Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silliman University Alumni Activities

Alumni chapters also celebrated their Alma Mater's 108th birthday in the following ways:

Sillimanians in Cebu City sponsored a feeding of street children and a Basketball Friendship Game with Bradford Church. And University President Dr. Ben S. Malayang III was their guest preacher on August 16 for Silliman Sunday;

Singapore alumni had a picnic on August 15 at Pasir Ris Park with young alumni excited that the first Miss High School to win the Miss Silliman crown was with them, they made sure they had photos taken with Atty. Carlisle "Jingle" Dans – Cortes.
And on the same day, the Bukidnon alumni also gathered for a Founders Day fellowship at Central Mindanao University.

Former Silliman Church CYF President and now administrative pastor at UCCP Pasay City Rev. Bobby Alguso gave the sermon on Silliman Sunday, August 26 at Ellinwood Church Malate.

Metro Manila Sillimanians led by their president, Mr. Rod Pepito  had an evening of Filipino love songs during their annual fellowship dinner at the Ayala Ballroom of the Makati Sports Club on August 15.

The celebration on Silliman campus officially started with a worship service on August 16 at Silliman Church. The preacher, Rev. Bernadette Amistoso Morales, spoke on the Founders Day theme.

The lectures included: Dr. Evangelyn C. Alocilja of Michigan State University on "Nanoparticie-based Biosensors," former BOT Chairperson Prof. Leonor Briones on "Economy: A Case Study of Negros Oriental," Dr. Elsa Austria-Bulado on Faculty Evaluation, Dr. Marlinda R. Sardovia-Iyer of Ohio State University on "Trends in Newborn Screening for Inherited Disorders," Dr. Viad Mariano on "Digital Image Processing;" Dr. Perla Maturan Tayko on "Thinking and Tinkering with Organizational Development in Large Systems Change;" OSA 2009 Eduardo on "Entrepreneurship: The Davao Experience," OSA 2009 Dr. Kenneth E. Bauzon on "Career Options for Political Science Majors;" OSA 2009 Francisco D. Somera Jr. at the Church Workers Convocation; Dr. Rachel Gadiane Silliman on "Pilipino and The Quest for National Lingua Franca;" Engrs. Jovie S. Aclaro and Yolanda Tan Aclaro on "Engineering Education and Competing in the Global Market;" Sapphire Reunion prime mover Dr. Leslie E. Bauzon on "The Study of Philippine History and Building the Filipino Nation towards Sustainable Unity, Stability and Progress based on Cultural Pluralism;" Dr. Gideon Z. Alegado on "A Quest for Excellence in Higher Education: The Other Ingredients;" Jenny Lind Elmaco on "Global Governance: Panacea or Penumbra to Democracy," Dr. Ruth Cang Chang on the "Role of Parenting in a Child's Development;" Dr. Christian Emanuel Mancao on "Chronic Muscle Pain;" Little Village's Sheilah Lynn L. Domalaon on "Streams: The Compassionate Life."
 Lectures from SUCN '59 and '69 were given by Dr. Luz Sobong-Porter who gave the keynote address; Dr. Nancy Bohanon  on "Cardiovascular Research and Diabetes;" Dr. Enrique Ostrea "Neonatology;" and Aspen-Meti Corporation Atty. Martin Laburada on "Trends on High-Fidelity Simulation in the Philippines."

This Founders Day's Eminent Person Lecture had Mr. Bert Hofman, the Country Director of The World Bank Group on August 26 at the Luce Auditorium. Last year, we had His Excellency Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos.

 The 2009 Outstanding Sillimanian awardees are: EDUARDO A. BANGAYAN in the field of Entrepreneurship, FRANCISCO D. SOMERA JR. in the field of Military Chaplaincy, KENNETH E. BAUZON in the field of Political Science, and MACARTHUR F. CORSINO in the field of Foreign Service.