Sunday, August 10, 2008

Conference of National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA)

Can Filipino newspapers abroad be a powerhouse in mainstream affairs, reach
national and international status, and attain financial profitability?

 How can Filipino media:
   -      Influence mainstream policy makers?
   -      Obtain Homeland quality and analytical news as against
   cut-and-paste journalism?
   -      Pay for news concerning Filipinos at the national and
   international levels?
   -      Get large mainstream advertisers and sponsors?
   -      Enhance profitability and financial sustainability?
   -      Attract community leaders to exercise power sans financial drain
   and 24/7 workload?

 Who should attend the Media Workshop  at the Seattle Sept. 25-27, 2009
Conference of National Federation of Filipino American Associations
   -      Existing newspaper publishers
   -      Community leaders or investors who wish to wield power
cumfinancial profitability


Filipino Priests Are Ignorant About Separation of Church and State?

"You may not know me personally, but I always read the Bohol Chronicle on line on
Wednesdays and Sundays especially your column not because you are a companero but
because you write with sense. 

I have been in the US for almost twenty (20) years and I have observed that
Catholic priests here do not oppose birth control methods, artificial or
otherwise.  I believe that people here including Fil-Ams have been oriented to the
principle of separation of Church and State.  It doesn't make any sense why
priests and most Catholics in the Philippines would oppose birth control (other
than natural) when economically, the result will redound to the benefit of the

Sex is beautiful x x x  but sex must be exercised responsibly!  The point is, you
can perform sex anytime without making your female partner pregnant by artificial
birth control.  Look what happened to the priest from ( ____ ) who was working in
the Diocese of Newark, New Jersey and who did not profess artificial birth control
because it is allegedly against the law of God, yet impregnated his married
girlfriend in Jersey City three (3) times.  And three (3) times he paid for the
abortion of the three (3) pregnancies until his married girlfriend reported him to
the Bishop of Newark, New Jersey.  He was eventually sent back to ( ____ ) and God
knows whether or not this priest went scot-free.

Sometime in December 1992, my priest friend (name withheld) invited me to attend
an annual meeting of priests at the (name of the church withheld).  In that
meeting, I discovered that there were three (3) groups of priests namely (1) mga
macho priests, meaning, siging inom sa Fundador, cigarillo ug estoryang binotbot.
To name a few (names withheld) (2) mga silent type or hinayon, hilom kaayo ilang
estorya o pinugngan ang katawa among them (name also withheld), I could not
remember the others, and (3) priests nga "macho" or mga (______) and I believe you
know who they are. x x x 

Finally, ang mga pari sa Pilipinas, strong kaayo ug appeal, meaning, apil-apilon!
Please explain to them about the Separation of Church and State.  Take care and
please say hello to companero Oscar "Dodong" Glovasa and Fiscal Dodo Montes."

- Letter to Atty Danilo Bantugan from Eddieboy Sanches