Saturday, April 3, 2010

Noynoy Aquino and his shameless propagandists William Esposo, Solita Monsod, and Conrad Dequiros

April 2, 2010

Ms. Domini M. Torrevillas

Columnist, Philippine Star

Dear Domni:

In your column in the Philippine Star on April 1, "Was Manny Villar poor?," you wrote:

"It's funny, and sad, and very frustrating, to hear and read and witness the bashing of candidates in this campaign. Bashers trump up charges (remember how Manny was being trumpeted as owning a multi-million dollar worth mansion in Utah?), and call rival camps immoral. Says Manny: "You guys are so different from people like me and the rest of the MBV supporters, because we cannot be as good, as holy, as virtuous as you hypocrites are."

I share your sadness over the ghoulishness of the Noynoy Aquino camp, but you overlooked the fact that its ghoulishness is surpassed a thousand times over by your fellow Philippine Star columnist William Esposo and Inquirer columnists Solita Monsod and Conrad Dequiros—all rabid propagandists of the Noynoy Aquino campaign disguised as newspaper columnists. On the basis of anonymous and unauthenticated documents provided to them by the Noynoy Aquino camp itself, they viciously ran the demolition job against Manny Villar in practically the same words and with almost the same conclusions. Now that their despicable act has began to backfire on them, they are now disowning in chorus their respective demolition jobs and their own reckless conclusions in what they wrote. The ever clueless Noynoy Aquino also denies on TV that he had any hand in the demolition job, but he has the gall to say that he agrees with its conclusions! Even Franklin Drilon of the Liberal Party has become a denial king, washing his hands off the affair like a Pilate on TV!

Noynoy Aquino and his shameless propagandists William Esposo, Solita Monsod, and Conrad Dequiros have overstepped the bounds of civilized behavior in their overpowering desire to pave the way for themselves to MalacaƱang by hook or by crook. Shame on them! They should be repudiated, condemned, and boycotted by all decent, self-respecting Filipinos!


Sammy Abiertos