Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making Pinoy Police More Capable

The blaze of police transformation spreads here as the local cops led by PSSUpt Edgardo Ingking vowed never to succumb to political pressures hindering the growth of the culture of reform to make police render more capable, effective and credible service. 

During the culmination of the 11th leg of the Torch Run Relay, Ingking said that the transformation torch would be the beacon that carries the light signifying the transformation program the Philippine National Police (PNP) has to undergo to make itself an organization that would compete globally.

The Transformation Torch, which traveled all over Bohol according to reports came into Bohol last October 12 and was passed to every station to bring the beacon of transformation across the country, police sources explained.

From a sagging perception and a performance that scraped rock bottom, top leaders of the police organization has to push for the reforms that would unseat abusive, arrogant and unfit cops and ease them out of public service.

With police inefficiency reports hurting most of the men in uniform, the local officers welcome the move knowing that only with the reforms can the police reclaim its rightful seat as the people’s servants and protectors.

Briefing over three hundred men and women of the Bohol police manning town stations, Ingking, who claims the charges are only examples of the threats every police officer has to face and overcome to realize the real transformation also cited highlights and gains of the integrated police transformation which started in 2005.

During the briefing which took him an hour and a few minutes, Ingking shared to the police the vision of a police force in 2030: one that would be globally competitive, capable, effective and credible.

We hope that the torch inspire, motivate and encourage our men and women in the force never to lose hope, press ona nd run the race towards genuine police transformation, Ingking added.

The Integrated Transformation Program has done things, he said and cited that recent surveys results showed that the police has slowly gained immensely from a baseline performance.

Now, the PNP is the 6th best performing government agency, Ingking prided, adding that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has even commended the police force during their anniversary in January this year.

We are slowly regaining the claim and we are making sure that by 2030, every police officer in the service would be sitting side-by-side with their foreign counterparts, a police officer who asks not to be identified shared his vision. (PIA)