Monday, January 18, 2010

philippine jobs: content writer in the internet

I am looking for a web content writer with the following qualities:

Excellent English skills.
Experience with web content writing.
Previous successful employment.
Access to a PC and Internet connection.

The position has a mandatory one month trial period, with the possibility of a permanent position at the end of the successful trial period.

I currently have other employees in the Philippines and can make payment through either XOOM or PayPal.

During the trial period, I will assign subjects for you to research and write up for my various websites and for submission to article directories. All of your work will be work for hire and the copyright will remain with my company, New Meridian International, Inc.

I will also ask for you to suggest ideas for articles relevant to my websites. I will expect at least one 500 to 750 word article per day during the trial period.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please reply to the below email address with no less than three samples of your recent work for my review.

Note that the samples submitted must be your own original work. Work copied from other websites, Ezinearticles, etc. will not be considered. 

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