Monday, April 9, 2012

School for Philippine Gifted Childen

The Department of Education has increased the budget allocation for
Special Education (SPED) centers in the elementary level all over the
country by more than 50 percent to enable public schools to properly
respond to the needs of gifted children and those with learning

Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro said that from P115 million last
year, the government has increased the budget subsidy to P180 million,
up by 56 percent. The number of SPED centers operated by DepEd also
increased from 276 in School Year 2011-2012 to 345 in School Year

"We believe that special learners deserve special attention and
specialized learning tools, thus the increase in funding support,"
Luistro explained.

The financial subsidy amounting to P500,000 per SPED center will
sustain the implementation of SPED programs, projects, and activities.

DepEd has also allocated P42,000 per division and P40,000 per region
to monitor the implementation of programs for children with special
needs as well as keep track of the efficient utilization of SPED

The grant subsidy is intended for pupil development activities such as
training, educational visits, camp activities, sports and pupil
participation in SPED-related events.

It is also allotted to procure instructional and reference material,
psychological and other assessment tools, early intervention
materials, supplies for the transition program, manipulative materials
for the gifted/talented and those with disabilities.

Certain amount is also earmarked for the professional upgrading of
teachers, school heads, and supervisors, including travel expenses
relative to their participation and attendance in activities relevant
to the implementation of the program.

Luistro also said the instructional materials to be procured for
gifted children should be over and above those already included in the
regular program.

The instructional materials should likewise be able to develop the
gifted child's intellectual abilities and talents in the arts and
sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and communications.

The instructional materials shall also be technology-based, requiring
the use of electronic equipment which include but is not limited to
software programs, video discs, optical discs, video and audio tapes.

Luistro said that DepEd shall closely monitor the optimum utilization
of funds at all levels.

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