Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Philippines Selling Government Assets

Here's an interesting insight on the Philippine Government selling its assets. Are all governments in nations bent on privatizing public enterprises/utilities?

Opening debate.
Why do the gov't always want to sell their assets or shares of some profitable assets such as Malampaya just only to decrease deficits. I read long time ago that they were bullish on Malampaya and it will provide us profits (billions?) in a period of time. And now, they are planning to sell their shares instead of buying, irony isn't it? Why they just focus on efficiency of our gov't agencies and standardization on their salaries, if they are really patriotic to our country and really really really want to serve the public. I think they just want to impress, and serve their own agenda so they can have pogi-points.

Rebuttal from an observer.

I think having a share in some corporation can help a lot to the goverment to gain extra income to add to a deficit budget of our goverment... yes selling them can also help but let us think what happen for tomorrow if we dont have any investment... having a share in some corporation are already a investment for the government, and investment that can help for the future... to our dear leader let not only think or look what are the possible solution to our present problem but let also look or investigate what are the effect of that solution to the future and i really know that selling a goverment assist can not help the future....