Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mindanao-Based Magazine

25 years after People Power 1
February is 25 years after People Power I. As we, the older ones in MindaNews, know, the most number of human rights violations under the Marcos dictatorship was in Mindanao. Some of those who fought the dictatorship are dead (so many of them Mindanawons -- some Manila-born like Edgar Jopson and Emman Lacaba were killed in Mindanao, some lived to see the day but died in the 1990s or 2000s (e.g. Larry Ilagan, Benjie de Vera, Rey Teves), some are still alive but tired, retired, etc...
What did we in Mindanao do to get rid of the dictatorship?
Who were these people who sacrificed their lives, their supposedly lucrative practices whether in law, medicine, business, etc... to go against the dictatorship (armed or unarmed). They should be remembered. We should remember what they did. We owe our freedom to them.

37 years after the burning of Jolo
February 7, 1974, Jolo burned. Who did it, both the military and the MNLF blame each other. No one has seen photographs of the burning but there are existing photographs and I've asked permission -- about two years ago na -- to use them for publication.
(we got the file! done last saturday!)

Balemtayms Mindanao style
a. Christian-Muslim wedding. Forty one years of the Mastura couple. Germelina Lacorte

b. Lumad wedding. Boy Mordeno
c. Tri-people marriage. Froilan Gallardo