Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sen Jinggoy Estrada Storms Panglao Island

He came, he saw and  was "conquered" by the vaunted  hospitality of the Panglao people.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada did come to attend the town fiesta of Panglao Thursday upon the invitation of his good friend Mayor Benedicto "Dodong" Alcala.

Although, the young senator was here 12 days ago, he did not  frustrate the invitation of Mayor Alcala to be the guest of honor during the fiesta highlight dubbed "Hudyaka sa Panglao"

According to eyewitnesses accounts, Thursday's staging of the street dancing revelry overflowed with people which was exactly what Sen. Estrada was looking for. The senator is running for reelection.

With the local government putting in P25,000 for each contingent on top of the P20,000 barangay budget, the street dancing this year was regarded as the most colorful in terms of costumes and choreography. Ten performing groups representing as many barangays slugged it out for the three top prizes.   

And the people of Panglao were not disappointed by their fiesta guest.

Without much prodding, Sen. Estrada donated P30,000 for the prizes of the street dancing festival, in the process, breaking tradition because the winners' bonanza was practically altered altogether.

Instead of the Hudyaka prizes being pegged at P30,000 for the first prize; P20,000 for the second prize and P10,000, third prize and  with Jinggoy chipping in P30,000, the grand prize became P40,000.

Cong. Edgar Chatto led the list of other donors who also gave P30,000. Elsewhere in this issue is the list of donors and their corresponding donations.

Mayor Alcala thanked all those who chipped in for the prizes and other Hudyaka expenses.

The first three winners were: barangay Tangnan, first prize; barangay Looc, second prize and barangay Bolod, third prize.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jinggoy also assured Mayor Alcala of a P1 million budget for the town's school building program.

Earlier, the senator also pledged P20 million for Mayor Dan Neri Lim's school building projects.

During Thursday comeback visit of the opposition senator, he was met at the airport by City Mayor Lim.

The senator's visit 12 days ago was also coordinated by Mayor Lim.