Friday, February 19, 2010

Political Trend in Bohol Province

From Bohol Sunday Post
There are widening cracks within the ruling Lakas-Kampi Party, and daily the cracks are widening and getting uglier. Unlike in previous elections, where the party stalwarts were united, .today there is an in-fighting among its ranks.

Take the case of Governor Erico Aumentado, who almost lost the position as the official candidate for Congressman of the second district for Lakas-Kampi when the certificate of nomination was awarded to Trinidad Mayor Judith Cajes. Although, this was promptly revoked, Aumentado supporters suspect that Cong. Cajes and Congressman Edgar Chatto were behind it. They cannot forgive the two party stalwarts. So it is an open secret that mayors identified with Aumentado, although official Lakas-Kampi candidates will support

Vice-Governor Julius Herrera. Chatto has to watch his back carefully for those mayoral candidates disguising as Lakas-Kampi candidates but secretly supporting Herrera.

Definitely, Chatto cannot expect Aumentado's support. After the elections, I doubt if Lakas-Kampi will still be intact as the party of domination in Bohol. But well, these are political realities.

Although Chatto has still an advantage at this start of the campaign, there are still several months to go, before the elections. Chatto has to assess carefully his strengths and weaknesses and concentrate his campaigning to areas where his opponent is strong

He must fight like a Packman if he is to win convincingly in the elections. He has to watch his back and trust nobody. Sadly enough these are games of politics.

I am supporting Chatto because he is young and has a vision for Bohol. He listens to suggestions and will surely be guided by the composite opinion of Boholanos.

One big factor is, the money politics, and ironically sometimes, this is the deciding factor. Boholanos especially the old voters still go to the candidates who can buy their votes. What is the extent of vote-buying nobody knows but Chatto should get well prepared for it at this time

At this time, it is easy to predict that the first district will be won by ex-Governor Rene Relampagos. Our good friend, Oscar Glovasa has virtually no chances to win the elections despite the loud support of Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim. Outside of Tagbilaran, Glovasa has no known political bailiwick. He cannot be even sure of Tagbilaran.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap has no opponent so he is as good as elected.

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