Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Batangas City’s Office of the City Veterinary and Agricultural Services

Batangas City's Office of the City Veterinary and Agricultural Services (OCVAS) conducted various livelihood training seminars that contributed to the surge of various small, micro and medium entrepreneurship and occupations among the barangay folks here.

The OCVAS home extension division led the skills training and capability-building sessions on meat processing, soap-making, perfume-making, cosmetology, sewing, cooking and food preservation.

The training seminars are conducted yearly under the auspices of the OCVAS and have benefited hundreds of city folks here.

The Batangas City agri-training hosts remarked that the livelihood programs are aimed for the job hunters and those seeking employment or upgrading their skills.

The training package also benefits wage earners who wish to earn extra income and those who venture into home industry small and micro-businesses.

OCVAS officials also explained that the training program targets the household mothers, meager-income breadwinners and out-of-school youths who need gainful employment.

Sarah Alea, a food preservation graduate, thanked the OCVAS livelihood training program proponents for helping her put up her own small business on shrimps paste preservation and "siomai" products.

She disclosed that the extra income derived from her small business sustains her children's education and defrayed their family's daily expenses.

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