Monday, November 30, 2009

Facebook Email Scam Exposed

Got this Facebook Email Scam from a Facebook Member
How would you like to earn big money for doing something you enjoy anyway?I am a member of a site na super nice. It will pay you every time you do stuff sa internet. It's called peoplestring.

So what does peoplestring actually offer you? We all know na the biggest and most popular sites kae dagko kayo ug kita. Just because we often go to there site. As in hundreds of billions of dollars they earn through us. Ang kaibahan lang, we don't get any share in return for making their business grow and prosper. tayo na nga gumagastos in buying a PC, paying sa electric bill, and sa internet connection or sa internet café, pero sila lang ang kumikita

Unlike the big sites like Google, Yahoo, FB, etc. Ang peoplestring will give you the money that is due saimo for helping them become bigger and more popular. You actually get 70% of peoplestring's earnings.How does it work? Simple.
If you join People String, you get paid WHEN YOU, OR ANY MEMBER OF YOUR TEAM does any of the following:

1) Search the Internet
2) Send or receive Email
3) Write a blog post
4) Socialize or promote any existing online business in Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, etc.
5) Receive and read mail, which you get anyway
6) Read the News
7) Search for directions
8) Refer or recruit your friends
9) Shop Online
10) Click on the ads in People String