Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Donate Caskets to Sendong Typhoon Victims in CDO and Iligan City

by Gideon C. Corgue

The provincial government of Zamboanga del Sur donates 100 handmade caskets for victims of the flood-affected area who died in a deadly flash floods that hit Iligan City in Southern Philippines.

Provincial information officer Leo Santillan said Governor Antonio H. Cerilles on Tuesday has ordered the provincial warden to immediately prepare funeral caskets for the victims.

Santillan said the caskets handcrafted by the 103 inmates of provincial jail were loaded in 5 dumptrucks delivered and turned-over this morning to a morgue n Iligan City.

Santillan said the caskets were intended to the victims in Iligan saying that it is near compared to Cagayan de Oro, whose people and properties also suffered death and destruction brought by typhoon Sendong.

OIC-provicial warden Arnell Joe Arcoy was impressed with the carpentry skills of the inmates adding that they have successfully produced the number of caskets as ordered by the chief executive despite the short number of hours given to them.

Arcoy closely supervised the inmates in making the caskets inside the Zamboanga del Sur reformatory center.

The efforts exerted is a show of unity between the government and civic organizations who manifested their great concern over the well-being of those who were victims of flashfloods Santillan said quoting Cerilles.

Despite the vicissitudes and turbulence in life, we, Filipinos still have the courage to rise up, Santillan added.

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