Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stop The Hate has just uncovered a shameful attack against the loving Filipino people and the Philippines itself.

There is nothing more hurting than being misunderstood as a Filipino or a Filipina wherever you are now in the world. We all know that many economies of other countries will collapse without the dirty hands and loving hearts of the Filipino workers who work day and night from hospitals, caregiver homes, construction sites, and in almost all sectors and industries of society in any country of the globe.

Sad to say that a British novelist, who was born in Hong Kong, by the name of Timothy Mo, has totally disregarded human sensitivity and lambasted the very core of Filipino patriotism by calling the Filipinos, in a way, garbage race, useless people in the world.

In the 2007 edition of Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, the editors of Microsoft Encyclopedia unabashedly quoted Timothy Mo in the encyclopedia edition and in subsequent editions.

We appeal to Bill Gates of Microsoft Encyclopedia to remove this quote, which, to the minds and hearts of the Filipino people, an unthinkable, horrible, terrifying insult to the Philippine government and to our Filipino citizens.

We appeal to Timothy Mo to issue a public apology for saying that the Philippines's major source of income is "exporting prostitutes to Japan and Lagos." We have no idea where Lagos is, Mr. Mo.

If you are a Filipino or an expat in the Philippines or a human being reading this message, please help restore the image of the Filipino people all over the world by FORWARDING this message to all your e-mail contacts now. Here's the  statement of Mo.

"Their major commodity was...people. They exported people—domestic servants to Kuwait, prostitutes to Japan and Lagos, nurses to Dubai, tailors to Jeddah, construction workers to Iraq." Timothy Mo (1950 - ) 
If you really care about the Philippines and the Filipino people, you will FORWARD this email to all your e-mail contacts. Thank you for saving the Philippines from great shame.