Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pitbull Scandal in Laguna, Philippines Busted

At least 25 of the pitbulls rescued last week from an online
dog-fighting racket operated by South Korean nationals here were put
down Tuesday, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on
Wednesday said.

Dr. Wilford Almoro of the PAWS, a charity that rescues and
rehabilitates abused animals, said the remaining dogs numbering 215
rescued by police from a farm in this city, about 86 kilometers south
of Manila, could end up being put down unless concerned individuals
volunteer to adopt them, and nursed them back to health.

Almoro said most of the dogs are weakened by dehydration and poor
nutrition, and many of those that were destroyed had serious injuries,
adding the condition of the remaining dogs could worsen in the coming
days if no one will extend the much needed assistance.

He said some of the dogs have unhealed wounds, and most of them have
scars inflicted by the other dogs during dog fights.

Almoro told reporters the physical rehabilitation for all the animals
would cost P3.34 million and would need immediate treatment to correct
their aggressive behavior.

Last May 31, joint elements of the Criminal Investigation and
Detection Unit and the local police here raided the four-hectare farm
here, and arrested 12 people, including eight South Koreans tagged as
operators of the illegal dog fights streamed live on the Internet to
both local and foreign spectators who placed bets.

In that raid, authorities discovered the dogs had been kept in
abominable conditions, tied up with chains, in an orchard hidden from
view by high walls of sheet metal, Almoro said.

He said the dogs were constantly exposed to pain, trauma, and deep
wounds. Due to their condition, many of them are exposed to infection
if they remain there. However, having them adopted is easier said than
done, because you might not be sure if you are handing them over to
people who could really take care of their health.

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