Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reorientation training for farmer-groups

To ensure government projects are properly used according to its purpose, the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Central Mindanao have provided reorientation training for farmer-groups identified to receive multi-purpose drying pavements (MPDPs) on the mechanics of project implementation.

Provision of MPDPs or solar dryers is under the Agri-Pinoy Rice Program's, Post-harvest Facility Component.

The MPDP, which measures 15 m x 28 m x 0.10 m (4 inches thick) are implemented among rice areas in the region with their registered irrigators or farmers' associations.

DA is allocating P160,000 per unit of MPDP.

Multi-Purpose Drying Pavement is a solar dryer where farmers can dry various agricultural crops such as rice and corn.

Ray Embajador, DA 12 Agri-Pinoy Rice Program focal person, reminded the recipients to complete all the necessary documents required for the project.

As recipients, they should guarantee a total area of 420 square meters where the pavement will be constructed shall be owned by the farmers/irrigators' association.

The recipients should also shoulder the site development expenses like land filling, clearing, leveling, compacting and fencing of the area.

Emabajador said recipients are discouraged from introducing modifications of any structure on the pavement to serve its purpose of boosting rice production of IAs.

Before the start of the construction of the project, the recipients are urged to take photos of the area, its ongoing construction and even completion of the project for comprehensive documentation.

Since the project is under reimbursement basis, the recipients will temporarily utilize their own funds and will later be refunded by the regional field office after liquidation process has been done.

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