Director General Conrado A. Limcaoco Jr. as acting Press Secretary while she is looking for Remonde's replacement.

Ermita said he believed Secretary Limcaoco can effectively do his job as "he is not new to the media."

Remonde's remains are scheduled to be brought to Malacanang Thursday, and would be flown to Cebu City on Friday. Burial was set on January 24 in his hometown of Argao. 

Negros Oriental Media Mourns for Cerge Remonde

Members of the local media in Negros Oriental mourn the untimely death of Press Secretary Cerge Remonde.

The late Secretary Remonde was declared dead 11:51 a.m. Tuesday at the Makati Medical Center after he succumbed to heart attack. He was 51.

The publisher of Metropost and local NBN chief Alex Pal said "Cerge" as he was fondly known to many was a very good and vital asset in the Arroyo administration. He was a friend to all journalists and he did a very good job as press secretary and in his previous other assignments.

Kapisanan ng Mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP)-Negros Oriental chapter president Roy Bustillo said Remonde's death is a big loss to the industry as he is called the Big Bro of the KBP and the media.

"A very approachable and humble secretary. He is the best press secretary so far in the country. Journalists in the Philippines would surely miss him," he said.

"A big loss not just to government but to the media as well. He was somebody we in the media and Visayans should be proud of," said Dumaguete Bureau Chief of the Philippines News Agency, Mary Judaline Flores-Partlow.

Remonde traced his roots to Argao in nearby Cebu province.

A press statement released by the Dumaguete Press Club Inc. through the chairman emiritus and owner/publisher of Negros Chronicle and DYEM-FM Ely Dejaresco said the passing of Press Sec. Remonde, a true blue Cebuano, has never come so untimely as when he left at a time when he was most needed not only by the President but by the nation. He died with his boots on, during the thick of the election season.

Remonde was just seen in full attendance to Sunday's Sinulog de Cebu. Most mediamen in Cebu were surprised to see Remonde in almost all Sinulog activities in Cebu and even met with Cebuano media and gave them black t-shirts as souvenir from the Office of the Press Secretary, the statement said.

Known as the golden boy of Malacañang, Press Sec. Remonde was the trusted media propagator of Malacañang who precisely would know how and when to answer issues, which are raised for or against the administration.

He was the dream of any president as press secretary because Remonde was himself a practicing journalist and broadcaster who was easily able to blend into the media psyche.

His last great stand for the administration was when he stepped out of the gates of Malacañang to meet journalists who were protesting the Maguindanao massacre. Remonde was there both to defend the administration and empathized with the cause of media, the Dumaguete Press Club statement said.

He was long time president and chairman of the national KBP and that was how he was able to gain foothold and goodwill from the print and broadcast industry.

Admittedly, media is the hardest industry to organize. But for almost one decade as KBP chairman, Remonde was able to stand tall in upholding the tenets of a true broadcaster and journalist, the statement further said.

Remonde has virtually become an instant icon in the government and private media, both in upholding as well as maintaining a balanced press secretariat and even before as a private broadcaster and labor-oriented radio commentator who has given the journalism profession a mighty booster in gaining a high sense of moral duty and dedication to the service of the people, the statement added. (PNA) 

Pampanga Media Mourns for Cerge Remonde

Capampangan media practitioners on Wednesday expressed sadness over the sudden demise of Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, even as they inducted their incoming new set of officers.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, dressed in black, inducted the eight officers and seven directors of the Capampangan in Media Inc. (CAMI) at the Holiday Inn Hotel here this morning.

"We extend our condolences to the family of Cerge. We also condole with the President for the loss of one of her most devoted assistants," said Crispulo "Jun" Icban Jr., chief editor of the Manila Bulletin and chairman of CAMI.

"We will surely miss Cerge for his professionalism, industry and humility. We will miss him as friend and brother in the profession," said Philippine Star columnist and CAMI president Federico "Dick" Pascual Jr.

Aside from Icban and Pascual, the other inductees were DZXQ anchorman Ernesto "Ernie" Tolentino (CAMI vice president for Metro Manila); Manila Bulletin correspondent and Sunstar Pampanga columnist Fred Roxas (CAMI vice president for the provinces); Philippine Graphic senior writer Jose "Joe" Cortez (Secretary); Business Mirror chief news editor Dionisio "Nonnie" Pelayo (Treasurer); and LUB Banner chief editor Ashley Jay Manabat (Auditor).

Inducted as CAMI directors were Pilipino Star Ngayon editor-in-chief Al Pedroche; Philippine Broadcasting Service Radyo ng Bayan director John Manalili; Philippines News Agency (PNA) General Manager and News and Information Bureau Director III Vittorio "Vot" Vitug; Tony Lozano, in-charge of the Senate media; Virgilio "Vet" Vitug of North Luzon Railways Corp.; former PNA managing editor Jake Espino; and NOW columnist Willie Capulong.

Formed in 2005, Pascual said CAMI acts whenever press freedom is threatened, helps raise the competence and professionalism in the industry, and looks after the welfare of mediamen from Pampanga.

The President was accompanied by Acting Press Secretary Conrado "Dodie" Limcaoco Jr. and Press Undersecretary Romeo "Butch" Junia. (PNA)