Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cases of Murdered Filipino Journalists

The National Press Club (NPC) will now be able to monitor cases involving the slay of media personalities.

This came after a recent memorandum of agreement (MOA) signed between the Department of Justice (DOJ)'s Task Force 211head Ricardo Blancaflor or the working group head tasked to look into extra-judicial killings and NPC President Roy Mabasa.

According to Blancaflor, through Task Force 211's "Bantay Katarungan" program, the NPC received the exclusive right to monitor cases of killing of newsmen and it is now the NPC's task to monitor the status of the above-mentioned cases.

He added that all assistance will be provided to the NPC to see it that the cases reach a successful conclusion.

Under the agreement, accredited volunteers will personally attend the scheduled hearings of cases being monitored, apprise themselves of the proceedings and record incidents that transpire in the cases they are assigned to.