Thursday, December 4, 2008

Foreign Policy of the Philippines

This is posted by Maria Claria (display name in a government forum site). This is her independent opinion on Philippine Foreign Policy. Is there a need to redirect the Philippine Foreign Policy?

I think in the past years our foreign policy has been focused to Asia, U.S.A, and the Middle East. I have nothing against this, however, since most of these regions have gone quite shaky this days our interests if not our dependence might be taken with low regard by their respective governments.

What I'm trying to say is that why dont we find other potential allied countries to have more friendly and subsequently more trade relationhips. The Baltic states and the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the Latin Americas. The Baltic states are known to be stable countries, politically or economically. 

There is also as of the moment a burgeoning population of OFW's in Australia and New Zealand. Latin American Countries too are players in the Oil industries we could invite oil companies to invest in the Philippines, the more competition here the more healthy our economy might become. Our foreign policy is yet moderately open we have to maximize our full potential, after all our economy is quite dependent on foreign investors. 

Applying US Visa from the Philippines

Someone needs your opinion on this matter. She's planning to apply for a tourist visa to the US. If you know of any answer to the inquiry below, please post it in our comment section so that others may benefit from it.

My mother is a TNT in the USA for 3yrs is there a possible that my application be denied? Please help me. I'm planning to apply for a tourist-visa and this is my first time. I'm 32yrs old single mother and I have 3 children. 

My supporting documents are Land Title, COE for 10yrs working in a private company and well compensated, bank account amounting Php50k plus only and dollar accounts one is a time deposit with insurance (known as bancassurance) $9000 2nd is the dollar savings $2000 plus only, and credit cards. 

I've been to bangkok 2007 and hongkong 2008 to have record (tatak) in my passport. Anyone knows my chances if I present these documents to the consul?

Annulment Against Filipino Husband in the Philippines

Here's a question that needs your answer. If you know anything related to this inquiry, please post it at our comment section.

Hello, I just wanna seek advise or opinions from anybody outthere who had encountered this kind of situation.
"the question is; Is there any problem that will arise sa pag petition ng mga anak if the kids are using the family name of the 1st filipino husband in the Philippines? Kids age are 18 & 14

"Both filipinos were married in the Philippines, then got separated for years, then the filipina went to USA, later filed a divorce in the USA against her husband in the Philippines and finally married to a citizen after almost 10 years of being separated from the filipino husband. Marriage is not yet annulled in the Philippines."

Another question is: Pwede bang mag File ng annulment ang filipino na currently nasa USA against filipino husband in the Philippines? Since there's no whereabouts of the hsband for almost 9 yrs but for sure his still alive.

Filipina Spouse Visa: CFO Seminar Needed?

Here's a question from a Filipino who is ready to go abroad but stuck with CFO seminar. If you have the right answer, please leave it at the comment section of this website.

hello everybody, i just want to ask if i need cfo seminars because i have already passport with my name . i get spousal visa, my interveiw is this coming july 25.
what's that cfo for? they said so that we can get passport but i have my passport already, do i need to get the certificate? please i need your advise.