Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Bar Exams in UST Manila in Philippines

By Perfecto T. Raymundo Jr.

A total of 5,686 law graduates are set to take the 2012 Bar examinations to be held on four Sundays of this month (Oct. 7, 14, 21, and 28) at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) along Espana Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Martin S. Villarama Jr. is the chairperson of the 2012 Bar examinations committee.

Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confidant Atty. Ma. Cristina B. Layusa said that of the total 5,710 petitions to take the Bar exams, five were denied and 19 withdrawn, reducing the number of Bar examinees to 5,686.

Layusa said this year's Bar examinations is back to the original schedule where there will be two exams of the eight Bar examination subjects per Sunday, unlike last year where the coverage of the Bar examinations was drawn up by topics and sub-topics rather than by simply stating the covered subject.

She said each exam would consist of a multiple choice question (MCQ) portion and an essay exam portion.

The MCQ portion would have a weight of 60 percent, while the essay exam part will have a weight of 40 percent.

There will also be a performance test (trial memorandum) in the afternoon of the last Sunday.

Layusa added that Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim issued Executive Order No. 32 prohibiting the sale and distribution of beer and other intoxicating liquor on the four Sundays of October around the perimeter walls of UST.

The said EO provides that "no store, restaurant, eatery, café or any eating places or ambulant vendors shall be allowed to sell, peddle or offer for drink to any person intoxicating beverages, such as: beer, liquors, wines, and the like between the hours of 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. within 200 meters from the perimeter walls of UST along España Blvd., Lacson Ave. (formerly Gov. Forbes), Dapitan St. and P. Noval St."

It also provides that any violation of its provisions shall have the penalty of a "fine not to exceed P200 or by imprisonment for not more than six months or both in the discretion of the court."

The 2012 Bar examinations will be conducted as follows: first day (Oct. 7): Political Law (morning) and Labor and Social Legislation (afternoon); second day (Oct. 14): CivilLaw (morning) and Taxation (afternoon); third day (Oct. 21): Mercantile Law (morning) and Criminal Law (afternoon); fourth day (Oct. 28): Remedial Law (morning) and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises (afternoon).

The Rules of Court provide that "a candidate may be deemed to have passed his examination successfully if he hasobtained a general average of 75%."

The rule disqualifying applicants having grades in any subject falling below 50 percent has been abolished since 2010, Layusa said.

In determining the average, subjects in the examinations are given the following relative weights: Political and International Law, 15%; Labor and Social Legislation, 10%; Civil Law, 15%; Taxation, 10%; Mercantile Law, 15%; CriminalLaw, 10%; Remedial Law, 20%; and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises, 5%, for a total of 100%.

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