Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warning Message For Filipino Writers Who Make Money in Internet

Myseoblog site has reposted a warning message for all Filipino writers and Filipinos who want to make money online. Filipino writers have been abused by foreign scammers, some of them are plain Indians, who want to benefit from Filipinos' soft hearts. Here's the warning message. Pass it forward:

To all Filipino writers,

    Please be advised from answering posted jobs of " Writer, Internet Marketing Writer, Blogger, Journalist, copywriter, SEO writer, article writer" you often find in this section.

    Most of these posters are plain and simple scammers.

    They will require you to send them a sample of your work. Then they will email you to write them 3 or 4 additional articles.

    After that,they WILL NOT PAY YOU and you will no longer hear from them.

    I've been a victim of such scam.

    In addition, please don't reply to posted writing jobs promising you $150 monthly. That's preposterous. Usually, these posters come from other countries whose writer's compensation is $25/ PER HOUR.

    They have the guts to shamelessly demand 10 well-written articles a day for a measly &150/month?

    Shun them.

    Honest and legitimate companies that need writers pay an advance $50 as deposit fee. I know. I have around 5 companies that I submit articles and they gave advance payments of $50.

    If an individual or a company refuse to give an advance payment, shun them.

    On the average, a good writer can only write 3-well written articles. You should charge $18-$20 per article. That's the writer's fee nowadays.

    Anything less than this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and a painful INSULT TO US AS WRITERS.

    Tell them to post their jobs elsewhere and here in the Philippines.

    From a concerned Filipina writer.

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