Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pag-ibig Online Housing Loan Application System

The Pag-IBIG Fund recently launched its Online Housing Loan Application System enabling members needing home financing to file their housing loan application with the Fund online.

And members here welcomed the latest Funds member's benefit services as user-friendly as they file past the computer-generated on-line facility at its branch here in the Halang commercial row along the National Highway.

"Applicants filing their housing loan application through our online facility will have a special lane in our branch offices and will be given priority over walk-in applicants," said Pag-IBIG president and chief executive officer lawyer Darlene Marie Berberabe.

Online filing of housing loan applications requires the Pag-IBIG Membership Identification (MID) Number or Registration Tracking Number (RTN) or the Temporary Identification of the member-applicant for log-in and security purposes.

Pag-IBIG members without the MID number yet can still get this by visiting the e-services section of the Fund website and follow the steps in the online membership registration.

The online housing loan application system assigns a unique reference number known as the Housing Loan Application Tracking Number.

Atty. Berberabe added: "What's great with this online facility is that the member-applicant can choose the date when to submit the required documents at his/her chosen branch office."

The Pag-IBIG top lady executive expressed that future versions will enable the member-applicant to choose the date and time of their submission, similar to the passport scheduling system of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Online Housing Loan Application System facilitates the sending of email and SMS notification to confirm receipt of submitted housing loan application and to remind member-applicants their appointment date.

However, applicants with incomplete details will be reminded to update through the Online Membership Registration before he/she can continue with the online filing.

Berberabe reminds prospective online applicants that they have to be ready with their information as to their loan purpose, mode of payment, desired loan term, and desired fixed pricing period.

She also advised member clients to provide their email address, cellphone number, home-ownership, years of stay in present home address, occupation, years in employment or business, number of dependents, gross monthly income, and their preferred Pag-IBIG office where application will be submitted.

The new system schedules a maximum of ten applicants per day.

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