Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stories About Journalists

From Eye Opener Column in Sunday Post

Stories about journalists antedated story
There quite some stories about newspapermen and every now and then they cropped up.

At one time, we were publishing a newspaper in Bohol which was printed in Cebu City.

The then Amable Aquiluz, auditor general, the forerunner of the AMA group of schools was supposed  to be  the graduation speaker of the Bohol School of Arts and Trades .

Anxious to get his speaking engagement in the newspaper which was coming out on a Sunday, I wrote the news probably estimating that he would be citing the role of vocational education in nation development. 

I met to  him on Sunday morning in Cebu City while we were bringing the newspapers to Bohol for distribution  on a Sunday. I proudly told him Mr. Aguiluz, your speaking engagement which was scheduled on a Saturday came out on the Sunday's issue. His curt reply what news, I am still going to Bohol to deliver the speech. It turned out he had a last minute postponement due to an urgent engagement.

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