Friday, August 21, 2009

President Gloria Arroyo's Expensive Goodbye at New York

By Eye Opener
Sunday Post Newspaper

What an expensive good bye.

 The meeting in Washington DC between President Barack Obama and President Gloria Macapagal was an expensive good bye. Quite frankly, President Gloria did not get anything from the meeting. No fund releases whatsoever

 But what did this admini8stration spend? They spent for the tickets and hotel of the 65 men and women contingent. For their stay in New Work it was at the famous and expensive Waldorf Astoria Hotel, all of them including cabinet secretaries and bodyguards

 And now this controversial news about these expensive dinners at La Cirque in New York and a famous steakhouse in Washington DC

 Obviously, it would appear now that two congressmen, very rich at that paid for the dinner bills. Rep Martin Romualdez of Leyte paid  $20,000 for the dinner at La Cirque and Congressman Danilo Suarez for the Washington dinner at $15,000. In early interviews with Congressman Suarez he never admitted at first that he paid for the bills. President Arroyo now set the tone of her administration that indeed some affluent people could pick up the bills of her food expenses. 

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