Sunday, April 25, 2010

Booking Online on Philippine Airlines Using Credit Card

from Philippine Airlines policy:

Successful completion of a transaction means that the credit card owner binds himself and the passenger(s) to the Terms and Conditions for online transactions, General Conditions of Carriage and the applicable Fare Rules.

To avoid fraudulent transactions and to protect credit card owners, PAL reserves the right to require that the credit card used in purchasing the ticket(s) online be presented at the ticket collection point, upon check-in or in cases of reissuance, rebooking or refund of a ticket.

If the credit card owner is not part of the travelling party and is unable to present the credit card used, PAL also reserves the right to require the presentation of clear photocopies of the front of the credit card and the valid PHOTO ID of the credit card owner at the ticket collection point, upon check-in and in cases of reissuance, rebooking and/or refund . It shall be the responsibility of the credit card owner to ensure that the passenger(s) comply with the requirement.

PAL reserves the right to deny boarding to passenger(s) or refuse to reissue, revalidate, rebook or refund a ticket for failure to comply with foregoing requirements.

Without prejudice to criminal prosecution under Republic Act No. 8484, PAL may cancel a confirmed reservation or may remove from any flight any passenger if PAL has reason to believe that a ticket(s) has been purchased using a fraudulent credit card.

Virtual credit cards are NOT accepted as form of payment as we may require the actual presentation of the credit card used online.

For check-in purposes, a valid PHOTO ID issued by the government or known corporations is required to enter the terminal.

The passenger(s) is required to arrive at Carrier's check-in location sufficiently in advance of the indicated flight departure time to permit completion of any government formalities and departure procedures and in any event not later than 45 minutes before the approximate departure time. If the passenger(s) fails to arrive on time at Carrier's check-in counter or boarding gate (even if the passenger(s) has already checked-in for the flight), Carrier may cancel the space reserved for the passenger(s). Carrier is not liable to the passenger(s) for loss or expense due to the passenger's failure to comply with these provisions.