Monday, December 15, 2008

US-Philippines Military Exercise

Someone commented on the Philippine-US Military Exercise in Mindanao. It is worth looking back the Balikatan military game. 

The Balikatan exercise is indeed a great help for the Filipinos particularly in Mindanao. We are much secure with the presence of American troops and our confidence in the government has been restored. The peace and order situation in the area has improved and it boosts our economy.

Those who are opposing the Balikatan should go to Mindanao so as to experience what we are going through. The Balikatan must be continued and we are giving our all out support to it. 

Do you think the Balikatan Military Exercise has done good to the Philippines? 

Balangiga Bells Controversy

There is a new initiative to return at least one of the bells of Balangiga, looted from the town during the Phil-Am War. The initiative is being sponsored by the Balangiga Research Group.

Any recent update on the issue of Balangiga Bells?

South African Commenting on Philippine Foreign Policy

Below is a comment of a South African on the foreign policy of the Philippines. Read and please share your reaction to the article in the comment link found at the bottom of this blog article. Thank you.

I think the Phillipines should promote all aspects of the country.Ecconomic aspects and especially tourism.Before I left for the Phillipines on a vacation people here said I was crazy going to a country where rebels were abducting tourists and holding them for ransom(two South Africans were abducted 4 months previously)and I should change my destination to a safer country.

This is the biggest obstacle facing the Phillipines....people have preconceived ideas of the negative side...therefore more marketing of the country should be done by government.People the world over think the whole of the Phillipines are racked by bombs and abductions.They do not realise that it is the southern part where there are problems.

Take South Africa...crime is rampant here in Gauteng province but tourists are streaming to the Cape Province 1,500 from Gauteng,there is also a fairly high crime rate there but yet it has not affected tourism which brings in a large amount of foreign currency.This is because the country is marketed abroad.

The Phillipines should export more to South Africa and other countries and invite high level trade delegations to the cities throughout the Phillipines.More information about all aspects of the country should be sent to the rest of the world.Unless buisnessmen personally see what the country is like they will not invest there.

Irrespective of all the trouble in the Southern Phillipines and reports of disunity in the Senate etc they would definitely still consider buisness opportunities there.

Pinay Wants to Marry a Spanish Citizen

Here's a dilemma of a Pinay who wishes to marry a Spanish citizen. If you know of any solution to her confusion, please post it in the comment section of this article. This post was taken from one of the government forums of the Republic of the Philippines.

This is an unedited version.

"I am a 32-yr old singlemother and I have a 13 yr-old son from my ex-boyfriend who is a Spanish Citizen. I have separated with my son's father since he was 3 yrs old. I was told by a relative that it is possible for me to apply a for a Spanish passport for my son even if he was born out of wedlock. I tried checking in the Spanish embassy website but I couldn't find any information on this. If there's anyone out there who can help me get information about my son's case I would really appreciate it. I am a Filipino citizen and my son's father is a Spanish citizen. I only have an affidavit of acknowledgement signed by the father, which was required for my son's registration."

Abra Buys Power Plant from Ilocos Sur


In a move aimed at reducing its monthly obligation to the National Transmission Corp. (Transco) for the use of its sixty-nine kilovolts (69kv) sub-transmission line from San Esteban, Ilocos Sur to this town, this province's electric cooperative decided to acquire the facility.

Abra Electric Cooperative (Abreco) General Manager Loreto P. Seares Jr and board president David Guzman signed recently the agreement at the Transco offices in Quezon City.

Transco President and CEO Arthur N. Aguilar signed the contract in behalf of the corporation.

After the signing, Abreco and Transco need to wait for the approval by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of the purchase contract.

"Our acquisition of the 40-kilometer 69-kv sub-transmission line will ultimately lower the monthly bills of Abreco member-consumers. We will also reduce system loss, lessen power interruption, and will have an improved service reliability," Seares said in an interview.