Monday, July 20, 2009

Makati Mayor Binay

By Sunday Post

    In his speech before the city audience, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay elaborated about his much-talked about MBP and what does it mean. 
    His casual reply about MBP was that it means "May Bukas Pa", his favorite slogan to deliver his message of hope in these difficult times. 
     Mayor Lim, his host, however, sees it differently – "Mayor Binay President". 
    Lim made the revelation in the concluding part of his speech during the covenant signing of the sisterhood agreement between the cities of Makati and Tagbilaran. 
        Binay, who spoke ahead of Lim, said he recalled the Tagbilaran mayor's commitment to his political aspirations during a gathering of local officials in Makati several years earlier. 
    In his recollections, Binay said Lim had expressed his unequivocal support then, which he appreciates. 
    "Ako namay isang tao na may utang na loob (I am a man who values debt of gratitude)," he declared.  
    He expressed satisfaction that many of Makati's pro-people programs are also being implemented in Tagbilaran notwithstanding its size. 
    Binay did not directly discuss his own political plans but everything pointed to a bid for a national office. 
    "Handa Na Para Sa Bansa", screamed the bold letterings on the Makati service bus that was brought in for Binay's visit which included similar sisterhood agreement signings with the towns of San Miguel, Carmen and Baclayon. 
    A yellow multicab-type vehicle which was turned over to the Tagbilaran City government was less assertive: "Handog Kapatid ng Makati-Jojo Binay Mayor". 
    During his speech, Binay could not resist taking potshots at the Arroyo administration saying that he admires the courage of the Tagbilaran local officials for coming out in the open for the ceremony. 
    "We will give copies of the videos taken here today to MalacaƱang to show them the warm reception that we got from you," Binay told his audience in Pilipino, eliciting laughter and mild applause. 
    Binay said many local government officials do not want to court the ire of MalacaƱang because they are dependent on the internal revenue allotments.  
    He also dismissed President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's response to the snipings of former President Fidel Ramos. 
    "She said there will be elections in 2010 but until (Friday) she never said it will be a presidential election," he added. 
    Binay, who is also president of the United Opposition, had previously declared he is available for the presidency but has lately skirted any direct references to it.  
    Lim said that it is not for him to say that Binay is running for president, vice president, senator or open for appointment as Cabinet secretary. 
    "I can only say that while MBP can mean 'May Bukas Pa', I see 'Mayor Binay, President," he declared. 

First Gentleman Juan Miguel Arroyo


The nation is anticipating with bated breath the situation where the First Gentleman Juan Miguel Arroyo  is joining the delegation headed by his wife, Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, regarding the much-publicized audience with US President Barack Obama on July 30. 

The disclosure was made by Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay in an exclusive interview yesterday  over station DYTR during the weekly program "Ang Mayor sa Dakbayan". 

In the same radio appearance, the Makati mayor who is now very open of his presidential ambition, recalled an incident with Mr. Arroyo when he joined a US delegation also headed by his wife. 

Before the plane that would bring the couple to the US could land in American soil, Mr. Arroyo suddenly developed illness forcing the aircraft to divert its flight to Tokyo, Japan.

Binay added that the ailing  husband was whisked the following days aboard a private plane and in the process back to the country of origin. 

According to Mayor Binay, the rumor floated around that time was that the President's husband was tipped off that he would be arrested the moment his plane would touch down in US soil. 

According to news reports that came out in the column of Ramon Rulfo in the Philippine Daily Inquirer in yesterday's issue, like Binay, the popular columnist was also keen of Mr. Arroyo's presence in the US along with his wife. 

The same Tulfo column mentioned about alleged anti-money laundering charges involving the FG in a US court.  

The negative revelation by the Makati mayor on the coming GMA visit to the US

was part of his diatribes he unleashed on the frequent President's junkets to foreign shores. The mayor counted 56 visits costing the taxpayers P6 billion. 

On a positive note, however, the Makati mayor was here to fulfill a sisterhood covenants with several municipalities including Cortes, Maribojoc, Dauis, Panglao, Baclayon, carmen Sab Miguel and Carmen. 

He ended his town-sorties with the signing of another elaborate signing ceremonies yesterday with City Mayor Dan Neri Lim at the city hall atrium.