Friday, March 28, 2008

Insure Public Liability Over Accidents

At least two Visayan congressmen said they'd jointly sponsor the enactment of a law that will insure public liability over "accidents" in the course of operations of businesses in the country.

The Central Visayas (CV) Regional Development Council, (RDC) through its Development Administration Committee (DAC) had earlier recommended that CV representatives jointly author the bill.

Congressmen Edgar Chatto (Bohol I) and Pablo Garcia (Cebu II) successively declared their intent of sponsoring its enactment to Congress, during the recent joint RDC full Council and the Regional Peace and Order Council meeting in at the Bohol Tropics Resort, March 15.

Both Chatto and Garcia attended the joint RDC and RPOC.

The proposed law would require all owners and operators of business establishments, public utilities and services, buildings, machineries and their accessories as well as organizers of major events to have mandatory public liability insurance.

Earlier, the RDC DAC, in its meeting last February 28 drafted a bill for the proposed insurance to keep owners and operators of public utilities from disclaiming responsibility over what they would easily call as accidents, acts of God or even blame the government.

The DAC cited that in the countries tragedies, which had caused hundreds of lives, concerned entities have passed the blame to a different many factors, putting victims at a loss on who to ask for liability for their injuries and damages.