Saturday, October 10, 2009

President Gloria Arroyo Stop Goods Overpricing

In the advent of some reported unreasonable price increases in basic commodities bought about by the effects of the calamities President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) has issued a price freeze of selected basic commodities until the state of national calamity is lifted.  

The result is that prices of six basic commodities are frozen to their October 2 prevailing price levels.  

The basic commodities: canned fish, processed milk, coffee, detergent or laundry soap, bread and salt should remain at tight watch by Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) monitors, says Jose Hibaya, consumer welfare and business regulatory division chief of the local office.  

DTI Regional Director Asteria Caberte also issued the advisory to all retailers in Central Visayas, notifying them of the price freeze order imposed until President Arroyo shall lift her declaration of the state of calamity over the country, upon the recommendation of the National Disaster Coordinating Council.  

Price freeze is based on the prevailing prices from DTI before the declaration of the state of calamity, Caberte warned retailers.   

Sharing the advisory during the recent Kapihan sa PIA aired live over DyTR, Hubaya said the advisory also forms as warning to retailers not to get advantage of the situation brought about by the devastating calamities that hit the country. 

The advisory also bears an accompanying sheet detailing that a 155 g sardine should not be sold in supermarkets at more than 11.80, the 370 ml Alaska condensed milk at 46.30 and the 305 ml condensed Milkmaid at P52.10.  

370 ml Alaska evaporated milk is at 41.50, Alpine at P44.30 while Nido and Alaska 150 g powdered milk should always be sold at P72.00 and 41.50. 

A 50 gram Nescafe refill is pegged at 35.95 in local supermarkets, 25 gram Blend 45 refill at P15.75 while Great Taste of the same weight is sold at 17.15. 

420 g Mr. Clean detergent bar and laundry soap should be at P20.50, 400 g Perla at P40.00 and Surf bar kalamansi is at P19.50. 

A 400 gram loaf bread is at P30.00, 500 gram at P45 and 20 gram pan de sal sells at P1.75 each. 

Iodized 250 g Fidel salt should not be more than 5.25 while 1 kg Fidel rock salt sells at P7.75.  

According to Caberte, anybody caught in violation of the price freeze can get a miximum of ten years and a penalty reaching P1 millon. 

Over this, DTI calls concerned citizens to help them and their deputized agents monitor any noticed price increases. Complaints and inquiries can be coursed through DTI-Bohol at 501 8260 or 411 3302, stressed Hibaya. (PIA)