Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Vote for Richard Gordon and Bayani Fernando?

Strong character, make a strong man with strong conviction and strong will; and as a leader, he will build a strong organization. Therefore when elected President he will build a strong Country. To be a strong Country, it must have a vibrant economy, hard working people and productive citizens with highly active business acumen. That is the goal of Epic Ventures, a group composed of strong willed members deciding to join forces to make the Philippine an economic tiger.
If you believe in these principle, join us in support the rise of strongmen who will lead us to the summit, the goal and the rightful place to put our country among the great nations on earth. Vote the leaders who possess the iron will, experienced Executives, a turn-around-savvy leaders to transform the Philippines out from the pit we are now in.
Most of the political promises are jokes, we can no longer afford to put our votes to the promises in the weak basket; it will comes out as soon as promises reaches you ears. Political promises are uttered in the wind, not intended to fulfill them, just a political words to get your voted counted on their favors.
Let our force be solid, solidly behind the Iron Will, the doers and transformers; because our country needs to turn around. Lets go for Dick Gordon for President and Bayani Fernando for Vice President!
posted by Paul Dalde

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