Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Olgie Alcasid Says No to Philippine Politics

Ogie Alcasid is glad about the success of the "Kaya Natin Ito" concert which lasted for seven and a half hours non-stop.

"Gawad Kalinga and OPM have forged a partnership to help storm victims," he says. "It touched my heart to see the performers give their time, wealth and talent so unselfishly."

Since he's giving his all to show his love of country, doesn't he plan to take it to the next level and run for public office? "Never in my wildest dreams," he quips. "I don't know anything about politics. I believe what is more important is to really value the true ideals of patriotism. It may be difficult under the current circumstances but it's the best time to show it."

If there's anything Ogie is good at showing, it's his unconditional support for his ex Michelle Van Eimerren and her new hubby Mark. He gave them an iMac as a wedding gift. Ogie and GF Regine's presence at Michelle and Mark's wedding was the best present of all.

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