Friday, May 7, 2010

Philippine Election: Comelec to Assist Illiterate Voters

BOARD of Elections Inspectors (BEI) can be asked to assist voters who are illiterate, says Atty Rodolfo Villares recentty.
During the daily program Mga Gutlo sa Kaalam uban sa Commission on Elections, new city election officers cited provisions of the Omnibus Election code which allows the BEI to assist illiterate or handicapped voters.
He also said the law allows two more persons to assist the voter; a relative within the fourth civil degree of affinity or consanguinity and a housemate who has the full trust and confidence of the voter.
Of course, the assistors are bound by law not to divulge in any manner anything the voter wants him to reflect in the official ballots.

The point popped upon the question whether party watchers would be allowed to assist voters.

No, they are not, Villares reiterated, as he hints that such a move can be illegal if pressed. - PIA