Friday, February 1, 2013

Google Opens Office in Philippines

Google Inc. will open a new branch in the Philippines to improve its services to its Filipino users.

The country has a growing 33 million internet users that is like to double after three years.

Google wants to take this opportunity to improve its services to the country and aid in the growth of Philippine businesses locally and globally.

"This new office will allow us to better engage with our local users, partners and advertisers. Over 33 million Filipinos access the Internet regularly to study, shop, search for ideas, opportunities create new businesses and connect to each other," said Julian Persaud, Managing Director of Google Inc.

Last year, Google partnered with the Dept. of Education (DepEd) for the project titled "Google Apps for Education" connecting 600,000 educators around the country using a common e-mail, chat and calendar.

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