Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Visit OK Bicol Showroom

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) regional office in Bicol is set to launch the "Orgulyo Kan Bikol" (OK Bikol) on December 5, which will showcase all available possible products in the region.

Regional director Jocelyn Blanco said the idea of establishing a permanent showroom will serve as venue for possible buyers for new introduced local products.

"We will refer prospective buyers to our local producers," Blanco said.

The launching of OK Bikol showroom will coincide with the Exporter's Week celebration.

Blanco also said that new innovative indigenous products will also be introduced in the market. "The introduction of new products will help promote the Orgulyo Kan Bikol not only in terms of trade and industry but tourism as well."

Director Blanco added that association of exporters in the region have agreed to make their local products more attractive and competitive. "Our goal is to strengthen our business industry in the region to cope up with the economic crisis." - PNA

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