Friday, August 21, 2009

The Death of Cory Aquino

By Eye Opener, Sunday Post

Cory is dead but her spirit is still alive  

 Now that Cory is dead, her death lost a major critic of the Arroyo administration. It is least worry for President Gloria Macapagal.

 To the ordinary observer, it might be so. But to the many deep bench analysts, the death of Cory Aquino was a reincarnation  of the very strong ideals and visions that the Aquino couple left as a legacy to this country.

 The tremendous and spontaneous turnout of people (hindi hakot ha) during her burial, estimated at about 500,000 common people was a very firm demonstration that the ideals of Ninoy and Cory are still very much alive in this country, something that can easily be utilized in the event some people may think to prolong their rule in this country.

 People obviously are getting sick and tired of this Arroyo administration. But what is more sickening even are the attempts of a big number of congressmen to change the Constitution so that from the present presidential form it will be converted into a parliamentary form of government and under this scenario, President Gloria Arroyo will run as a member of Parliament in Pampanga and could easily become Prime Minister Gloria. What a fine plan.

 But there are roadblocks along the way. Once the ConAss is called or assembled, the Senators who are not participants will raise the issue to the Supreme Court, Let us assume that the Supreme Court which is now loaded with Arroyo appointees will declare the Assembly constitutional and let us say that they will finish the work, what about the plebiscite this will need money to fund it. The money measure will pass thru the House of Representatives and the Senate. Of course, the Senate will not pass the measure. So the proposed changes will stall and it will be an exercise in futility

 Even with Cory's death, there some fresh developments

 At the Aquino residence, all the flowers, streamers, candles and bouquet have been removed. Traffic has normalized again.

 The old house will give way to a new edifice. The new house will be built by Kris the more affluent sibling of Cory Aquino for Noynoy and it would appear that they would start building this month.

 Now, a group has also endorsed Ninoy Aquino as president 

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