Friday, January 22, 2010

Retired Major General Jovito Palparan Jr.

NOW, retired army general's war has gone into the legislative houses.

Stressing he despises anti-development legislators occupying sensitive positions in government enough to derail progress, the man maligned to be called "berdugo" intends to rise into the Senate while putting up a watch group to balance the same threat in Congress.

Retired Major General Jovito Palparan Jr., the nemesis of insurgents, activists and leftists now thrusts Bantay, a sectoral representative group committed to balance the threat of anti-development agents tilting the precarious balance for the real anti-development solons.

Elevating his anti-insurgency campaign after he laid down arms in his retirement, Maj. Gen. Palparan said he faced left-leaning partylist representatives then and would follow them in the Senate to uncovers their real desire to stall or totally shoot down development.

Development would be bad to them because with development, there is progress and issues gainst poverty would be useless, so they would not want that to happen, he pressed during a rare interview. 

To equalize this threat, Maj. Gen Palparan posts his group Bantay, a sector who has been active in the counter-insurgency fight.

I would count on the support from the police, military, barangay tanods, peace loving groups and support groups who have benefited from the peace as an product of our efforts, he said.

Palparan, who had successful stints as commanding general for army's 7th and 8th Infantry Divisions admits his quixotic role against insurgency has reaped for him national and international indignation instead of medals.

The fear that people get when they hear his name may have been an effect of what he called as insurgency as a psychological war.

Evrytime he finishes his tour of duty, he also flushes insurgency or disperses them to nearby safer regions. 

During the interview with the Cagayan de Oro born retired warrior who has reaped so much criticisms and monikers ranging from the torturer to the butcher hinted that all the "insinuations may be products of a psychological war."

"If all they said were true, how could I get as many votes to put me up as partylist representative in areas of my previous assignments," he asked. (PIA)

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