Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Can a Jobless Filipino Become an SSS Member?

Coverage of Self-Employed Members of Philippine SSS

A self-employed person, regardless of trade, business or occupation, with an income of at least P1,000 a month and not over 60 years old, should register with the SSS. Included, but not limited to are the following self-employed persons.

a. self-employed professionals;
b. business partners, single proprietors and board directors;
c. actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and news reporters who are not under an employer-employee relationship;
d. professional athletes, coaches, trainers and jockeys;
e. farmers and fisherfolks; and
f. workers in the informal sector such as cigarette vendors, watch-your-car boys, hospitality girls, among others.

Explanation: So, even if you don't have a job but you have an income somewhere else and you can pay the monthly premium of SSS contribution, you can sign up and become a member of SSS under the category of "self-employed". What are you waiting for? Prepare for your future. Apply and get your SSS membership in the nearest SSS office in your place.

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