Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update Philippine Election 2010

William M. Esposo was reacting to the performance of Noynoy during MBC question & answer forum in which he quoted his answers to the forum composed of captains in industry was awesomely very well unquote, to frame the long presentation in my words.
If the basis of performance is what the man said instead of what he have done is wrong; and the promise to do good for the people is like Obama promising a change you can believe in; what happen now, NOTHING!
Noynoy had been in politics, his first job and only job until now from being a Congressman and now Senator did not provide good things for the people, why believe now that he can? The truth is, like Obama, it was all shrill voices from the aura bequeathed from his parents that the people expected from the anointed one. 12 years is long period to just lay over, with passing years of blank performance, unlike his father who provided a shining promise by his actions and utterances until the day of his last gleaming.
Our country and her people can no longer afford the promises of a politician, maging segurista na tayo, vote for the proven turn-around executives, the doers and transformers, vote Gordon/Fernando tandem.
posted by Paul Dalde

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