Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bohol Politician Framed Up?

A string report run by a national daily paper could put any one of the 28 Boholano candidates for Board members (BM) at ill ease: one among them is under probe for alleged links to illegal drug trade.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, in reports has bared one Boholano BM candidate as among the six candidates in Western Visayas and two in Central Visayas with alleged links with drug personalities.

The report cited the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) confirming that six candidates in Western Visayas eye various posts in government while two more candidates in Central Visayas running for public posts have links with drug personalities and groups.

PDEA Central Visayas regional director Randy Pedroso also revealed that two local candidates, one in Cebu and another in Bohol, were also being investigated for their alleged links to the illegal drug trade, the same report said.

He however admitted that the government agents are still heaping up evidence to support a case, should one be filed against any one.

Pedroso said that the Cebuano under investigation is a candidate for councilor in Cebu City.

Meanwhile, the un-named candidate for board member in Bohol is similarly under the narcotics agent's scopes.

Both candidates accordingly have a history of arrests due to their involvement in illegal drugs.

PDEA did not also identify if the alleged personalities were men or women.

Over these reports, about twenty three male candidates and women candidates in Bohol's three districts may be into an uncomfortable position.
The drug trade has become lucrative that drug dealers have shifted to narco-politics to protect their interests.
The US State Department has also said drug money may affect the upcoming Philippine elections in May 2010.  

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