Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Smart PLDT Offers LTE OK Internet Connection

Smart Communications Inc. has laid out enough fiber optic cables the past six months as to have tripled its original coverage in several places around Metro Manila.

The effort has to do with laying fiber optic cables needed for the delivery of so-called fourth-generation or 4G communication services alternately known as Long Term Evolution or LTE.

Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services head Lloyd Manaloto said with the expanded LTE coverage, the telco "expects a surge in LTE usage in the coming weeks."

Smart has thus far laid fiber optic cables to 773 malls, restaurant bars, clinics, salons and recreational areas around Metro Manila, a development seen to accelerate the sale of LTE-enabled devices.

"The expansion of Smart LTE's coverage comes at an opportune time because of the introduction of very popular LTE-enabled gadgets. In fact, a number of these have already been sold locally over the holidays," Manaloto said.

PLDT head of public affairs also said its offices in La Union and in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte have given more than enough time for rival Globe Telecom to remove its fiber optic cables installed on PLDT poles and overhead cables without PLDT consent.

"Despite repeated notices since December last year, Globe's contractors continued to install FOC equipment on facilities of PLDT and Smart Communications without our knowledge and consent. We have been compelled to act because these may affect the operations of our own facilities," Isberto said.

He said Globe was given until January 25 to remove the unauthorized installations.

"If no action was taken by Globe contractors, PLDT will be constrained to remove the illegal connections and charge Globe for the cost of the removal and other damages that may be incurred by our facilities in the process," Isberto said.

PLDT and Smart personnel have found Globe FOC facilities attached to PLDT or Smart poles and lines in various points such as Sudipen and Bangar, La Union, and, in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. "It is unfortunate that the services of PLDT, Smart and Globe may be affected due to the apparent disregard of Globe's contractors of standard legal and safety procedures," Isberto said.

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