Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daily Brownout in Zamboanga

The Anti-Carnapping Unit of the local police force noted an upsurge in motorcycle robbery incidents because of the eight to 10 hours of daily blackout in Zamboanga.

Unit Chief Senior Inspector Raymond Samson said 13 motorcycles were stolen or taken by force last month.

He also said that for the first half of this month, 10 motorcycles were also stolen.

The common element in the loss of these motorcycles was the absence of electricity where the motorcycles were parked.

In some cases motorcyclists driving along dark streets were blocked by armed men who then took the motorcycles by force.

Some motorcycle riders were shot and killed when they refused to yield their motorcycles.

In some other cases, motorcycle robbers contracted "habal habal" (motorcycle for hire) drivers to ferry them home in the night.

And when they drove by dark, unlighted areas, robbers either pushed the driver off the motorcycle, stabbed him in the back, or worse, shot from behind. The robber/killer then drove away with the unit.

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